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Welcome to the Bat Cave

Hi, my name is Gregg, please come in and make yourself at home. I live in Brampton, Ontario, but I am originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Below is my wantlist, followed by cards I have available for trade. As well as the cards on my wantlist I like to collect Game Used, Auto's, Numbered cards and Rookies of Sakic, Yzerman, Zetterberg, Brodeur, Crosby, Lemieux, Gretzky. Also looking for WWF Divas Souvenirs/Auto's, as well as some Non-Sports such as Xena, Buffy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Andromeda, CSI, Smallville, Doctor Who, James Bond, X-Men, and Lord of the Rings. I would also be very interested in ANY Upper Deck, Manchester United cards you may have. Thanks for looking, and let me know if anything interests you. Below is a list of cards I have available for trade, PLMK if anything Interests you, thanks...

01/02 Private Stock, Patch #97 Sundin (Silver)
02/03 Titanium, Patch #67 Roberts (Silver) 017/147
03/04 Private Stock. Patch #169 Jokinen (Bue) 022/300
03/04 Titanium, Patch #184 Nolan (Blue) 060/150
03/04 Titanium, Patch #188 Morrison (Black) 130/155
05/06 SPGU, Autographed Jersey #AAF-NH Horton (Red) 25/75
05/06 UD Ultimate Collection, Patch #P-RL Luongo (White) 29/75
06/07 BTP, Game-Used Number #GUN-05 Fernandez (Red/White/Green)
06/07 Hot Prospects, Patch/Auto #125 Potulny (Black/White) 172/599
06/07 SPGU, Patch #AF-JD Dumont (White) 50/50
06/07 UD Artifacts, Patch #FA-AO Oates (Black/Yellow) 23/25
06/07 UD Artifacts, Patch #TS-RV Vaive (Blue/White/Red) 1/5
06/07 UD Trilogy, Honorary Swatches Scripted #HSS-BM Morrow (Black) 25/25
07/08 Hot Prospects, Auto/Patch #245 Tlusty 208/399
07/08 ITG, Superlative Patch #SP-48 Modano (White)
07/08 ITG, Gold Superlative Prospect Patch/Auto #SP-JTL Tlusty (Blue/White)
07/08 UD Artifacts, Patch #FA-CW Ward (Black) 09/50
08/09 ITG BTP, Game Used Emblem #GUE-28 Pogge (Blue/White) (Ltd to 19)
08/09 UD Trilogy, Auto/Jersey #3RD-EM Malkin (Gold) 013/100
10/11 UD Artifacts, Frozen Artifacts Jersey/Patch #FA-MR Richards 13/15
10/11 Artifacts, Patches #TT2-2007 P. Kane/Van Riemsdyk (Black & Black/White)
10/11 UD Ultimate Collection, Patch #UDJ-GL Gaborik/Lundqvist (Multi Colour) 04/25
11/12 Dominion, Patch #44 Colborne (Blue/White/Silver) 05/10
11/12 Titanium, Jersey/Auto #72 Howard (White) 014/100
11/12 Titanium, Patch/Auto #75 Van Riemsdyk (Black) 11/15
11/12 Titanium, Dual Jersey/Auto #12 Robitaille (Both Red) 017/100
11/12 Titanium, Dual Jersey/Auto #17 Ellis (Silver & Black) 012/100
11/12 Titanium, Dual Patch/Auto #1 Burmistrov (Both Silver/Blue/Yellow) 02/15
11/12 Artifacts, Treasured Swatches #TS-OP Pavelec (Blue Jersey/4 Colour Patch) 15/35
12/13 Panini Prime, Patch #20 Kunitz/Fleury 16/25
12/13 UD Artifacts, Fight Straps #TT3-BMH Belfour/Hull/Modano 3/5
12/13 UD Artifacts, Jersey/Patch Emerald #31 Zetterberg 46/75
12/13 UD Artifacts, Patch #28 Malkin (1 two colour/1 three colour) 14/15
13/14 SPGU, Inked Sweaters #IS-MK Koivu (Green) 57/99
13/14 UD Artifacts, Jersey/Patch #43 Eberle (Blue & Gold) 69/75