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Welcome! Thanks For looking!

Hi Fellow Traders!

My name is John Saraceno and I collect mostly baseball cards.

I prefer trading with a trader with a clean track record and at least 10 SCF points.

I usually collect these sets:
Bowman Baseball
Bowman Chrome Baseball
Bowman Chrome Draft Baseball
Topps Baseball
Topps Traded Baseball
Topps Pro Debut

I try to put the complete set together of most of the above products. Extras of the above products are what I have most to trade, however I do have about 1.5 million other baseball cards from the 80's and 90's and 00's as well that I will trade. I like to collect products with a lot of rookies in them.

I have multiple singles for trade in just about any Bowman, Bowman Chrome and Bowman's best baseball product from 89 through this year.

If you have any questions please email me at

My COMC page can be found here:,so,i12

Here is my NEEDS list.

Single Cards and starter sets I'm looking to trade for:

Serial Numbered Will Clark Cards
1975 Topps Starter set
1976 Topps George Brett 2nd year (well centered with sharp corners)
1996-97 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant RC

Baseball Cards needed to complete sets:

2013 Topps Pro Debut Needed: 19,37,38,39,49,53,66,67,72,75,76,81,85,96,97,

2010 Topps update Gold needed:
28 Bill Hall
29 Livan Hernandez
31 Corey Patterson
96 John Bowker
117 Martin Prado
248 Matt Harrison
251 Jake Arrieta
253 Mike Minor
254 Chris Perez
256 Mike Gonzalez
258 Dana Eveland
259 Yadier Molina
260 Andre Ethier
261 Jason Vargas
262 Rob Johnson
263 Randy Winn

2008 Razor Signature Series Needed (base non auto cards):

2007 Topps Moments & Milestones serial numbered to /150 Needed:

2004 Fleer Ultra Update Lucky 13 /500 Needed:
(Not the gold medallion one)
395 Gavin Floyd L13/500

2003 Bowman Heritage Needed:
162 Adam Loewen DI (Double image only needed)

2003 UD SPX Needed:

2002 Bowman Heritage Baseball Needed:

2002 Bowman Chrome Fascimile Auto's Needed:
These are the facsimile autos of the regular autographed cards - these are not actual autos
118 Taylor Buchholz
130 Chris Baker
189 Adam Roller
239 Cole Barthel
316 Joe Mauer
317 David Wright
323 Justin Reid
324 Jake Mauer
335 Bobby Jenks
338 Ryan Doumit

2002 Topps Traded Baseball Needed:

2002 Bowman's Best Baseball Needed:
147 Jason Arnold AU

2002 Topps206 Baseball Needed:
I have:

1999 EX Century Baseball Needed:

1998 Bowman Baseball Previews Needed:
Series 2 # 1 Red

1998 Donruss Signature Baseball needed:

1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars Baseball Needed:
131 Ken Griffey Jr. PT SP
135 Frank Thomas PT SP
138 Mo Vaughn PT SP
143 Alex Rodriguez PT SP
145 Greg Maddux PT SP
147 Kenny Lofton PT SP
149 Barry Bonds PT SP
153 Jeff Bagwell PT SP
154 Juan Gonzalez PT SP
157 Hideo Nomo PT SP
159 Mark McGwire PT SP
160 Scott Rolen PT SP
162 Ben Grieve TLU SP
174 Wade Boggs TLU SP
175 Sammy Sosa TLU SP
176 Todd Dunwoody TLU SP
180 Jose Cruz Jr. TLU SP
182 Barry Bonds TLU SP
183 Vlad.Guerrero TLU SP
184 Scott Rolen TLU SP
186 N.Garciaparra TLU SP
187 Gary Sheffield TLU SP
188 Cal Ripken TLU SP
189 Frank Thomas TLU SP
197 Kerry Wood SP
199 Fernando Tatis SP
208 Rich Butler SP RC
210 A.J. Hinch SP
213 Billy McMillon SP
217 Frank Catalanotto SP RC
306 Lou Merloni SP
311 Torii Hunter SP
312 Mike Piazza Marlins SP
313 Mike Frank SP RC
316 Ruben Mateo SP RC
320 Matt Anderson SP RC
321 Gabe Kapler SP RC
322 Jeremy Giambi SP RC
323 Carlos Beltran SP
325 Ben Davis SP
327 Bobby Howry SP RC
328 Roy Halladay SP
333 Odalis Perez SP RC
334 Alex Cora SP RC
335 Placido Polanco SP RC

1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Red /3999 Baseball Needed:

1996 Leaf Signature Baseball Needed:

1996 Leaf Limited Baseball Needed:

1995 Leaf Limited Baseball Needed:

1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Baseball Needed:

1995 Select Certified Baseball Needed:

1994 Leaf Limited Baseball Needed:

1994 Leaf Limited Rookies Needed:

1993 Bowman Needed:

1992 Bowman Needed:

1991 Ultra Performers Baseball Needed:


2013 Bowman white (normal base cards) needed:

1996 Upper Deck S/P Football Needed:

1995 Bowman Football Needed:

1994 Upper Deck S/P Football Needed:

1994 Select Football Needed:

1993 Select Football Needed:

1993 Upper Deck S/P Football Needed:


1996-97 Topps Chrome Basketball Needed:
50 Shawn Kemp
81 Lawrence Moten
113 Alonzo Mourning
138 Kobe Bryant RC
201 Reggie Miller
208 Todd Fuller RC

2002-2003 Topps Chrome Basketball Needed:
150(English Version)

1993-94 Skybox Basketball Needed:

I could use upgrades on the following cards for my 1986-87 Fleer basketball set (cards mint and well centered):
7 Charles Barkley
9 Larry Bird
15 Tom Chambers
31 Julius Erving
32 Patrick Ewing
68 Karl Malone
77 Chris Mullin
88 Paul Pressey
97 Ralph Sampson
101 Jerry Sichting
102 Jack Sikma
119 Bill Walton
121 Dominique Wilkins
131 James Worthy
Stickers 1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I have many cards I can trade so please send me your needs list if you have something from my SCF page for me and I'm sure we can come up with a trade.

Thanks for looking!!

John Saraceno

Note to self: Owe Cliff Daniel $90.00 in Trade
Owe Mike Celentano $25 in trade