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everything baseball wanted

Hello and thank you for viewing my wants. I have been collecting for over 30 years and have plenty to offer. I do collect a bit of everything, I am looking for topps baseball wax wrappers and display boxes from 1985 and prior. pocket skeds,store displays, unopened racks and grocery trays (70 and 80's).I am also a big fan of regional sets from 70 and 80's like burger king, coke, and smaller sets etc will see im open to almost anything .. I am always open to anything baseball related... I love TOPPS advertisement, dealer ads/sheets anything that shows Baseball and baseball cards..older the better

If you are a collector from NY, NJ, PA area...I am trying to help a buddy of mine with his sports card store MR Lees Sports Cards of Staten Island...we are having special collector days with buying/selling/and trading

I set up just for information
I am also helping to list on ebay under bbbuyselltrade and conoversportscards1

if you see anything on those sites ( not High end) trades are possible ...

***I am always open to Silver coin sets and LEGO sets as well**
**** will consider WWE cards as well for my son******


Vintage pre 1985 BASEBALL ONLY.... oddball, advertisement, unopened, pocket skeds, wrappers, display boxes, ticket stubs, programs, postcards ...anything and everything I am open

Lately working on numbered sets/subsets that contain vintage players ...

Anything Mr and Mrs Met, vintage met items and vintage Brooklyn dodgers

Derek jeter higher end rookies and autos either trading or buying ... let me know what you have ...need a sp rookie and stadium club murphy

2012 update HOF plaque cards ( I only have seaver, boggs and palmer and musial ),,need all others

2012 retired patch numbers (I have dawson, maris, clemente, fisk, feller, henderson, gibson, carew, and niekro) need all others

2012 topps archives ,,all inserts and autos

anything 2011 topps lineage im trying to put together a master set ..send me what you have...ALL INSERTS>>>>NO base cards neede

Any Topps legends variations

2010 chicle sp #291

2011 topps wrapper redemption diamond sparkles ..plse ask

any certified on card autos especially ud legendary signatures, 1999 UD century legends, heritage certified, topps fan favorites, topps archives, topps team legends, ud epic, and similiar

single player wants

young players like trout, Kershaw, Stanton, stasburg, to other good rookies and young player rookie cards/autos
Mantle and reprints,

Looking for autos, game used, all cards of Jeter, Trout, Kershaw, Stanton, Cabrera and stasburg

darryl strawberry and dwight gooden and Tom Seaver, david wright, Gregg Jefferies, dave kingman, lee mazzilli game used and autos as a Met only

stars and minor stars opeechee from 70 and 80's rookies and second year..topps tiffany/glossy rookie years and second years stars
and any hot player rookies for trade bait ..
I will try to update this as often as I can ... I will put my TRADE LIST ON BOTTOM ...

My set needs:
2004 topps fan fav #81 and #109
2005 topps fan fav's #77
2010 chicle cabinets .. please ask
UD PLAY BALL Joe Dimaggio the streak set ...I need most cards..I have4,13,15,17,18,24,27,30,32,33,43,45,47,49,53,55
1999 Pacific Tony Gwynn 3000 hit machine numbered to 3000 ..I only have 16 and 20
2010 topps mini redback...1,2,4,7,8,10,11,14,15,16,18,19,21,22,23,26,27,29,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45
2002 UD 40 man mark mcgwire flashbacks...need 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,13,15 through 36,38,39,40
1999 UD 10th aniversary team..I need x23 and all chromes
2003 UD Yankee signature series 90 card set..please ask,need 70 cards
1999 UD century legends ..please ask only have a few
1992 Action pack (black version) 1,4,6,7,9,24,25,26,28,30,31,32,33,34,36,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,45,48,49,50,51,53,55,56,57,59,60,64,66,67,68,70,71,73,75,76,78,79,80,81,82,83,84
1993 action pack greats (red version) ..I need most only have 115,120,125,126,128,138,139,151,154
opening day mascot cards
2001 topps barry bonds race to 70 ..please ask
2013 topps comm rookie patches
2013 topps 1972 minis ...
2013 cut to chase
2013 greats and elites
2012 topps 1987 minis
all 2012 topps archives subsets
2012 topps retired numbers and historical stitches
all 2011 lineage inserts
2002 UD 40 man mcgwire flashbaks
2008 UD spectrum restrospect jeter
2000 topps 50 year reprints reg and chrome
2013 cy young award cards
2000 fleer gmaers cal ripken cal to greatness
2007 spectrom road to hall cal ripken
2007 ultra ripken iron man
2006 UD SPX DiMaggio career numbered to 475 ...I have JD 4,38,60,76,92,100
2003 UD Playbal joe dimaggio streak
2003 yankee signature series base set ..I need ... 86,84,83,82,81,79,78,77,75,72,69,68,65,63,62,61,59,58,56,55,54,51,49,48,47.44,42,41,40,37.35,34,33,32,28,27,26,23,22,21,20,19,16,14,13,12,9,7,6,5,4,2,
2000 TOPPS HD Images of excellence
2003 TOPPS Bazzoka Joe #7 team emblems
2010 topps heritage chase to 61 Babe Rut ... 1,3,6,10,11
2002 fleer fall classic hof plaque cards( these are numbered to year of induction) 30 card set ..I need ... 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,14,15,16,18,20,21,23,24,25,26,27,28,30
2007 UD masterpieces ... 45,
2008 UD masterpieces..5,7,15,24,59,

2013 TOPPS Archives...need SP's and inserts, please ask ....
2014 topps archives base...2,52,56,86,126,158,171,179,201,202,203,205,206,209,210,211,212,214,216,218,219,220,221,223,225,226,227,228,229,230,231,232,234,235 though 250

Ted Williams 2004 fleer baseball greatest reprints numbered to 406 .. I have 8 and 50

2003 Topps the gallery variations and artist proofs

2003 playball ... redbacks and minis
2003 playball black backs ,,, 8,10,12,20,28,34,39,45,46,58,59,60,63,64,69,70

all topps reserve archives and fan favorites refractors and autos



My player needs:

anything MANTLE

Darryl Strawberry
minor leagues
autos as met
gameused as met
85 topps tiffany
85 topps #1 pick tiffany
88 to 91 opc
88 score glossy
91 dessert shield AS card
95,96,97,98 topps

Phil Niekro

Andre dawson
1978 o-pee-chee

Bruce sutter

Craig nettles

Ryne sandberg
1983 donruss
1983 o-pee-chee
1984 topps tiffany
1984 nestle

Nolan Ryan
1994 Topps pre production samples both versions
1994 topps commemorative
1982 fleer
1987 fleer
1984 donruss
1986 donruss
1994 donruss aniver card
1969 topps
1970 topps

Tom Seaver

lou brock

Gaylord perry

don mattingly
84 nestle
84 tiffany

reggie jackson

Wade boggs
83 donruss
84 tiffany
84 nestle

jim rice
75 topps and mini
75 o-pee-chee
76 topps
OPC ( o-pee-chee) 75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,89,90
Fleer .. 1984, 1987 AS, 1990,1991
donruss ... 1983,1984,1991,1991
1984 nestle
1975 sspc
1989 UD

Roger clemens
85 tiffany
84 update
86 tiffany
2004,2005 and 2007 topps


Pete Rose

Cal Ripken
1984 donruss

Steve garvey

Jim Palmer

Willie Stargell

Rod Carew

Johnny bench

Kirby Puckett
85 tiffany
84 fleer update
85 o-pee-chee
1995 TOPPS
1991 stadium
1986 donruss

Rickey henderson
1991 stadium
1990 leaf
1981 to 1986 o-pee-chee
1995 and 1998 topps base
1983,and 1986 donruss
1981 granny goose
1984 nestle
1984 and 1985 tiffany
1991 desert storm
autographs and game used

dwight Gooden
85 topps tiffany
86 topps tiffany
85 donruss
85 donruss box bottom

Chipper jones
1991 topps tiffany
1991 desert storm
1992 bowman

Fred Lynn
1975 topps mini
opc ( o-pee-chee) 1979,1980,1981,1987,1988,1990,1991
fleer .. 1984,1987
donruss ... 1984, 1990
1991 stadium

Dennis Eckersley updated 3/15/2013
nice on card certified auto
psa graded auto rookie card
1976 topps
1976 OPC
Base TOPPS ... 1992,1994,1998
Base Fleer ...1987
Base Donruss ... 1983,1984,1986

Ron Cey
1981 fleer
1985 fleer

Alan Trammell
1990 leaf
1995 topps
donruss 1985
1989 score
1990 score
1992 stadium
1993 stadium
1996 stadium

Lou Whitaker
1994 topps
1990 leaf
91 stadium club
89 score
90,91 bowman
82,90 fleer
84,85,86 donruss

Gary Carter
1990 leaf
1991 stadium club
1984 donruss
1987 fleer

Mike Piazza
TOPPS 2001,2003,2004,2005,2008
1992 Bowman rookie

Dave Winfield
1994 topps
1990 and 1993 fleer
1986 donruss
1990 leaf

Paul Molitor
1982 fleer
1994 topps

Robin Yount

I would love to make new contacts and be able to help others who can help me ......

Please look me up on ebay under bbbuyselltrade over 1000 feedback with 100 percent positive

I have tons of item, I just have not been able to list much ......

The below represents 1 percent of what I have for trade. I am always open to working on deals and have plenty beyond what is listed.

2014 topps triple threads 71
2014 topps triple threads green #/250 16,52
2014 topps triple threads purple # 325 76

2014 topps heritage chrome 205/999 hiroki kuroda

2014 topps tripe threads 3 relic 1bpower Goldschmidt, freeman, adams

2014 museum base ... 1,11,24,35,78,81,85,90
2014 topps museum signature swatches devin mesoraco 199/299 3 swatches and auto

2014 topps museum museum collectiom 4 swatchees Jeremy hellickson 26/75

2013 topps tribute ss-dp Dustin Pedroia dual bat relic 02/25

2013 topps five star auto Shelby miller 343/386

2013 topps five star auto ryan Zimmerman 056/386

2013 bowman chrom auto tyler heineman refractor 399/500

2013 topps chrome rookie auto Christian yelich

2013 topps five star jumbo jersey CC sabathia 13/35

2013 Bowman Blue Matt Magill Auto 326/500 BPA-MM

2013 bowman chrome refractor auto tyler heineman bca-th 399/500

2012 bowman platinum auto kole Calhoun

2011 topps auto ty wigginton

2011 topps lineage mini relic jersey shane victoriano

2011 topps update todd frazier rookie black 48/60

2010 Chicle Michael Brantley Autograph 065/199

2010 chicle dual auto ryan Zimmerman/chone figgins 16/25

2010 topps peak performance auto matt Tolbert

2010 topps peak performance auto jose mijares

2008 topps moments and milestones ichiro 215 hits red top 1/1

2007 topps chrome Justin verlander black printing plate 1/1

2006 sweet spot super sweet swatch andy petite 082/299

2005 prime patches junior spivey auto past and present

2005 donruss leaf century auto tom Gordon 073/250

2003 playball redback version the yankee clipper streak s-53

2003 bowman chrome refractor 222/300 matt cain

2002 topps pristine in the gap bat card Roberto Alomar 0853/1000

2002 team topps legends rich gossage rookie reprint auto

2001 fleer tradition albert pujols rookie #451

2001 donruss class of 2001 diamond aces jersey curt schilling 099/525

2001 topps heritage auto joe mays

Other sports

2014 spx football auto brendon kay

1990 TOPPS Hockey factory set 396 cards

Game used cards updated 11/16/2014

pacific aurora dugout net fusions Mo vaughn (angels)
skybox base shredders game used base Vlad Guerrero (expos)
TOPPS HD jersey grant roberts (mets)
UD black diamond jersey scott heard

SPX winning materials bat and jersey andruw jones(braves)
UD minor league centennial bat sean burroughs (portland)
bowman draft picks and prospects jersy Gary Johnson ( angels)
UD Sp game bat mileston edition adrian beltre (dodgers)
private stock authentic jersey kevin brown ( dodgers)
fleer futures bases loaded olympic stadium base vlad guerrero (expos)
UD ovation a piece of history bat darin erstad (angels)
bowman AS futures game jersey Kurt ainsworth
fleer game time lumber bat card adrian beltre (dodgers)
UD sluggers choice batting glove juan gonzalez ( Indians)
pacific authentic bat jay buhner (nariners)
donruss studio diamond collection jersey troy glaus (angels)
pacific authentic game bat ken camininit ( astros)
pacific authentic game bat eric karros (dodgers)
topps stadium club all stars jersey tood helton ( rockies) 0615/1200
UD game used base andruw jones (braves)
UD Ovation piece of history bat andruw jones (braves)
fleer game time uniformity jersey fred mcgriff (devilrays)
pacific bat card mike lamb ( rangers)
topps gold label 94 ROY raul mondesi bat (dodgers)
fleer authority diamond cuts maglio ordonez jersey ( whitesox)
SP game used edition authentic fabric edgar martinez (mariners)
UD minor league centenial bat hank blalock ( tulsa)
UD sp game bat milestone edition jim thome (indians)
SPX prospect jersey bert snow (A's)
UD sp game bat milestones rafael furcal (braves)
pacific game bat eric karros
pacific jose guillen game used bat

fleer focus kings of swing jersey shawn green (dodgers)
bowman gamne used jersey relic alex fernandez (mariners)
UD pieces of history hitting for cycle bat luis gonzalez ( Diamondbacks)
bowman fabrics of the future202 futures AS game Michael Restovich (twins)
fleer behind the numbers jersey andruw jones (braves)
USA baseball star spanglesd swatches huston street
leaf game collection bat carlos beltran ( royals)
leaf game collection bat tony clark (tiger uniform, but redsox card)
bowman AS futures jersey brett myers
UD midsummer swatches Juan gonzalez ( rangers)
UD game swatches curt schilling (diamondbacks)
donruss diamond kings diamond cuts adrian beltre jersey ( Dodgers) 340/400
SPX swatches Moises Alou (cubs) 149/150
fleer EX hit and run game used base sammy sosa ( cubs)
fleer genuine names of the game jersey Jim edmonds ( cardinals)
fleer box scores press clippings jersey JD drew (cardinals) there is a pull in jersey
UD SPX super star swatched andruw jones (braves) 735/800
UD MVP souvenir jersey jeff kent (giants)
topps american pie through the years jersey joe rudi (a's)
Fleer showcase baseball best game used base sammy sosa ( cubs)
playoff piece of the game bat A-rod (rangers)
UD game worn gems jersey luis gonzalez (diamondbacks)
UD game swatches jersey CC sabathia (indians)
UD game swatches jersey carlos pena (tigers)
sp game jersey omar vizquel jersey (indians)
UD the peoples choice jeromy burnitz (mets)
playoff piece of thegame jersey jose cruz (bluejays)
UD AS game all star swatches jersey andy pettite ( Yankees)
fleer showcase baseballs best luis gonzalez jersey 069/100 ( diamondbacks)
donruss leaf rookies and stars jersey freshman orientation delvin james (tampa bay)
Fleer box scores press clippings jersey bobby abreu ( phillies)
UD usa baseball future watch jersey conor jackson
UD USA baseball jersey rickie weeks ( usa jersey)
UD classic world series matchups .... lofton/smoltz jersey (indians-braves)
topps stadium world stage jersey ivan rodriguez
donruss studio game bat shawn green
UD sweet spot USA dewon brazelton jersey
fleer focus blue chips game worn pants russell branyan
UD diamond collection manny ramirez jersey 161/775
UD superstar slam jersey luis gonzalez
UD star tributes jersey carlos delgado
bowman fabrics of the future 02 futures game jose lopez
bowman heritage jersey tim slamon
UD USA baseball star spangles banner swatched philip humber
Ud honor roll game pants ivan rodriguez (rangers) 57/99

diamond kings diamond cut jersey pedro martinez (redsox) 076/400
fleer showcase sweet stiches miguel tejada (a's) 451/799
bowman heritage diamond cuts jersey josh phelps (bluejays)
fleer flair diamond cuts game worn jersey barry zito (A's)
UD authentics jersey swatch authentic stars troy glaus (angels)
bowman AS futures game jersey edgar gonzalez
topps gallery game used bat adam dunn (reds)
fleer ultra moonshots jersey shawn green (dodgers)
topps usa baseball national pride jerey justin orenduff
topps206 mini relic jersey luis gonzalez (diamonbacks)
playball game used memorabilia jersey kazuhisa ishii (dodgers)
UD sweet spot classic jersey rollie fingers (A's)
UD finite first class jersey jim thome (phillies)
bazooka blasts bat raul mondessi (yankees)
bazooka blasts bat darin erstad ( angels)
playoff prestige connections bat and jersey troy glaus and garret anderson (angels) 380/400
donruss studio leather and lumber bat ivan rodriguez ( marlins) 223/250
donruss classics dress code manny ramirez ( redsox) 137/425
donruss studio game used bat manny ramirez (redsox) 031/300
fleer numbers game jersey larry walker ( rockies)
bowman heritage diamond cuts jersey gary shefield (braves)
topps gallery originals bat card ivan rodriguez (marlins)
UD patch collection as selection patch jim thome (phillies)
bazooka blasts bat lance berkman ( astros)
bazooka blasts bat roberto alomar ( mets)
sweet spot classic dodgers patch kirk gibson
bazooka piece of americana jersey ivan rodriguez (rangers)
fleer thunder sticks bat vlad guerrer (expos) 259/899
fleer ex hit and run bat card darin Erstad (angels)
bowman heritage diamond cuts jersey mike lowell (marlins)
Ud USA national pride jersey brent lillibridge
fleer ultra moonshots jersey shawn green
fleer ultra back to back jersey preston wilson 259/500
topps traded and rookies preston wilson game bat
bowman futures game jersey JD durbin
sweet spot classic letter patch willie stargell
topps galler bat card miguel tejada (a's)
stadium club born in the usa georgia used bat corey patterson (cubs)
stadium club born in the usa illinois used bat shawn green (dodgers)
UD finite elements jersey Hee Seop choi (cubs)
UD honor roll deans list jersey Shawn green (dodgers)
topps gallery bat card maglio ordonez (whitesox)
topps traded transactions bat jeremy giambi (redsox)

Bazooka blasts bat matt lawton (indians)
UD peak performers jersey pat burrell (phillies)
UD AS lineup deans list jersey hideo nomo (dodgers)
bowman futures game jersey robinson diaz
UD AS lineup deans list jersey luis gonzalez (diamondbacks)
fleer authentix jersey toru hunter (twins)
UD R-class Jersy kevin brown (yankees)
SP prospects USA baseball national honors game worn mark romanczuk
UD peak performers jersey jose reyes (mets)
UD peak performers jersey brandon philips (indians)
donruss studio players collection jersey lance berkman (astros) 107/150
topps as stitches moises alou
donruss studio game day souvenirs jim edmonds ( cardinals)
UD R-class jersey andruw jones (braves)
topps cracker jacks take me out to the ballgame jersey marcus giles (braves)
UD awesone honors man of the year jersey jamie moyer (nariners) 108/165
leaf certified materials bat ryan klesko (padres) 134/150
throwback threads jersey tom glavine (mets) 081/100
donruss throwback threads cebtury collection wade boggs jersey (yankees) 216/250
fleer skybox limited edition diecut jersey proof ivan rodriguez ( marlins) 180/299
bowman game worn HS jersey jay sborz
topps future phenoms jersey kevin cash
topps future phenoms jersey edmin jackson
topps future phenoms bat ramon nivar
donruss timber and threads game bat juan gonzalez
fleer gane worn jersey jay gibbons 062/100
fleer game jersey power tools sammy sosa 097/175
bowman sterling bat angel berroa
bowman sterling bat juan piere
fleer hot prospects draft rewind lance berkman 116/116
topps game worn jersey kevin millwood
topps game worn jersey preston wilson
SP prospects national honors USA baseball game worn jersey mark romanczuk
topps AS stitches Manny ramirez
topps AS stitches Michael Young
" " jason giambi
donruss game day souvenirs jersey vinny castilla (2)
topps game used bat nomar garciaparra
bowman AS futures jersey david kelton
SP USA baseball national honors game worn joey devine
SP USA baseball national honors game worn jersey chris valaika

Leaf shirt off my back sean burroughs (padres)
UD league leaders UD classic andre dawson jersey (cubs)
topps cracker jacks 123 strikes your out game used uniform josh beckett (marlins)
topps AS patches (orange version) scott posednik (white sox) 07/65
topps as stitches luis castillo
topps as stitches kenny rogers
topps as stitches miquel tejada
topps as stitches brian roberts
topps as stitches jason bay
topps as stitches morgan ensberg
topps as stitches micahel young
donruss champions impressions jersey russell branyan ( indians)
donruss chanpions impressions jersey shawn green (jays)
donruss champions impressions bat doug mientkiewicz (mets)
donruss champions impressions bat melvin mora (orioles)
donruss champions impressions bat orlando hudson (jays)
donruss champions impressions bat matt williams (giants)
bazooka blasts bat carl everett (whitesox) (2 available)
bazooka blasts bat Jose Vidro ( Nationals)
bazooka blasts bat paul konerko (whitesox)
bowman futures game jersey andy laroche futuires jersey team dodgers
bowman futures game jersey demon young futures jersey team devil rays
bowman futures game jersey francisco liriano futures jersey team twins
bowman futures game jersey yusmeiro petit futures jersey team mets
donruss leather and lumber bat paul loduca (marlins) 011/250
donruss leather and lumber bat tim salmon (angels) 038/250
donruss leather and lumber bat tori hunter (twins) 171/250
SPX Jersey chad Cordero (nationals) 030/199
bowman heritage pieces of greatness mark mulder ( cardinals)
playoff prestige game worn jersey collection jim edmonds ( cardinals)
donruss impressions jersey BJ Surhoff (braves)
fleer diamond tributes bat JD drew (braves)
bazooka blasts game used bat angel berroa (royals)
playoff prestige jersey mike sweeney (royals)
UD majestic materials jersey andruw jones (braves)
TOPPS AS stiches john smoltz AS game jersey
donruss impressions bat rafael furcal (braves)
bazooka blasts bat roberto alomar ( whitesox)
TOPPS worl series champs game used bat dave roberts (redsox)
donruss greats souvenirs Steve Garvey bat (padres)
playoff absolute tools of the trade jumbo jersey jorge posada (yankees) 054/250
donruss diamond kings dual relic bat and jersy marlon Byrd (phillies) 175/200
Playoff absolute tools of the trade jumbo jersey billy wagner (astros) 182/250
bazooka moments alfonso soriano jersey (rangers)
bazooka fun facts bat dave justice (braves)
bazooka fun facts bat card willie horton (tigers)
bazooka fun facts bat cecil fielder (tigers)
bazooka blasts bat jose valentin ( whitesox)
bazooka blasts bat carl everett (whitesox)
bazooka blasts bat manny ramirez (redsox)
bazooka blasts bat card jeff kent (astros) 2 avail
bowman futures jersey frank diaz futures jersey...nationals card
UD ESPN sportscenter swatched jersey ben sheets ( brewers)
donruss cahmpions impressions bat card maglio ordonez (tigers)
UD artifacts apparel aubrey huff jersey 58/99 ( devil rays)
donruss champions impressions jersey (with 4 color patch) tony armas jr 041/202
UD pros and prospects future fabrics dallas mcpherson 45/75 (angels)
donruss champions bat paul konerko ( whitesox)
bowman futures game jersey yusmeiro petit (futures jersey)(mets card)
fleer platinum lumberjacks bat carl crawford (devil rays)
bowman futures game jersey delmon young
UD mileston material manny ramirez jersey
UD reflections fabric reflections adrian beltre
topps gallery game bat johnny damon
donruss diamond kings dual relic bat and jersey lance nix 093/200
playoff prestige league leaders bat ben sheets 141/250
donruss zenith jersey kazuo matsui
donruss champions bat dontrelle willis
spx jersey gustavo chacin 26/99
donruss champions bat carlos lee
bowman jersey hernan iribarren
bowman futures game gear jesus cota

bowman heritage pieces of greatness bat Xavier nady ( pirates)
flair showcase stitches michael young ( rangers)
UD game materials travis hafner (indians)
Fleer fabrics Todd Helton (rockies)
UD special effects F/X materials travis hafner ( Indians)
bowman heritage pieces of greatness jersey lance berkman (astros)
flair showcase stitches carlos lee ( brewers)
fleer ultra feel thegame adrian beltre (mariners)
UD ovation game used ovation apparel eric chavez (a's)
fleer showcase jersey jorge cantu (team mexico)
fleer showcase stitches jeremy bonderman (tigers)
fleer showcase stitches richie sexson (mariners)
UD AL special F/X materials troy glaus jersey ( bluejays)
UD game materials jersey bary zito (A'S)
topps turkey red jersey rich harden (A's)
UD artifcts silver limited jersey casey kotchman (angels) 190/250
fleer ultra fine fabrics magglio ordonez (tigers) 2 avail
Fleer ultra fine fabrics Jose reyes (mets)
Fleer ultra fine fabrics ryan howard (phillies)
UD artifacts jersey mark loretta (padres) 066/150
topps as game jersey mark redman (royals)
fleer fabrics jim edmonds (cardinals)
topps turkey red jersey jeff francoer (braves)
UD world basebal classics jersey ivan rodriguez ( team puerto rico)
bowman futures game jersey Gio Gonzalez (futures jersey) Phillies card
bowman heritage pieces of greatness bat Tori hunter ( twins)
flair showcase stitches jersey adrian beltre ( mariners)
UD team pride jersey rich harden (A's)
bowman futures game worn jersey jose tabata (futures jersey) Yankees card
bowman futures game jersey trent oeltjen ( futures jersey)(twins card)
UD team pride jersey curt schilling (boston)
UD team pride jersey john smoltz (braves)
turkey red game jersey vlad guerrero
topps trading places edgar renteria game used bat ... two pics redsox/braves

bowman heritage pieces of greatness david jonathan drew ( redsox)
fleer Ultra swing kings bat adam dunn (reds)
UD fleer ultra feel the game grady sizemore (indians)
UD artifacts apparel adam dunn (reds) 155/199
UD antiquity artifacts material jenaine dye ( whitesox)
fleer ultra faces of the game Adrian beltre (mariners)
fleer ultra hitting machine memorabilia jeff kent (dodgers)
bowman heritage pieces of greatness jeff francis jersey ( Rockies)
fleer ultra faces of the game Tori Hunter( twins)
sweet spot sweet swatch garrett atkins ( rockies)
UD antiguity artifacts authentic materials Bartolo colon (angels)
fleer ultra feel the game dontrelle willis (marlins)
UD spectrum jersey gustavo chacin (bluejays) 61/75
fleer ultra feel the game jersey eric chavez ( a's)
UD masterpieces captured on canvas garret atkins (rockies)
UD spectrum jersey franciso liriano (teins) 029/199
UD spectrum jersey joe crede (whitesox) 142/199
UD spectrum jersey michael cuddyer (twins) 197/199
elements dual jersey JD drew ( redsox)
UD apparel brian giles jersey (padres) 056/199
A&G mini relic bat paul konerko (whitesox)
A&G mini relic jersey adam laroche ( pirates)
A&G mini relic jersey stephen drew (diamond backs)
A&G mini relic bat trot nixon (indians)
TOPPS AS stitches freddy sanchez (giants)
TOPPS AS stitches Brian Mccann (braves)
TOPPS AS stitches francisco cordero (brewers)
TOPPS AS stitches brian fuentes (rockies)
UD game materials jersey maglio ordonez (tigers)
UD game materials jersey eric chavez (A's)
UD game materials jersey trot nixon (indians)
UD game materials jersey lance berkman (Astros)
elements essential dual jersey jim edmonds (cardinals)
bowman heritage pieces of greatness mark mulder (cardinals)
topps turkey red jersey andruw jones (braves)
elements essential dual jersey andruw jones (braves)
topps highlights jersey andruw jones (braves)
UD ultimate star materials jersey adam dunn (reds)
UD game materials jersey roy oswalt ( astros)
topps turkey red jersey chris ray (orioles)
topps turkey red jersey ivan rodriguez ( tigers)
bowman sterling jersey Vlad Guerrero (angels)
topps turkey red jersey BJ Ryan (bluejays)
UD artifact apparel cole hamels jersey (phillies) 038/130
UD game materials justin verlander jersey (tigers)
fleer ultra strike zone jersey barry zito ( a's)
topps turkey red bat card sammy sosa (rangers)
topps turkey red jersey ervin santana ( angels)
ud game materials jersey roy halladay ( bluejays)
sweet spot classics jersey al oliver ( pirates)
topps turkey red jersey glen perkins (twins)
topps turkey red bat carlos beltran (mets)
UD artifacts awesome artifacts ...4 piece swatch michael young (rangers) 29/50
sweet spot UD jersy mark texiera (rangers)
UD masterpieces captured on canvas jason kendall(cubs)
fleer ultra swing kings vlad guerrero
UD game materials trevor hoffman jersey
fleer ultra faces of the game jersey francisco rodriquez
fleer ultra swing kings vernon wells
fleer ultra hitting machine todd helton jersey (rockies)
UD MLB artifacts AL limited francisco liriano jersey (twins) 126/130
UD artifacts antiquity jermaine dye materials (whitesox)
Fleer ultra feel the game brandon webb ( diamondbacks)
2007 MLB artifacts divisional kids jake peavy (padres) 089/199

UD 100% authentic memorabilia game jersey miguel tejada ( Orioles)
UD game jersey BJ Ryan (bluejays)
UD game jersey 2007 baseball season grady sizemore (Indians)
UD game jersey 2007 baseball season chone figgins ( angels)
SPX winning materials Derrek lee jersey (cubs) 94/99
UD retrospectrum swatches aaron Boone (indians)
UD a piece of history stadium scenes Travis hafner ( indians)
topps heritage clubhouse collection jersey aramis ramirez (cubs)
UD game jersey Travis hafner (indians)
UD game worn jersey 2007 baseball season marcus giles ( braves)
UD spectrum material rtrspectrum swatches luis gonzalez ( diamonbacks)
UD baseball heroes carl crawford jersey (rays)
UDX mark prior jersey (cubs)
sp legendary memorabilia jersey dave parker (pirates) 38/50
topps game worn pants john maine (mets)
topps game used bat dioner navarro (rays) 11/99
opps game used bat dioner navarro (rays) 17/99
spectrum swatches derrek lee (cubs) 37/99
A&G mini relic bat dimitri young (nationals)
A&G mini relic jersey AJ pierzynski (whitesox)
UD game jersey jason bay ( pirates)
UD game jersey carlos guillen (tigers) 2 avail
UD game jersey rickie weeks (brewers)
UD game jersey carlos quentin (whitesox)
UD game jersey jered weaver ( angels)
UD game jersey daniel cabrera (orioles)
topps as stitches grady sizemore (indians)
topps as stitches edinson volquez (reds)
topps as stitches evan longoria(rays)
SP legendary cuts jersey brian mccann (braves)
UD game worn jersey 07 baseball season narcus Giles (padres)
SP legenadary cuts destined history jersey Ivan rodriguez ( tigers)
UD 2007 baseball season game worn jersey roy oswalt ( Astros)
UD game jersey zach duke (pirates)
UD game jersey ray durham ( giants)
UD game jersey coco crisp ( redsox)
UD game jersey mark prior ( Cubs)2 avail
UD game jersey jake peavy (padres)
UD game jersey jame loney (dodgers)
UD game Jersey Jered Weaver (angels)
UD game jersey mike jacobs (marlins)
UD game jerseys tom glavine (mets)
UD game jersey Mevin Mora (orioles)
UD game jersey Ray Durham (giants)
UD game jersey derel lowe jersey ( dodgers)
UP captured on canvas jersey ben sheets ( brewers)
Goudey jersey mark buehrle ( whitesox)
UD game jersey miguel tejada( orioles)
ud game jersey brian roberts (orioles)
UD jersey brian roberts
UD spectrum swatches lance berkman 37/99
UD SO authentic by the letter (T) tom gorelanny autograph T(pirates)

UD spectrum swatches evan longorio (rays)
UD spectrum swatches manny ramirez (redsox jersey but dodgers card)
UD game jersey garrett atkins (rockies)
UD game jersey scott posednik (rockies)
UD game jersey Andre eithier (dodgers)
UD game jersey Jeremy Guthrie (orioles)
UD game jersey greg smith (A's)
UD game jersey jake peavy (padres)
UD game jersey jeff francis ( rockies)
tristar projections jersey jeff beliveau (hawks) 085/144
ud game materialsramon hernandez jersey (reds)
UD game materials bobby crosby Jersey (A's)
UD game materials adrian gonzalez jersey (padres)
UD USA baseball jersey tyler lyons team USA
UD USA baseball jersey derek dietrich team USA
UD USA baseball jersey kentail davis team USA
UD USA baseball jersey mike minor team USA

allen and ginter mini relic bat colby rasmus ( cardinals)
heritage game worn pants hongchi kuo (dodgers)
chicle game bat carlos beltran (mets)
topps peak perfoamnce bat evan longoria ( Rays)
topps heritage clubhouse collection jersey david ortiz (redsox)
ud game jersey russell martin
UD game jersey barry zito
UD game jersey david ortiz
topps world series game used pants joe girardi(yankees) 047/100


1994 signature rookies 1 to 76 ... (15 sets)

2007 topps cosigners 50 card set (2) available
1997 UD black diamond 90 card set
1995 action packed 126 card set
2004 Donruss classics 100 card set
1988 TOPPS 396 cards

96/97 skybox premium 131 card set
07/08 authntic profiles ap1 to ap30 (2) available
1998 topps golden greats pocket replay (18 card set)
2007/2008 topps basketball 135 cards (2) sets
2005/2006 sp authentic 1 to 90 (5) available
2003 UD black diamond 1 to 84 ( 3 avail)
96 collectors edge 50 card set
98/99 UD ionix 60 card set
2004/2005 sp authentic 1 to 90 ( 5 avail)

1995 leaf 200 card set
1996 leaf 220 card set
1988 topps big baseball seroes one 88 cards(8) available
1994 leaf limited 160 cards (2) available
2003 UD honor roll 100 cards (2) available
1992 stadium 301 to 600
2003 fleer splendid splintes 1 to 90
1993 score select rookies and traded 1T to 150T (3avail)
2000 fleer skybox 60 cards
2005 topps finest 1 to 100
1989 donruss factory
1991 UD
1991 TOPPS
1997 donruss update 271 to 450 (7 avail)
2001 fleer genuine 100 cards
2003 fleer flair 90 card set (2 available)
1998 skybox EX-2001 set 100 cards

2002 UD(90 cards)

this is a very short list and I have tons of cards, sets, starter sets, player lots name it...just let me know what you need and I will work out some great deals