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Those magic words "we buy baseball cards"

Unfortunately, we actually don't buy baseball cards, however, we're always searching the internet to see who does. We've provided the list below of web sites that indicate on their web sites that they buy baseball cards and other sports cards.

As with our advice regarding selling your baseball cards and figuring out how much your baseball cards are worth, we strongly advise that you do your homework prior to selling your cards to anyone. So, arm yourself with good quality information. Go to your local sports card shop or book store and spend the $5 bucks on a monthly Beckett baseball card price guide, you may even want to spend the $10 on the larger Beckett Plus, which lists more cards.

Get the facts, learn about card condition, find out how much your cards are selling for on sites like ebay, and then move forward with selling your cards to a prospective buyer/dealer. You'll probably won't get as much money for your sports cards when you sell them to a shop or dealer than you would if you sold them yourself on the Internet. However, selling on sites like ebay does take time and effort, so if you're looking to just move a bunch of cards that you happened to inherit, or you need some quick cash, selling them to a dealer might be the best way for you to go. Hopefully, once you've done your homework you'll find that you are in possession of some valuable baseball cards and decide you want to sell the cards yourself!

You should check with your local sports card shops first to see how much they might give you. If they're not buying, it might be worth your while to contact some of the dealers listed below.

Sports card dealers need to make a living too, so don't be surprised when they offer you less than what your cards are selling for on ebay.

Here's a growing list of sites who claim to buy sports cards. Many of the dealers who buy have specific items they're looking for, when available we've made a link directly to their posted want lists:

707Sportscards - We're always looking to purchase older baseball cards.

Academy Sports Cards - Buying bulk organized baseball card singles, complete sets and INCOMPLETE SETS! Bulk lots and player lots. - The baseball cards listed are of particular interest, but we're paying top $$ for many other pre-1968 baseball cards as well. - Buying Pre-1970 baseball cards & sports memorabilia.  Complete sets, tobacco cards, unopened packs, game-used items we pay big $$$.

Baseball Card Exchange - We buy unopened Material, baseball card packs, boxes, cases, pallets! Complete sets and stars pre-1973.

Baseball Planet - We will buy your vintage baseball cards

BBC Emporium - We are interested in buying baseball, basketball, and football collections from 1985 and older. - If you have quality baseball cards that you think I might like to buy, please follow these steps to save both of us time and effort.

Bill Henderson's Cards - Always buying baseball cards

Burbank Sportscards - updated baseball card buy list

Cheapseatscards - We are always looking to buy select baseball cards, collectibles and memorabilia from our customers.

Collection Builder Sports Cards - Buying the following sports cards: 2005 Baseball, 2004-05 & 2005-06 Basketball, 2004 & 2005 Football, 2004 & 2005 Golf, 2004-05 & 2005-06 Hockey, and 2005 & 2006 NASCAR - types of things we always buy for the right price

Dacardworld - Dave and Adam's Card World is one of the largest buyers and sellers of sports cards in the world.

DJ Sports Cards - Feel Free to offer sports card stuff that we might need

Deans Cards - Dean's Pays Top Dollar Buy or Sell Pre-1980 Baseball Cards - See what sports cards we're buying - Buying bulk baseball card singles, high-end modern and high-grade vintage collections

Homeruncards - Here is the list of baseball cards I am currently looking to buy. - We are the country’s leading buyer of vintage baseball cards.

Kurtz Kardz - We are very aggressive buyers of Sportscards from the Pre 1970's. Sell us your collection

Magoo's - we do have a sports card Wanted/Buying list which is updated monthly.

Mcavoysportcards - if you have one or more of the sports card items on our wantlist for sale, please contact us

Mr. Mint - The World's Largest Buyer of Baseball Cards & Sportscards - And He Pays in CA$H!

Vintagecardboard - Vintage Cardboard is always looking to purchase sports card items of interest.

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