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    Page last modified on
    11/23/2008 12:34:36 AM

    Ollies Collection

    Hi there, My name is Olivia aka Ollie.
    I just recently started collecting baseball cards.
    I had went out on disablity last year in April of 07, i ended up having spinal surgery at 36 yrs old.
    I couldnt drive for a while so i took up collecting baseball cards.
    i love it!!! I couldnt believe the cards i was getting.
    WOW i got a lot. i now have over 2000 or more im sure. ive got some GU's, Auto's and nice ones at that!!!
    A bunch of Rookies.
    Well i love to sell and trade them.

    I have added some links of just a bit of my cards. i have over 2000 loaded on Becketts too.
    If you would like photos of anything else or are looking for anything particular email me. i will sell or trade.