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Jamie Halls Trading Page

Just beginning this site so please check back. Will be updating ALOT over the next few weeks. I appreciate your patience.

I have listed my wantlist first by baseball, football and basketball. My trade list follows in the same order.


Johnny Bench-ex/mt or better regular issues, g/u or cert. auto's, memorabilia, especially "oddball" items.

Robin Roberts-ex/mt or better regular issues, g/u or cert. auto's, memorabilia, especially "oddball" items.

Big Red Machine items. Rose, Morgan, Perez... will consider any items with Reds or early issues.

Homer Bailey,Jay Bruce, Joey Votto-most any.

Cincinnati Reds in general-vintage high numbers, stars, memorabilia, oddball.

1963 Fleer-stars, commons, all grades.

*Pending trade.
2004 Flair
SHORT PRINTS: 61-70.72-74.76.78-80.82

2004 Fleer Patchwork Base Set Wants: 15
*Currently need all shortprints(91-110) s/n#d/799 except:

2006 Bowman Heritage Mini's:
2006 Bowman Heritage Foil/Chrome:
56 Thomas 200 Pujols 204 Napoli 222 Nolossco 240 Martin 254 Mussina

2007 Topps Heritage:
Yellow Name Variations: 57.

Short Prints: 58(w/ltr).122.168.239*.266.329.393*.482.492

*2001 TOPPS HERITAGE Rookie Cards #'d/1956. Will take any and all-stars/minor stars/commons.* Need the following to complete set #1:
124 Andre Carter, 130 Koren Robinson.* These 2 cards are priority one right now.

2005 Bowman
14 Stallworth, 18 Whitten, 98 Hall

2000 Fleer Tradition
170 Bruce, 205 Hoard(2x), 281 McCrary,396 cklist.

2005 Topps Heritage-Rookie Cards either variation.

2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear-46
R/c's 101-231

2006 Topps Heritage-will email you the list s/p wants are lengthy as is the black/red back list.

2006 Topps DPP Autographed Rookies #/199. Will trade for any and all. Bush or Hagan. Makes no difference. LMK what you have. Most desired is A.J.Hawk.

2006 Topps DPP-Refractors.,

Cincinnati Bengals-Palmer,Chad Johnson, Ken Anderson. Any.

Dallas Cowboys-LMK what you have. Prefer odd, vintage, gu/s#d/or auto's here.

USFL Memphis Showboat items.

University of Ky.-memorabilia, valvoline/aetna oil issues, low-end auto's of players that DIDN'T make the NBA. ODD. ODD. ODD. G/U and low s/#'s as well.

ABA items: Prefer Kentucky Colonels, Ind. Pacers or Memphis Tams.


The following tradelist may always be a work in progress. I have items ranging from T206 Lacrosse cards to 2007 Topps. So please just ask. I hate to type, so what is available, will never be remotely complete due to my genuine dislike for the task.

I have some really nice commons/minor stars 1971-1975 sorted numerically. The '72 semi-highs and high numbers are especially nice. Send me your lists. Will be happy to work with you. Have many commons 55-70 as well.

BASEBALL-Auto'd/Serial Numbered/Game Used:
1996 Leaf Signature-Andre Dawson-AUTO'D

1998 Donruss Elite Aspirations-#131 Roger Clemens(print run 750).

1999 Team Best-Troy Glaus AUTO

2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Piece of the Action-Bound for the Hall-#BAR Alex Rodriguez(Rangers). G/U Bat.

2002 Leaf Certified-#197 Angel Berroa(bat chip). #472/500

2002 Topps Super Teams Autographs-#STA-JPO Johnny Podres AUTO.

2003 Topps Heritage Chrome-THC12 ZITO 630/1954

2003 Upper Deck-National Pride Memorabillia(from series#2)
#NP-JJE Jason Jennings(jersey),#NP-EM Eric Milton(pants).

2004 Absolute Memorabilia(#D/1349)-66 Tallet,80 Lowell, 166 Klesko, 168 Stanley, 172 Boone.
2004 Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum Silver(#D/100)-171 Snow.

2004 Flair Hot Numbers-#8 Albert Pujols #355/500.

2004 Topps Heritage Chrome-THC63 Pena #725/1955.

2005 Donruss-All Stars-AS#12 Young 650/1000, Stat Line Career-#217 Beltre 64/274.

2005 Leather & Lumber-Leather Cuts/Jersey-LC35 Lyle Overbay AUTO Leather plus Jersey Swatch #102/128. Naturals(not g/u)-N-10 Lopez 1558/2000. Hitters, Inc.(not g/u)-#21 Overbay 80/2000.

2006 Topps Heritage Chrome: 23 Sosa #192/557(Ref.), 24 Buehrle #1149/1957,42 Wagner #585/1957.

2007 Topps Heritage:
Chrome: 68.96
Chrome Ref.: 105 Mauer

BASEBALL-Regular Issue & Non Serial #D Inserts
1960 Fleer-1 Lajoie,7 Bender,13 Sisler,21 Maranville,28 Gehrig,35 Pennock,42 Cobb,47 Cy Young,60 Lefty Grove

1961 Post Cereal-12,14(2x),32 Lown,77 Breeding,78 Brown,107 Aaron, 111 Schoendist,119 Walls,123 Callison,139 Smith,147 McCovey,164 Wills,177 Grammas,200 Elston.

1962 Post Cereal-86 Versailles,105 Davis,120 Bell,130 Zimmerman.

1971 Kellogg's-43 White

1972 Kellogg's-13 Palmer,20 Reggie Jackson

1972 Topps-567 Marichal,777 Wilhelm.

1975 Kellogg's-18 Brooks Robinson

1976 Kellogg's-8 Reggie Jackson,19 Eckersley(first r/c),32 Seaver, 48 Carew.

1984 Donruss-183 Schmidt,311 Sandberg,324 Gwynn.

1997 Bow.Chrome: 200 Derrek Lee(int'l ref.)

1998 Topps Clemente-1(factory seal),8(factory seal),9,15,16(factory seal).

2002 Topps Heritage-423 Fossum(s/p)

2002 Topps 1952 Reprints(1952 World Series)-8 McDougald,9 Reynolds.

2003 Topps Heritage-#10 Jeter(old logo)s/p,366 Jordan s/p,375 Griffey,Jr.s/p.

2004 Topps Cracker Jack-#35 Giles s/p,198 Chiaravalloti s/p,226 Cabrera s/p,NNO Rodriguez(Yanks). Red mini's-#179 Young s/p. Blue mini's-193 Greene s/p. Sticker mini's-165 Giles s/p.

2004 Topps Heritage-#399 Kim s/p.

2006 Topps Heritage:
New Age Performers-Arod,David Ortiz,Pedro Martinez.
Flashbacks-Yogi Berra,Brooks Robinson.

2007 Topps Heritage:
Mantle Hrs.
Arod Hrs. 55.74
Then&Now 1.4
New Age Performers 9
Flashbacks 3.4.8.
Yellow team variation: 33.52.58(lrg.print)
Yellow Name variation: 24.60


Certified Autographs/Game Used/Serial Numbered/Parallels

1991 Pro Line Portraits Autographs
Mel Blount AUTO,James Brooks AUTO,Randall Cunningham AUTO,Charles Haley AUTO,Franco Harris AUTO,Phil Simms AUTO.

1992 Pro Line Portraits Autographs
#6/9 Eric Dickerson AUTO,#2/9 Warren Moon AUTO,Phil Simms #4/9 AUTO

1998 Skybox Autographics
Peter Boulware AUTO
Terrell Owens AUTO

1998 Topps Chrome

1999 Collector's Edge Masters(Blue): #78 Aaron Brooks R/C 707/2000,#79 Autuan Edwards 1106/2000,#134 Bryant,#175 Brock Huard 1953/2000.

1999 Collector's Edge Holosilver(red): 22 Price (1791/3000),79 Edwards (554/3500),109 Kleinsasser(630/3500),189 Daft(769/3500). Rookie Masters-RM 3 Peerless Price(56/3000).

1999 Skybox Autographics
Marcus Nash AUTO
Terrell Owens AUTO
Amos Zereoue AUTO

1999 SPx Signature Edition
/J-Charlie Joiner AUTO
CK-Ray Crockett AUTO

1999 Topps Chrome:
127 Elway(ref.)

2000 Bowman Autographs #CS-Corey Simon AUTO

2000 Donruss #224 Flowers R/C 1209/1325,#227 Philyaw R/C 1209/1325,#228 Williams R/C 808/1325,#241 Haddad R/C 258/1325

2000 Fleer Autographics
Laveranues Coles AUTO R/C #D 130/250
Eric Moulds AUTO

2000 SP Authentic
Game Used-Authentic Fabric-#Sd-Stephen Davis(g/u jersey).
Sign O' the Times-Laveranues Coles AUTO

2001 Bowman Chrome
Refractor: 175 Winborn 590/1999
xfractir: 160 Rosenfels

2001 Topps Chrome
234-Warren r/c 551/999;242-Blaylock r/c 703/999
Refractors: 12-Pittman736/999;86 Griffith 930/999

2001 Topps Finest Auto's
FR-BN Bobby Newcombe AUTO, FR-JH Joe Horn AUTO.

2001 Topps Heritage:
Chrome 20 J.Anderson 424/556

2001 Topps Reserve
Trr-SS Shannon Sharpe(jersey)

2001 UD Game Gear
92 James Jackson (Jersey R/C) #d 315/1000

2002 UD Graded
JR-500 Josh Reed Rookie Jersey-#234/350

2002 UD Ovation
TT-EJ Tried & True Edgerrin James(Jersey)

2003 Topps All-American
Chrome: 60 T.Owens,71 Rice,132 Wallace r/c.
Gold Chrome Ref.: 64 Bubba Smith 38/55
2005 Bowman's Best
RED PARALLEL(#D TO 499) 49 S.Jackson;84 Castillo;95 Hawthorne

GREEN PARALLEL(#D TO 799) 3 Gonzalez;20 Green;100 Nicholson

BLUE PARALLEL(#D TO 1399) 12 Muhammaad;21 Bruce;34 Holmes;36 McNabb;57 Estes;71 Patterson;85 Blackstock

2005 Bowman Throwback Threads
BRT-AW Andrew Walter(Jersey)
BRT-MB Mark Bradley (Jersey)

2005 Donruss Classics
166 Pool R/C 307/1999; 193 Brackins R/C 1321/1499

2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear Inserts:
NEXT GENERATION: NG4 Watts#D482/1000; NG5 McCown#D788/1000; NG9 Burleson#D286/1000
PAST & PRESENT: PP6 Martin#D321/750; PP11 Shockey#D281/750
PERFORMERS: P20 Taylor#D396/500; P24 Walker#D334/500; P41 Plummer#D157/500
PRO BOWL SQUAD: PBS1 Culpepper#D260/1000; PBS4 Garcia#D745/1000
TRIPLETS: T14Moulds/Reed/Evans#D928/1000

2005 Topps Heritage:
Chrome-52 Muhammad,90 Dillon,95 Vilma

2005 UD Legends
LJ-MA Marcus Allen(Jersey)#D36/60

2006 Donruss Classics
CLASSIC SINGLES: CS14 Allen#D931/1000
LEGENDARY PLAYERS: LP9 Alworth(SD Uni)#D0002/1000; LP21 Largent#D136/250
MEMBERSHIP: M11 James#D017/250
MONDAY NIGHT HEROES: MNH8 Portis; MNH11 Culpepper#D040/100; MNH18 Smith#D154/250; MNH30 T.Green#D731/1000
SATURDAY STARS: SS5 Kearse#D310/1000; SS18 A.Green#D75/100
SUNDAY'S BEST: SB21 James#D107/250
SHORT PRINTS: 135 Watkins R/C #d287/1499; 243 Edwards(Legend)#D923/1000

2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear
PERFORMERS: PR11 Gastineau #D217/250; PR32 Frye #D53/100(Jersey)
PLAYER TIMELINE: PT22 Hass #379/500

2006 Donruss Threads Inserts/Parallels/S#D
163 Ganter r/c #D855/999
GENERATIONS: G4 Newsome/Edwards
BRONZE PARALLEL: 41#D152/250; 108#D240/250; 123#D218/250; 135#D008/250; 158#D111/250.

2006 Topps Chrome:
209 Humes(pitt)R/C Ref #5/199

2006 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects
Black Chrome: 10 Bulger,15 Gates,22 Cadillac williams,24(2x)Matt Jones,26 Larry Johnson,32 Frank Gore,34 Chris Simms,58 Smith,68 Henry,75 Jeremy Shockey,102 Gado,108 Greg Lewis,126 Hass,127 Croyle 135 Demeco Ryans(REF),140 Maurice Stovall,142 D.Ferguson,147 D.Byrd,148 L.Pope,150 H.Ngata(REF),157 J.Bloom(2x),160 Tye Hill,162 J.Orr(2x).

2006 Topps Heritage:
Chrome(#D/1952)-THC38 Foster,THC59 S.Moss,THC82 WARD,THC85 R. Moss,THC88 Holmes
Chrome Refractors(#D/552)-THC81 Martin,THC85 R.Moss

2006 Topps Turkey Red
TRR-SJ Steven Jackson(Jersey)

2005 Bowmans Best Base Cards:

2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear Base Cards:

2006 Bowman Chrome

2006 Donruss Classics Base Cards: Cards:

2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear Base Cards:

2006 Donruss Threads Base Cards:

Basketball Autographs/Game Used/Serial Numbered/Parallels for Trade:
91-92 Upper Deck
Jerry West Heroes AUTO 2307/2500

95-96 Signature Rookies
Top Ten-Kevin Garnett AUTO 498/100
Promo-Kevin Garnet AUTO 830/1000

98-99 Bowmans Best
Bowmans Best Autographs-A3 Eddie Jones

98-99 Skybox Autographics
66 Eddie Jones AUTO, 84 Tracy McGrady AUTO

98-99 SP
PP Paul Pierce AUTO

98-99 Stadium Club
Co-Signers-CO17 Eddie Jones/Vin Baker AUTO

99 Collectors Edge
G/U: Kobe Bryant(Ball)

99 Upper Deck Century Legends
Epic Signatures: CD Clyde Drexler AUTO

99-00 Press Pass
Devean George AUTO

99-00 Press Pass Signature Ed.
Devean George AUTO

99-00 SP Top Prospects
Vital Signs: RH Richard Hamilton AUTO

00-01 Topps Stars
G/U: TSR11A D.George(Finals Jersey)

2001 Fleer Greats of the Game
GOG Autographs: Cazzie Russell AUTO

01-02 Black Diamond:
G/U: 124 Q.Richardson R/C(Jersey)#1407/1750

01-02 Topps Xpectations
Xpectation Autographs: TXA-AJ Antawn Jamison AUTO

02-03 UD Authentics:
G/U: Uniform Greatness-#DGU Devean George(shorts)

05-06 Topps 1952 Style:
Chrome-77 Murphy 106/299(Ref), 92 Bibby 142/499
G/U: Hardwood Classics Mark Jackson(Jersey)
Fan Favorites Autographs: EJ Eddie Johnson AUTO