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Johns Baseball Trades and Wants

I generally trade, and trade for, cards in at least NrMnt condition, and try to trade individual cards for other individual cards of similar book value. Having said that, I am pretty flexible. Not trying to make money by trading cards. Just want both parties to be happy with what they receive for the cards they give up.

Some cards I would like to trade for:

David Price/Brett Jacobson Donruss Elite 2008 Extra Edition College Ties Gold #CTC-24 (or other Brett Jacobson cards)
The following grads of St. John's College HS:
Kevin Gibbs (Dodgers/Rockies/Yankees/Phillies), Mark Gibbs (Orioles), Scott Silverstein (Blue Jays), Nick Howard (Reds), LJ Hoes (Orioles/Astros), Hugh Adams (St. Paul Saints), Dave Obal (Orioles), Doug Collins (Giants), Matt Cooksey (Blue Jays), Ivor Hodgson (Royals), Connor Hoehn (A's), Kennard Jones (Padres/Orioles), Jeff Palumbo (Giants), Andy Schindling (Orioles), Jimmy Reed (Cardinals), Nick Routt (Reds), Matt Eiden (Bay Area Torros), Jerry Brown (Colt 45s)
Munson 1970 RC and Munson cards after 1971
Graig Nettles RC
Chambliss RC (or Topps 1977 #276)
Derek Jeter RCs
Eddie Murray RC
George Brett RC
Other pre-1980 Star RCs (for example, Schmidt, Eckersley, Molitor)
Mariano Rivera 1992 Bowman RC (or other Rivera cards)
Johnny Bench RC
Joe Morgan RC
Rose RC
Carew RC
Nolan Ryan RC
Vintage Mantle, Aaron, Mays, Clemente, J. Robinson, Ted Williams
Pre-1980 star cards
Autos of any of the above, or of other more recent stars
Minor league cards of major stars

My Trade List -- See comments below and visit

I have commons to trade from the sets listed below. I am missing some (because I already traded them), but for the most part I have the commons from the following sets:
1981-1989 Fleer
1981-1983, and 1985-1989 Donruss
1981-1990 Topps (and some 1969 Topps)

Rookie Cards:
I have sorted my rookie cards from 1980 to present by team. If you need a particular rookie card, or rookies from a particular team, LMK.

Other cards:
1981 Kellog’s 3-D Super Stars J.R. Richard
1992 Kellog’s Corn Flakes All Star Sportflics Rod Carew
1981 Drake’s Big Hitters Jack Clark
1981 Drake’s Big Hitters Steve Garvey
1981 Drake’s Big Hitters Fred Lynn
1981 Drake’s Big Hitters Joe Charboneau
1981 Drake’s Big Hitters Al Oliver
1981 Drake’s Big Hitters John Castino
1987 Drake’s Super Pitchers Dwight Gooden
1987 Drake’s Super Pitchers Jack Morris
1987 Sportflics:
Bo Jackson (Rookie)
Roger Clemens
Jose Canseco
Hot Rookie Prospects

2007 Upper Deck Ripken Commemorative Set in original box (I have all 45 cards except card #6)
1987 Donruss “The Rookies”
1987 Fleer “Updates”
1988 Fleer “Exciting Stars”
1987 “Topps Traded” (1T-132T)
1986 Big League Chew Home Run Legends Ted Williams
TCMA 1982 “Baseball’s Greatest” Sluggers, Hitters, and Pitchers – 121 cards (many in NrMnt-Mnt condition) – Includes both red borders (in color) and green borders (black and white)
TCMA 1983 50 Years of Yankee All Stars 1933-1983
Al Downing; Ryne Duren; Whitey Ford; Lou Gehrig; Whitey Ford; Lefty Gomez; Bob Grim; Tommy Henrich; Elston Howard; Catfish Hunter
Sporting News “Conlon Collection”:
5 HOF Casey Stengel
9 No-Hitter Christy Mathewson
17 HOF Lloyd Waner
665 Game of the Century Carl Hubbell
688 Game of the Century Ben Chapman
711 Spitballers Urban Shocker
734 Nicknames Boom-Boom Walter Beck
757 Great Stories Waite Hoyt
780 Slim Sallee
803 75 Years Ago League Leader Gavvy Cravath
826 Managers Steve O’Neill
849 Roy Cullenbine
872 Great Backstops Wally Schang
895 Bob Weiland
956 First Card Alex Carrasquel
979 First Card George Turbeville

Mini-Sportflics team logos
#7 Canseco and #56 Strawberry “Coins”
Score “Great Moments” holograms (Mets/Red Sox 1986, Sutton 300, Carlton SO record, Haddux loses no-no, and Rose 44 hit streak)
A few Topps mini “Major League Leaders” 1987 and 1988
Fleer team stickers

HOF and stars --
If you are looking for HOF/stars cards prior to 1980, I probably cannot help you. If you are looking for Game Used or Autos, I probably cannot help you. Most of what I have is 1980-1995 -- a mix of very nice rookie cards (mostly 1980–1990) and an assortment of other cards (1980-1995). I have sorted most of my cards for the following HOF/stars. Happy to check if I might have something you would like to have.
Alomar (incl. RC)
Baines (incl. RC)
Bonds (incl. RCs)
Canseco (incl. RCs)
Carter, Joe
Carter, Gary
Clemens (incl. RC)
Cone (incl. RC)
Fielder, Cecil (incl. RC)
Gibson, Kirk (incl. RC)
Grace, Mark (incl. RC)
Griffey, Jr.
Glavine (incl. RC)
Gonzalez, Juan
Gooden (incl. RC)
Henderson, Rickey
Hernandez, Keith
Herschiser (incl. RC)
Johnson, Randy
Jackson, Bo (incl. RC)
Jackson, Reggie
Jones, Chipper (incl. RC)
Larkin (incl. RC)
Mattingly (incl. RC)
Maddux, Greg (incl. RC)
Martinez, Pedro
Martinez, Edgar
McGriff (incl. RC)
McGwire (incl. RCs)
Morris, Jack
Murray (need RC)
Niekro, Joe and Phil
Palmeiro (incl. RC)
Puckett (incl. RC)
Raines (incl. RC)
Ramirez, Manny
Ripken (incl. Topps RC)
Rodriguez, Alex
Rodriguez, Ivan
Schilling (incl. RC)
Sheffield (incl. RC)
Smith, Lee
Smith, Ozzie
Smoltz (incl. RC)
Sosa (incl. RC)
Strawberry (incl. RC)
Suzuki, Ichiro
Valenzuela (incl. RC)
Williams, Bernie

Various other cards:
Mostly stars and commons from about 1995-2009. A wide variety of brands, but not a whole lot of cards from any one brand. Ask for what you want. I might have it.

Assorted brands (Topps, Fleer, Fleer Ultra, Skybox, Upper Deck, Front Row), mostly from early to mid-1990s

Steve Young 1986 Topps RC
Boomer Esiason RC
Reggie White RC
Other RCs
Most of 1985 and 1986 Topps