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Joeys Baseball Card Trading Page

I collect Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospects and Rookies from every year; trying to build the complete sets for each year of the Bowman Chrome Prospects (The cards that say 1st Bowman Chrome card). I'm attempting to collect all Hall of Fame Rookie Cards as well as the players I have listed below.

Players I collect:

1975: George Brett
2000: Miguel Cabrera
2001: Albert Pujols
2006: Alex Gordon
Any Hall of Famers Rookie Card

2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Picks with prefix BDPP:
2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects with prefix BC:

Cards I have for sale or trade:

2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects with prefix BC:

2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Picks with prefix DP:

2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Future's Game Prospects with prefix FG:

2006 Bowman Chrome Draft with prefix BDP: