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12/14/2009 11:35:14 AM

Jonathans Tradeables and Wants

I am looking to consolidate a rather sprawling collection. I have held onto any football RC auto, gu, #rd since 2007 (with bits from prior years). I have also held onto most inserts from any team. Chances are, I'll have a base and probably an insert from any player you'd like.
I would like to start getting these cards to people who collect those specific individuals or teams.
I have a ton of 2007 Topps and Topps Total (including the color parallels)

Other items that might entice a trade:
Basketball - A ton of 06-07 Rookies
Baseball - 90's base and occasionally RC
Hockey - Mostly greats bases for signing purposes

What I'm looking for:
I have built a modern Dallas Cowboys collection. My needs now are older greats from the 60's and 70's. I will trade for any of these players.

I am also always willing to trade for a big Denver Broncos card or HOF.

My biggest desire is to add to my Tobacco (sport and non-sport) collection with cards (ungraded, damaged, or graded... no matter!), so I'm reserving my higher-end items for those trades.