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    Hi Everyone!

    I am a collector of 25 years and a Hall of Fame trader on this site. I mainly collect Vintage PSA 7 or better Topps Hall of Famer and rookie cards.

    Thanks for the look!

    **********************************BASEBALL TRADELIST***********************************


    B = Bat Card, J = Jersey Card
    (I haven't had a chance to list specifics for every card, but just ask)

    Anderson, Garrett - B, J
    Bagwell, Jeff - 2003 Fleer Lumber Company Astros Bat $10
    Baylor, Don - B
    Buckner, Bill - B
    Cabrera, Miguel - J
    Concepcion, Dave - B
    Cruz, Jose Sr. - B
    Davis, Tommy - B
    Dawson, Andre -B
    Delgado, Carlos - B, J
    Eckersley, Dave - J
    Erstad, Darren - B, J
    Evans, Dwight - 2001 UD Heroes of Baseball Red Sox Bat $10
    Garvey, Steve - 2001 UD Heroes of Baseball Bat Dodgers $10
    Guerrero, Vladimir - B, J
    Hernandez, Keith - 2005 UD Portraits Scrapbook Materials Mets Jersey - $10
    Jackson, Bo - 2009 Topps Triple Threads Relic Royals (Dual - bat/jersey) /36 - BV$25
    Jenkins, Ferguson - 2002 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Swatches Cubs Jersey - $10
    Johnson, Randy - J
    Kaat, Jim - J
    Madlock, Bill - B
    Nettles, Graig - J
    Perez, Tony - 2004 Topps Authentic Game Used Reds Uniform $10
    Ramirez, Manny - 2004 Fleer Legacy Hit Kings Red Sox Jersey $10
    Reyes, Jose - J
    Rodriguez, Ivan - B
    Schmidt, Mike - 2007 SP Legendary Cuts Mike Schmidt Phillies Jersey BV$12
    Sheffield, Gary - J
    Smoltz, John - 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Dual Braves Jersey $12
    Sutton, Don - 2001 Fleer Greats of the Game Dodgers Jersey $10
    Thome, Jim - B, J
    Willis, Dontrelle - 2006 Upper Deck INKredible Dontrelle Willis Marlins Autograph BV$25
    Winfield, Dave - 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Padres Bat $10
    Yount, Robin - 2001 Fleer Genuine Final Cut Jersey (w/ pinstripe) BV$30