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Gregs Sports Card Page

Welcome to my page. I am a huge Braves baseball fan, and I collect all types of Braves cards (new & vintage).

However, my passion is really the University of Memphis Tigers!! My Memphis Tigers collection is what I'm really working on finishing/updating; BUT, I only collect cards that shows the player in their college uni!! I enjoy the fact that many Tigers are in the pros, but I don't want any of those cards, again, unless it shows the player in their college uniform.

Thanx for taking the time to look!!

Here are the Braves cards that I am currently working to acquire:

1983 Topps: Pete Falcone, Terry Forster, Gene Garber (Super Veteran), Mike Jorgenson, Craig McMurtry, Dale Murphy (All Star), Phil Neikro (Super Veteran), Pascual Perez. Sorry, but I don't have the card #s.

1984 Topps: any card except #126 (Team Leaders)

1985 Topps: any card except #70, #292, #410, #438, #458, #557, #602

The U of Memphis players that I'm currently searching for to update my collection are as follows:
Antonio Burks:
Hit 2004-05 #A19 - blue, green, silver, & gold autos. Also looking for #QA19 auto.

Rodney Carney:
Upper Deck 2006-07 #106 - Rookie debut,
Press Pass Legends 2006-07 #7,
Press Pass #B10 - blue,
Press Pass #G10 - gold

Anfernee Hardaway:
Classic 1993 #DS37 - chrome,
Classic 4 Sport 1993 #PR1 - gold promo,
Classic 1993 #3 - superheros

Dajuan Wagner:
Press Pass 2002-03 #28,
Press Pass 2002-03 #44,
Press Pass 2002-03 #G28 - gold zone
Sage 2002-03 #31

Lorenzen Wright:
Scoreboard 1996 #10,
Scoreboard 1996 #89,
Press Pass 1996 #7 - draft picks

Cedric Henderson:
Wild 1991-92 #87, as well as the 5 stripe and 20 stripe

Mingo Johnson:
Scoreboard 1996 #72

Elliot Perry:
Classic 1991 #27
Front Row 1991 #63 - premier

Thanx for looking!
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