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I am becoming a collector for the third time. As a child I went up to the corner store bought what I could afford which wasn't much and put them away. Some time when I was away at school my mother or sister had a garage sale and they were gone. Sorry Mick(REALLY sorry). I started purchasing cards again when my son reached 10 and insured that 1 or 2 sets a year were procured along with some packs. When he got married he took the collection with him. Last year I began to collect again to today. Below are my current needs and cards available for trade. I will update as time permits, but trades may alter or add to the cards I need or have available.

Golf - 1991 ProSet PGA Tour 93(Daly), 193, 220.


2013 Bowman Top 100 Prospects: 5,6,11,17,22,35,37,

Cream of the Crop: CC-AD3,4, CC5, CI3 CR5, CRO4, HA1,3,4 KCR2, LAD1,4, MB5, MM1, MT2,4, NYY4,5, OA1,2,4, SFG1,3, SM4, STL5, TBJ1, TBR4, TR4, WN2,3,5.

2007 Topps “Distinguished Service” DS2,5,6,9,10,11,13,14,17,18.

2006 Topps: 297 any version

1980 Topps: 447 Would consider condition upgrades on checklist cards(192,619).




AKAU, IOLANA 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Purple Border CPA-IA #200/250
AMAAL, BEAU 2015 Bowman Prospect PA-BA
ANDERSON, TYLER 2012 Bowman Orange Border BPA-TA 163/250
BAINES, HAROLD 2016 Stadium Club SCA-HB
BONIFACIO, JORGE 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect BCP-JB
CASTEEL, RYAN 2014 Bowman ChromeBCAP-RC
CHOI, JI-MAN 2013 Bowman BPA-JC
EATON, ADAM 2013 Gypsy Queen GQA-AE
ESCOBAR, EDWIN 2015 Topps Career High CHA-EE
ESPINOZA, ANDERSON 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect CPA-AE
FINNEGAN, BRANDON 2015 Bowman Chrome Rookie #d 470/499 BCAR-BF
GARCIA, WILLY 2014 Bowman Chrome BCAP-WG
GLADWELL, MALCOM 2015 A&G Framed Mini (Author)
GOSE, ANTHONY 2014 Topps Trajectory TA-AGO
GRAVEMAN, KENDALL 2015 Topps Career High CHA-KG
GREGORIUS, DIDI 2014 Donruss Signatures DG
HANSON, ALEN 2016 Topps Update Scouting Report SRA-AH
HOLT, BROCK 2013 Topps Chasing History Silver CHA-BH
HOLT, BROCK 2015 Topps Career Highlights CHA-BH
LEE, ZACH 2016 Stadium Club SAC-ZL
LIPKA, MATT 2012 Bowman Copper Border BPA-ML 189/250
MAHLE, TYLER 2014 2014 Bowman Chrome BCAP-TMA
MARTIN, RUSSELL, 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars 125 Rookie Card
MATHISEN, WYATT 2014 Bowman Prospect Auto PA-WM
McCANN, JAMES 2016 Topps Scouting Report Auto SRA-JM
MILLER, SHELBY 2016 Stadium Club Black #ed 44/50
MOLL, SAM 2014 Bowman Prospect Auto PA-SM
NELSON, JIMMY 2014 Bowman Gold Refractor BCAR-JN 38/50
NIEUWENHUIS, KIRK 2012 Topps Chrome 192
NOLA, AARON 2016 Stadium Club SCA-AN
OLIVERA, HECTOR 2016 Bowman Chrome Rookie Auto CRA-HO
OLSON, MATT 2011 Topps Under Armour All-America UA-MO 001/225
O'NEILL, MIKE 2015 Bowman PA-MO
O'NEILL, PAUL 2014 Topps Heritage Real Ones Auto #ROA-PO
PALMEIRO, RAPHAEL 2016 Topps Wrigley Field Auto WRIGA-RP
PARK, BYUNG-HO 2016 Allen and Ginter Framed Mini AGA-BHP
PERALTA,WILY 2013 Gypsy Queen GQA-WP
PERAZA, JOSE 2016 Topps Update Scouting Report SRA-JP
PHAM, TOMMY 2016 Topps Scouting Report SRA-TP
REFSNYDER, ROB 2016 Bowman Chrome Rookie Auto CRA-RR
REFSNYDER, ROB 2016 Topps Scouting Report SRS-RR
REYES, ALEX 2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect BCAP-AR
RODRIGUEZ, PACO 2013 Topps Chasing History Silver CHA-PR
RODRIGUEZ, PACO 2013 Bowman Chrome RC ACR-PR
ROSARIO, WILIN 2013 Topps Chasing History Silver CHA-WR
SANCHEZ, AARON, 2015 Topps Heritage ROA-AS RED INK
SANO, MIGUEL 2013 Bowman Sterling BSAP-MS
SANO, MIGUEL 2016 Topps Scouting Report SRA-MS
SANTANA, RAVEL 2012 Bowman Chrome BCA-RS
SEGEDIN, ROB 2015 Bowman PA-RS
SIZEMORE, SCOTT 2015 Topps Career Highlights CH-SS
SOLARTE, YANGERVIS 2014 Topps Chrome 126
TEIXERA, MARK 2015 Topps Supreme "Simply Supreme" SSA-MT
THORPE, LEWIS 2014 Bowman Chrome Refractor #d155/500 BCAP-LT
VICK, LOGAN 2014 Bowman Green Parallel #d006/100 PA-LV
WACHA, MICHAEL 2014 Topps The Future is Now FNA-MW2
WALKER, ADAM 2015 Bowman Blue Parallel #d028/150 PA-AW
WHITE, MAX 2013 Bowman BPA-MW
WONG, KELTON 2015 Career Highlights CH-KW
YNOA, GABRIEL 2014 Bowman Platinum AP-GY
YEPEZ, JUAN 2016 Bowman Chrome Auto CPA-JY


Altuve, Jose 2016 Topps All Star Futures Game Commemorative Pin FGP-JA
Archer, Chris 2015 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection CCR-CA
Arenado, Nolan 2015 A&G 10th Ann Relic FSRB-NA
Arrieta, Jake 2016 Topps Wrigley Field Relic WRIG-JA
Bautista, Jose 2014 A&G Relic FSR-JB
Bay, Jason 2011 Topps Lineage Mini 75R-JBY
Beckett, Josh 2004 Upper Deck Marquee Attractions MA-BE
Beltre, Adrian 2013 Allen & Ginter Mini relic AGR-ABT
Betances, Dellin 2016 A&G Relic FSRA-DBE
Betts, Mookie 2015 Topps Birth Year Dime/Stamp CS-28 #d 06/50
Billingsly, Chad 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum
Billingsly, Chad 2013 Allen & Ginter Mini relic AGR-CBL
Blackmon, Charlie 2015 Topps Career High CHR-CBL
Bryant, Kris 2016 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection CCR-KB
Bumgarner, Madison 2014 A&G relic FSR-MB
Burrell, Pat 2007 Artifacts Apparel
Butler, Billy 2013 Gypsy Queen GQR-BBU
Cabrera, Miguel 2010 Upper Deck Game Jersey UDGJ-MI
Chen,Wei-Yin 2015 A&G Framed Mini FMR-WC
Conforto, Michael 2013 Panini USA Baseball Collegiate National Team #28
Conger, Hank 2012 Allen & Ginter Framed Mini AGR-HCO
Cueto, Johnny 2012 Topps Archives Relic 56R-JC
Dahl, David 2013 USA Baseball 18U #1
Ellsbury, Jacoby 2015 Career Highlights Jersey CRH-JE
Ethier, Andre 2013 Topps Chasing History CHR-AE
Fielder, Prince 2008 Upper Deck Timeline Memorabilia TM-PF
Fielder, Prince 2013 Allen & Ginter Framed Mini AGR-PF
Fielder, Prince 2016 Topps Commemorative Team Logo Pin TLP-PF
Fingers, Rollie 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics J-RF
Ford, Whitey 2014 Topps World Series MVP Commemorative Patch WSP-WF
Freeman, Freddie 2015 Topps 1st Home Run Medallion FHRM-FF
Garciaparra, Nomar 2015 Topps Update Etched EIH-13
Golovkin, Gennady BOXER 2016 A&G Relic FSRB-GG
Gonzalez, Adrian 2011 Topps Throwback Manufactured Patch TLMP-AG
Gonzalez, Adrian 2016 Topps Scouting Report SRR-AG
Gooden, Dwight 2013 Topps Chasing History CHR-DG
Greene, Khalil 2006 Upper Deck Game Materials UD-GR
Hamels, Cole 2013 Topps Commemorative World Series MVP Trophy WSMVP-CH
Hamilton, Josh 2013 Gypsy Queen Framed Mini Relic GQMR-JHA
Harden, Rich 2007 MLB Artifacts Divisional Artifacts 138/199
Harden, Rich 2006 Upper Deck Star Attractions SA-RH
Harvey, Matt 2016 Topps Scouting Report SRR-MHA
Henderson, Rickey 2016 Topps Update 3000 Hit Club Commemorative Medallion 3000M-15
Iguchi, Tadahito 2006 Upper Deck Star Attractions SA-TI
Jennings, Desmond 2013 Allen & Ginter Framed Mini AGR-DJ
Jeter, Derek 2014 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection CCR-DJ (Bat)
Jones, Adam 2016 Topps Update 500 HR Futures Club Medallion 500M-7
Kazmir, Scott 2007 Artifacts Antiquity Artifacts 73/199
Kline, Branden 2013 Panini USA Baseball Collegiate National Team #6
LaRoche, Adam 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History SS-AL
Lee, Carlos 2005 Topps Updates and Highlights All Star Workout Jersey ASA-CL
LoDuca, Paul 2006 Topps Trading Places Bat Relic TPR-PL
Longoria, Evan 2013 Gypsy Queen GQR-EL
Lowe, Derek 2008 Upper Deck Game Jersey 97-DL
Marte, Starling 2015 A&G 10th Ann Relic FSRB-WM
Marte, Starling 2016 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic CCR-SMAR
Martin, Jill SPORTSCASTER 2016 A&G Relic FSRB-JMA
Martin, Leonys 2016 Topps Scouting Report SRR-LM
Martinez, J. D. 2013 Allen & Ginter Mini relic AGR-JDM
Martinez, Victor 2015 Topps Career High CHR-VM
Mauer, Joe 2015 Topps 1st Home Run Medallion FRHM-JM
McCann, Brian 2013 Gypsy Queen Mini relic GQMR-BM
McCutchen, Andrew 2015 Heritage Clubhouse Collection CCR-AM
McGuire, Mark 2014 Topps All-Star Rookie Team Cup Patch RCMP-MM
Morneau, Justin 2011 Allen & Ginter Mini relic AGR-JMO
Moore, Michael 2013 Allen & Ginter Mini Relic AGR-MM
Morse, Mike 2013 Topps Chasing the Dream CDR-MIM
Musial, Stan 2013 Topps Commemorative Patch Card CP-50
Myers, Wil 2015 A&G Framed Mini FMR-WM
Myers, Wil 2015 A&G Relic FSRB-WM
Neuse, Sheldon 2010 Bowman USA Baseball 16-U USAR-20
Ortiz, David 2007 Artifacts Antiquity Artifacts 85/199
Panik, Joe 2015 Topps Update All Star Stitches STIT-JPA
Peralta, Jhonny 2007 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts 76/130
Peralta, Jhonny 2007 Artifacts Apparel
Perez, Salvador 2014 Topps Trajectory TR-SP
Posada, Jorge 2014 Topps Gold Trajectory TR-JP
Poser,Max 2010 Allen and Ginter Most Dominos Toppled Mini Relic AGR-MPO
Posey, Buster 2015 Topps MLB Batter Logo Pin MSBL-06
Prior, Mark 2006 Upper Deck Ovation Apparel OA-MP
Profar, Jurickson 2013 Topps Making their Mark MMR-JPR
Ramos, Wilson 2016 Topps Update All Star Stitches ASTIT-WR
Rice, Jim 2013 Gypsy Queen GQR-JR
Ripken, Jr. Cal 2013 Topps Update Card Patch TRCP-1
Rizzo, Anthony 2014 A&G Mini Relic RA-ARI
Rizzo, Anthony 2015 A&G Relic FSRA-AR
Robinson, Brooks 2015 1st Homerun Medallion FHRM-BRO
Robinson, Brooks 2016 Heritage Postage Stamp #ed 44/50
Robinson, Frank 2013 Topps All Star MVP Commemorative Patch ASMVP-6
Rodriguez, Alex 2016 Topps Update 500 Homerun Stamp Card 500SC-AR, #ed 051/375
Ross,Cody, 2013 Allen & Ginter Mini Relic AGR-CR
Ross, Tyson 2013 A&G Framed Mini Game Used Relic AGR-TR
Rovell, Darren 2015 A&G Relic FSRB-DR (Sports Business Analyst)
Sale, Chris 2016 Topps Update All-Star Stitches ASTIT-CSA
Scherzer, Max 2015 Topps Birth Year Quarter and Stamp Commemorative CS-20 #D 10/50
Schilling, Curt 2008 Upper Deck Game Used 97-CS
Severino, Luis 2016 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic CCR-LS
Shaffer, Richie 2013 Panini USA Baseball 16U #55
Stanton, Giancarlo 2015 Topps Career Highlights CRH-GSN
Teixeira, Mark 2007 MLB Artifacts Divisional Artifacts 080/199 DA-MT
Todd, Chuck - BROADCASTER 2014 A&G Relic FRB-CT
Trumbo, Mark 2013 Topps Chasing the Dream CDR-MAT
Tulowitzki, Troy 2009 Upper Deck UD Game Materials GM-TT
Tulowitzki, Troy 2016 Topps Scouting Report Relic SRR-TT
Uggla, Dan 2011 Topps Lineage Mini 75R-DU
Utley, Chase 2010 Topps 2008 World Series Commemorative Patch MCP-45
Verlander, Justin 2015 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection CCR-JV
Votto, Joey 2011 Allen and Ginter Mini Relic Bat AGR-JV
Votto, Joey 2013 Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Relic AGR-JV
Wainwright, Adam 2016 A&G Relic FSRA-AW
Wheeler, Zack 2015 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection CCR-ZW
Wilson, C.J. 2013 Topps Chasing Hi CHR-CJV
Wilson, Tyler 2008 Upper Deck USA Baseball Jr. National Team USJR-TW
Willis, Dontrelle 2006 Upper Deck Game Materials UD-DW
Winkler, Jesse 2013 USA Baseball 18U #17



Polanco, Gregory 2016 Topps Black Printing Plate #ed 1/1

Archer, Chris 2016 Stadium Club Members Only #25
Arcia, Orlando 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect BCP2, #ed 115/250
Arenado, Nolan 2016 Topps Update US256 Black Parallel, #ed 57/65
Blandino, Alex 2016 Bowman Prospect Green Parallel BP119, #ed 05/99
Candelario, Jeimer 2016 Bowman Prospect Purple Parallel BP127, #ed 174/250
Cosart, Jarred 2016 Topps Black Parallel #676 #ed 06/65
Dahl, David 2016 Bowman Platinum Green Parallel TP-DD, #ed 03/99
DeGrom, Jacob 2016 Heritage Mini #495, #ed 006/100
Hanson, Alen 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Ref BCP102, #ed 242/499
Harper, Bryce 2016 Heritage Mini #450, #ed 003/100
Headley, Chase 2016 Topps Clear #194, #ed 03/10
Jaso, John 2016 Topps Black Parallel 192, #ed 46/65
Kepler, Max 2016 Bowman Purple Parallel 147, #ed 120/250 RC
Kershaw, Clayton 2016 Bowman Purple Parallel 40, #ed 158/250
Lail, Brady 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect REF BCP24, #ed 372/499
Lindor, Francisco 2016 Bowman Sophomore Standouts Green Parallel #ed 10/99
McKinney, Billy 2016 Bowman Prospect Blue Parallel BP8, #ed 119/150
Mella, Keury 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Ref BCP118, #ed 085/499
Miller, Andrew 2016 Stadium Club Orange Parallel #68
Molina, Yadier 2016 Heritage Mini #251, #ed 028/100
Norris, Daniel 2016 Bowman Platinum Bowman’s Next Generation Purple Parallel NG-11, #ed 071/250
Rea, Colin 2016 Allen & Ginter No # on back
Rogers, Brendan 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Yellow Parallel BCP100 #ed 12/50
Sale, Chris 2016 Topps Update US233 Pink Parallel, #ed 36/50
Schilling/Nola 2016 A&G Double Rip Card(Unripped) #DRIP-16, #ed 43/50
Sisco Chance 2016 B0wman Chrome Prospect Green Parallel BCP114, #ed 92/99
Span, Denard 2016 Topps Black Parallel 272, #ed 53/65
Springer, George 2016 Heritage Black Refractor #390, #ed 62/67
Stephenson, Tyler 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Ref BCP66, #ed 015/499
Thompson, Trayce 2016 A&G Mini Brooklyn Back Parallel #16 #ed 11/25
Underwood, Duane 2016 Bowman Chrome BCP101 Green Refractor Parallel #ed 97/99
Williams, Nick 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Blue Parallel BCP105, #ed 015/150
Young, Alex 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Purple Parallel BCP111, #ed 225/250


Aoki, Norachika 2015 Topps Update Blue Camo Parallel #US355 #ed11/99
Appel, Mark 2015 Bowman BP85 Purple Parallel #d 196/250
Bradley, Archie 2015 Bowman Farm's Finest Blue Parallel FFM-AR #d062/100
Crawford, J.P. 2015 Bowman Chrome Farm's Finest Blue #d 113/150 FFM-JC
Dickey, R.A. 2015 Bowman #77 Gray Parallel #d057/499
Garcia, Avisail 2015 Topps Snow Camo Parallel #d33/99
German, Domingo 2015 Bowman BP118 Gold Parallel #d 11/50
Haase, Eric 2015 Bowman Gray Parallel #d 059/499
Johansen, Jake 2015 Bowman Chrome BCP130 #d 362/499
Johnson, Chris 2015 Topps 283 Camo Parallel #d 33/99
Kershaw, Clayton 2015 Topps Update US310 Black Parallel #d 52/64
Liriano, Rymer 2015 Bowman 123 Gray Parallel #d 020/499
Queliz, Jose 2015 Bowman Chrome BCP2 Purple Parallel #d 023/250
Rodriguez, Guilder 2015 Topps Pink Parallel #103 #ed 07/70
Sabathia, C.C. 2015 Bowman Blue Camo Parallel #d 37/99
Tseng, Jen-Ho 2015 Bowman BP4 Gray Parallel #d 332/499
Upton, Justin 2015 Topps Heritage Mini #436 #d 40/100
Ynoa, Rafael 2015 Topps Blue Camo Parallel #d 97/99


Anderson, Tim 2014 Bowman Platinum BPCP98 Emerald Parallel #d 052/399
Arenado, Nolan 2014 Topps 275 Camo Parallel #d 44/99
Bostwick, Chris 2014 Bowman BP78 Green Parallel #d 123/199
Brooks, Aaron 2014 Bowman Chrome BCP55 Gold Refractor #d 04/50
Cuddyer, Michael 2014 Bowman 122 Silver Parallel #d 47/75
Garcia, Avisail 2014 Allen and Ginter Mini No # Red Back #d 03/25
Garcia, Yimi 2014 Bowman Chrome BCP70 Black Refractor #d 29/99
Giles, Kenny 2014 Bowman BP99 Orange Parallel #d 072/250
Gonzalez, Miguel Alfredo 2014 Bowman Mini Scout Top 5 BM-PP4 Orange Parallel #d 31/50
Healy, Ryon 2014 Bowman BP61 Red Ice Parallel #d 01/25
Herrera, Jose 2014 Bowman Chrome BCP107 Purple Refractor #d 150/199
Margot, Manuel 2014 Bowman Chrome BCP90 Silver Refractor #d 292/500
Margot, Manuel 2014 Bowman Chrome BCP90 Purple Refractor 060/199
Marisnick, Jake 2014 Topps Update US-46 Black Parallel #d 56/63
Murphy, David 2014 Topps Update US-63 Camouflage Parallel #d 09/99
Paroubeck, Jordan 2014 Bowman BP58 Green Parallel #d 144/199
Pleffner, Shawn 2014 Bowman Chrome BCP50 Purple Refractor #d 090/199
Quinn, Roman 2014 Bowman Mini Scout Top 5 BM-PP5 Purple Refractor #d 27/99
Ratteree, Michael 2014 Bowman BP89 Green Parallel #d 148/199
Rosa, Gabriel 2014 Bowman BP91 Orange Parallel #d 148/250
Schlosser, Gus 2014 Bowman Chrome BCP41 Purple Refractor #d 091/199
Soto, Geovany 2014 Topps Camo Parallel #389 #ed 02/99
Werth, Jayson 2014 Bowman Chrome 39 Blue Refractor #d 241/250
Westbrook, Jamie 2014 Bowman Chrome BCP12 Silver Refractor #d 328/500


Franco, Maikel 2013 Bowman Platinum BPCP68 Blue Refractor #d 096/199
Garcia, Avisail 2013 Allen and Ginter Mini No # Red Back #ed 03/25
Montero, Miguel 2013 Topps Black Parallel #d 62/62
Montgomery, Mark 2013 Bowman Chrome Mini CC-NYY4 Blue Parallel #d 053/250
Morrow, Brandon 2013 Bowman Orange Parallel #33, #d202/250
Rodriguez, Wilfredo 2013 Bowman Chrome BCP58 Purple Refractor #d 169/199
Stevenson, Casey 2013 Bowman Chrome BCP70 Silver Refractor #d 292/500
Ventura, Yordano 2013 Bowman Chrome BCP60 Silver Refractor #d 358/500
Wisler, Matt 2013 Bowman Chrome BCP42 Silver Refractor #d 330/500


Arce, Eric 2012 Bowman BP74 Orange Parallel #d 137/250
Crawford, Carl 2012 Bowman 30 Blue Parallel #d 415/500
Galvez, Jonathan 2012 Bowman Chrome BCP69 Purple Refractor #d 145/199
Rollins, Jimmy 2012 Bowman 80 Blue Parallel #d 221/500
Swanner, Will 2012 Bowman Chrome BCP73 Purple Refractor #d 129/199
Vinicio, Jose 2012 Bowman BP55 Blue Parallel #d 337/500
Young, Chris 2012 Bowman 33 Blue Parallel #d 356/500

Brantley, Michael 2015 Topps Update #599 Throwback SP
Bruce, Jay 2014 Heritage SP #432
Bumgarner, Madison 2016 A&G Rip Card Mini #382
Cain, Lorenzo 2015 Topps Update SP US76
Castellanos, Nick 2014 Topps 195 SP Future Star
Dunn, Adam 2013 Heritage SP #484
Eaton, Adam 2014 Topps US-62 SP
Frazier, Todd 2015 Topps Update #42 Throwback SP
Garcia, Avisail 2013 Allen and Ginter Mini No #
Giolito, Lucas 2016 Topps Update SP US229
Hairston, Scott 2014 Topps Update US-48 SP
Hamels, Cole 2016 Heritage 485 Gum Back SP
Harper, Bryce 2015 Topps 207 SP
Jeter, Derek 2015 Topps 1 SP
Lincecum, Tim 2013 Topps 55 SP(Sunglasses)
Longoria, Evan 2015 Topps Heritage 428 SP(Action)
McCutchen, Andrew 2016 A&G Rip Card #354
Molina, Jose 2014 Topps Update US-6 SP
Molina, Yadier 2014 Topps 57 SP
Pele 2013 Topps A&G 130 SP (no text on back)
Prado, Martin 2015 Topps 302 SP(Gatorade Bath)
Rea, Colin 2016 Allen & Ginter Mini No# Back
Red Sox 2008 Topps 234 SP(with Mayor Guilliani)
Rodriguez, Paco 2013 Allen and Ginter No #
Romero, Stefen 2014 Topps Update US-213 SP
Schwarber, Kyle 2016 Stadium Club #277 SP
Tulowitzki, Troy 2014 Allen and Ginter Mini No #


2006 Ultra: 23,24,41,51,59,72,86,88,90,99.



Printing Plate LEACH, VONTA #57 1/1 2013 Topps


ALLEN, DWAYNE 2012 Bowman Helmut Auto BCRA-DA
BAILEY, STEDMAN 2013 Topps Rookie Auto 202*
FLOYD, MICHAEL 2012 Topps 1965 Mini Autos 144
JENNINGS, RASHAD 2012 Topps Game Day Auto GDA-RJ
KERRIGAN, RYAN 2011 Score Rookie Auto 384
KINDLE, SERGIO 2012 Panini Auto 872
McCARTHY, MIKE (COACH) 2013 Allen & Ginter Auto AGA-MMC
MCDONALD, VANCE 2015 Donruss Signature Series #DSS-VMD
PATTON, QUINTON 2013 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Auto RCRA-QP 18/99
PRYOR, LONNIE 2013 Bowman Chrome Refractor AutoRCRA-LP
PRYOR, LONNIE 2013 Leaf Draft Auto BA-LP1
ROUSE, ROBBIE 2013 Leaf Draft Auto BA-RR1
SLAY, DARIUS 2013 Prestige Extra Points Auto 210

GAME USED and Commemoratives

ADAMS, JOE 2012 Absolute War Room Jersey 17
BARKLEY, MATT 2013 Topps Rookie Jumbo Relic RJR-MB
BRITT, KENNY 2010 Topps Throwback Patch LPC-11
CONLEY, CHRIS 2015 Donruss Rookie Threads #DRT-CC
DALTON, ANDY 2013 Bowman BR-AD
DECKER, ERIC 2013 Bowman BR-ED
GOODWIN, MARQUISE 2013 Topps Rookie Patch(4 color) RP-MGO
HALL, TAMBA2015 Donruss Threads #DT-TH
HAWK, A. J. 2012 NFL Captain's Patch NCP-AJH
JACKSON, STEVEN 2012 NFL Captain's Patch NCP-SJ
JOHNSON, CALVIN 2011 Topps Game Day Jersey GDR-CJ
JOHNSON, CHRIS 2013 Topps NFL Patch Pink Ribbon PR-CJO 23/99
JOHNSON, STEVE 2011 Manufactured Team End Zone EZI-7
MANNING, ELI 2012 NFL Captain's Patch NCP-EM
MANNING, PEYTON 2002 Fleer Genuine Article GA-PM
MARSHALL, BRANDON 2006 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jersey RF-BM
MARTIN, DOUG 2012 Absolute War Room Jersey 13
MILLER, LAMAR 2012 Crown Royale Jersey 023/299 No. 269
MURRAY, DEMARCO 2011 absolute Star Gazing Jersey 35
NEWTON, CAM 2012 Bowman Inside the Numbers Jersey ITNR-CN
ROBINSON, ALLEN 2014 Topps Jumbo Relic RJR-AR
SCHAUB, MATT 2012 NFL Captain's Patch NCP-MSC
STAFFORD, MATTHEW 2013 Topps NFL Patch Pink Ribbon PR-MS
WEEDEN, BRANDON 2012 Crown Royale Rookie Royalty Jersey Die Cut 5
WRIGHT, KENDALL 2012 Topps Jersey RJR-KW


ANSAH,EZEKIAL 2013 Bowman Gold Border Refractor RC 116 122/399
AUSTIN, TAVON 2013 Bowman Gold Border Refractor RC 130 105/399
BLOUNT, LEGARRETTE 2015 Donruss Press Proof 54 #D02/10
BRAY, TYLER 2013 Bowman Orange Border Refractor RC 114 095/299
BREES, DREW 2013 Bowman Die Cut Refractor BDC-DBR
FORTE, MATT 2015 Donruss Career Stat Line #D 007/443
FULLER, COREY 2013 Bowman Blue Border Refractor RC 153 319/499
GREENE, KHASEEM 2013 Bowman Purple Border Refractor RC 118
HARPER, CHRIS 2013 Bowman Purple Refractor RC 198
HARTLINE, BRIAN 2013 Bowman Purple Refractor 109
JOHNSON, CHRIS 2013 Bowman Die Cut Refractor BDC-CJ
MATHIEU, TYRANN 2013 Bowman Blue Border Refractor RC 205 241/499
MATTHEWS, CLAY 2013 Bowman Die Cut Refractor BDC-CM
QUINN, ROBERT 2013 Bowman Purple Refractor 46
RANDLE, REUBEN 2012 Topps Die Cut Refractor RC 13
REID, ERIC 2013 Bowman Purple Refractor RC 159
WAYNES, TRAE 2015 Donruss Year Stat Line #D 20/46
WILLIAMS, JESSE 2013 Bowman Orange Border Refractor RC 147 147/299
WRIGHT, KENDALL 2013 Bowman Purple Refractor 69