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Vintage baseball card Resource sites

Baseball card history (general)
Wikipedia's page on the history of baseball cards. provides a good page about early baseball cards.
Library of Congress - great site, lots of info and photos. We owe thanks to Cigarette card collector Benjamin K. Edwards for preserving this collection of 2,100 early baseball cards dating from 1887 to 1914

Beckett's Graded Card Investor for vintage and modern graded cards.
This is a nice site packed with excellent information about vintage baseball cards. The site is owned by Lyman and Brett Hardeman. This father and son team also publish Old Cardboard magazine, a quarterly magazine dedicated to baseball cards and memorabilia produced 50 years ago or more.
If you're a fan of T206 cards you'll want to visit! has an excellent learning center for those looking to increase their knowledge of these beautiful cards. They also are able to get you some smaller soft sleeves that work perfectly for T206 cards. In addition, they offer a certification process which helps verify the authenticity of your card.

More T206 Info: (1909-1911) (also a value estimator and other resources of "The Monster" and "The Big 4") (Eddie Plank T206) (price estimator tool) (a look at the set) (virtual collection)

Here's some information about T202 baseball cards

T205 (1911)

See a fantastic gallery of vintage baseball cards at Good resource information as well. - Issued from 1888-1930's these baseball caramel cards are a challenge to find!

A Brief History of Baseball Cards - brought to you by They also have more info on early baseball cards and memorabilia. - An excellent resource site about the 1919 White Sox, including information about Black Sox baseball memorabilia

Here's some helpful information about pricing and unknown baseball card.

Sporting Life set - 1910-1911 - 24 series of 12 cards

A good article about 1911 Helmer baseball stamps. The king of the set is Ty Cobb and books at $750. Commons with various degrees of damage might fetch $15-$20.

Vintage sports card dealers

Vintage sports card auction sites - specialize in low population PSA cards

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