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Baseball Cards

Baseball For Trade
Autographs and Game Used
2009 Bowman Sterling Justin Masterson Rookie Auto
2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Aroldis Chapman
2008 SP Legendary Cuts Kirk Gibson 8/20
2005 Leaf Century Stamp Material Reggie Jackson 38/69
2004 Playoff Prime Cuts II Mlb Signature Icon Carlton Fisk
2004 Playoff Prime Cuts II Mlb Signature Icon Brooks Robinson
2004 Timelines Call to the Hall Gary Carter Game Used Jacket
2004 Sweet Spot Classic Game Used Patch Don Mattingly 62/176

2005 Leaf Sportscasters
Mike Mussina 27/45
Rafael Palmeiro 43/55
Tony Gwynn 14/40

Inserts by Player
2005 Leaf Road Manny Ramirez
2005 Leaf Home Manny Ramirez

2005 Leaf Home Chipper Jones
2005 Leaf Road Chipper Jones
2004 Fleer Ultra Hitting Machines Chipper Jones
2005 Fleer Ultra Rbi Kings Chipper Jones

2004 Fleer Ultra Turn Back the Clock Roger Clemens
2005 Leaf Gamers Roger Clemens

2005 Leaf Gold Stars Derek Jeter
2004 Diamond Kings Framed Bronze Derek Jeter
1998 Circa Thunder Boss Derek Jeter
2009 Bowman WBC Gold Derek Jeter
1998 Star Focus Derek Jeter 771/7000

2003 Leaf 60 Ivan Rodriguez
2003 Leaf Slick Leather Ivan Rodriguez

2005 Leaf Gamers Alex Rodriguez
2005 Leaf Picture Perfect Alex Rodriguez
1996 Leaf Alex Rodriguez
2004 Fleer Ultra Turn Back the Clock Alex Rodriguez
1998 Circa Thunder Quick Strike Alex Rodriguez

2004 Leaf Certified Materials Preview Alfonso Soriano
2005 Leaf Gamers Alfonso Soriano X2

2005 Leaf Gamers Albert Pujols
2005 Leaf Picture Perfect Albert Pujols
2005 Leaf Gold Stars Albert Pujols
2003 Diamond Kings Albert Pujols

2005 Leaf Gold Stars Ichiro
2005 Leaf Alternate Threads Ichiro
2002 Leaf Century Lineage Ichiro 30/100

2005 Leaf Road Mike Piazza
2005 Leaf Gamers Mike Piazza
2004 Diamond Kings Heritage Collection Mike Piazza
2005 Leaf Picture Perfect Mike Piazza
1998 Star Focus Mike Piazza 4303/7000

2005 Leaf Certified Materials Vlad Guerrero LC-15
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Vlad Guerrero Red 160/200
2002 Leaf Home Vlad Guerrero
2004 Fleer Ultra Hitting Machines Vlad Guerrero
2004 Sweet Spot Vlad Guerrero 252/399
2005 Leaf Picture Perfect Vlad Guerrero

2005 Leaf Clean Up Crew Helton/Walker/Payton
1998 Todd Helton Gold Leaf Rookie
2004 Topps Game Used Bat Todd Helton THE
2004 Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection Todd Helton
2004 Sweet Spot Sweet Threads GU Swatch Todd Helton

2005 Leaf Road Jersey 6/50 Miguel Cabrera
2004 Sweet Spot Sweet Sticks Miguel Cabrera
2005 Leaf Century Collection Game Used 208/250
2005 Leaf Cornerstones Game Used Bat Mike Lowell/Miguel Cabrera
2005 Leaf Clean Up Crew Cabrera/Lo Duca/Lowell

Random Inserts
2005 Leaf Road Hank Blalock
2005 Leaf Road Frank Thomas
2002 Leaf Garrett Atkins RC
2005 Leaf Alternate Threads Vernon Wells
2005 Leaf Alternate Threads Tim Hudson
2005 Leaf Alternate Threads Mark Teixeira
2005 Leaf Alternate Threads Dontrelle Willis
2005 Leaf Gold Stars Sammy Sosa
2005 Leaf Gold Stars Stan Musial
2005 Leaf GOld Stars Nolan Ryan
2005 Leaf Picture Perfect Mike Mussina
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Preview Greg Maddux LC-6
2009 Topps Chrome Gordon Beckham RC
2004 Finest Carlos Beltran Uncirculated xfractor Carlos Beltran
2004 Fleer Ultra Turn Back the Clock Jason Giambi
2005 Leaf Gamers Lance Berkman
2005 Leaf Cy Young Eric Gagne
2005 Leaf Cy Young Randy Johnson
2005 Leaf Cy Young Dennis Eckersly
2004 Fleer Greats Forever Mets Dwight Gooden 1729/1984
2004 Fleer Greats Forever Red Sox Carl Yastrzemski 978/1961
2004 Fleer Greats Forever Red Sox Jim Rice 839/1974
2005 Leaf Cornerstones Biggio and Bagwell

Baseball Wants
2002 Leaf 4,91,118
2004 Finest 45,69,73
2004 Fleer Patchworks 9,12,30,51,61,66,89
2005 Leaf 201,206,216-220,225,226,228-230,239,240,247,248,275,279, 251,252,258,267,268,281,283,291,292,294,296-300
2005 Leaf Century Collection 11,17,20,21,31,77,111,123,133,134152,164,190,194
2006 Topps 3,6,15,16,23,30,35,40,44,48,54,56,64,66,7680,82,88,89,93,94,99,105,

2005 Leaf Century Stamps Material Auto
Jim Rice, Dwight Evans, George Brett, Nolan Ryan, Mike Schmidt,
Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Oliva, Fergie Jenkins, Al Kaline,
Tony Gwynn, Torii Hunter, Dale Murphy, Juan Marichal, Mark Prior, Phil Rizzuto, Alan Trammell, Kerry Wood, Mark Mulder

2005 Leaf Century Stamp Material
Richie Ashburn, Luis Aparicio, Roberto Clemente, Dave Concepcion,
Pedro Martinez, Scott Rolen, Tom Seaver

2005 Leaf Sportscasters - 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,17,19,21,24,25,26,27,28,32,33,34,35,37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 45, 46, 49
2003 Fleer Box Score Bronx Bombers G/U - Soriano, Williams, Johnson, Mussina, Giambi, Posada
2002 Leaf Future 500 - 1,8,10