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Hi. My name is Brett. I am working on collecting one card of every player to have played for the Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, Miami Heat, and Miami Hurricanes (in CANES uniform only). I also collect the players either before or after they played for my teams.

Will also take ANY cards with NBA Champions written on the card with the Miami Heat.

No trade is too small. Let's trade.

Thanks, Brett

------------------------------------------------FOOTBALL SET WANTLIST

-----------------------2015 Panini Conteders
72 Wallace (min)
77 Suh (mia)
83 Marshall (nyj)
200 Philipps (mia)
280 Vigil (mia)

-----------------------2015 Panini Contenders Draft Picks
5 Hurns
41 Gore
47 Graham
50 Cameron
63 Stills
75 Wallace
76 Suh
90 Tannehill
103 Dorsett
114 Parker
118 Johnson
124 Ajayi
173 Perryman
174 Flowers
206 Phillips
243 Lippett

-----------------------2015 Topps Field Access
31 Jones (mia)
107 Stills (mia)
137 Bush (sf)
166 Marino
192 Williams (mia)

-----------------------2015 Topps Fire
41 Marshall (nyj)
49 Suh (mia)

14 Parker
37 Lippett

-----------------------2015 Topps Platinum
71 Suh (mia)
100 Cameron (mia)
120 Parker (mia)

-----------------------2015 Topps Valor
55 Grimes
64 Suh
121 Parker
124 Marshall (nyj)
183 Lippett

-----------------------2014 Panini Select
112 James

-----------------------2014 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto
Walt Aikens
Orleans Darkwa

-----------------------2014 Upper Deck
53 Lynch
70 Landry
140 Morris

-----------------------2013 Upper Deck
189 Thomas
246 Davis

-----------------------2012 Upper deck
164 Vernon

-----------------------2011 Panini Adrenalyn
49 Mare (sea)
165 Carpenter (mia)

-----------------------2010 Adrenalyn XL
184 G. Alexander (jax)

-----------------------2010 Panini NFL Stickers
8 Buffalo/Miami
40 Dolphins
52 Starks (mia)

-----------------------2010 Topps
102 Delmas (no)

-----------------------2009 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition
41 D. Culpepper (det)

-----------------------2005 Topps Chrome Pro Bowl Jersey
Jason Taylor

-----------------------2003 Playoff Contenders Season Ticket
Dave Wannstedt

-----------------------1965 Topps CFL
36 Jim Higgins

-----------------------------------------------BASEBALL SET WANT LIST

------------------------2016 Topps
164 Heaney (lad)
168 Evoldi (nyy)
226 Ellington (mia)
306 Saltalamaccia (arz)
330 Mujica (oak)
338 Gordon LL
347 Grili (atl)

------------------------2016 Topps Heritage
169 Ellington/Reed (mia)

------------------------2016 Topps Opening Day
Mascots M-2 Billy the Marlin
Superstar Celebrations SC-20 Bour-Marlins

------------------------2015 Bowman Draft
98 Justin Cohen

------------------------2015 Bowman
BP148 Garcia (mia)

------------------------2015 Topps Heritage High
603 Prado (mia)
NT-3 Stanton

------------------------2015 Topps Heritage Minor
117 Romero (jup)
137 Nicolino (no zeph)
217 Kolek (greensb)
RTTS-19 Brian Anderson

------------------------2015 Topps Pro Debut
20 Conley
87 Twine

------------------------2015 Topps II
408 Smolinksi (tex)
565 Morse (mia)

------------------------2015 Topps Update
US30 Phelps (mia)
US337 Prado (mia)

------------------------2014 Bowman Draft
1 Kolek
41 Twine
102 Madder

------------------------2014 Topps Update World Series Inserts
GS- Shefield
JB- Beckett
IR- Rodriguez
LH- Hernandez

-----------------------2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
BDPP117 Sean Townsley (mia)
BDPP126 Joel Efferts (mia)

------------------------2013 Bowman Top 100 Prospects
5 Fernandez
63 Marisnick
100 Heaney

------------------------2013 Panini Americas Pastime
177 Capps (sea)

------------------------2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition
62 DeSclafini

------------------------2013 Topps Pro Debut
174 Marisnick

------------------------2013 Topps Archives
188 Latos (cin)

------------------------2012 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
BDPP149 McCarthy

------------------------2012 Topps Update
US136 Reed Johnson (atl)

------------------------2012 Topps Heritage Minors
61 Conley

------------------------2011 Playoff Contenders Draft Ticket
DT47 Ames
DT81 Flynn

------------------------2011 Topps Attax
209 Billy the Marlin

------------------------2011 Topps Heritage Minors
107 Nathan Eovaldi

------------------------2011 Topps Pro Debut
55 Rob Brantly
83 Scott Rembisz
184 Henderson Alvarez

------------------------2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects
BCP161 Bour

------------------------2010 Topps Pro Debut
381 Jacob Turner
391 Justin Bour (chi)
410 Derek Dietrich

SINGLE-A All-Stars:
SA-21 Chase Austin
SA-30 Kyle Jensen

Triple-A All-Stars:
TA-5 Brown
TA-18 Michael Ryan

------------------------2009 Topps
124 Johnson (chi)

------------------------2009 Topps Heritage
665 Wolf (lad)

------------------------2009 Topps Update
UH197 Haren (arz)

------------------------2008 TRISTAR PROjections
317 Evan Reed

------------------------2008 UD First Edition
455 Randy Wolf (sd)

------------------------2007 SP Rookie Edition
254 Saltalamaccia (atl)

------------------------2007 Topps '52
102 Jones (min)

------------------------2005 Topps Total
401 Hill (arz)

------------------------2005 Topps Updates & Highlights
ASR-LC Luis Castillo

------------------------2004 Topps
ASR-CP Carl Pavano
ASR-ML Mike Lowell

------------------------2003 Bowman Chrome
188 Diaz (tb)

------------------------2003 Bowman Draft
BDP36 Saltalamccia (atl)
BDP147 Mathis (usa)

------------------------2003 Leaf
328 Haren RC (stl)

------------------------2002 Bowman
329 Rauch(cws)
429 Johnson (tor)

------------------------2000 Bowman
393 Green (atl)

------------------------1999 Fleer Tradition
566 Polanco (stl)

----------------------------------------------BASKETBALL WANT LIST

The team name in parenthesis are the uniforms I want the player in, if you don't have the card I'm looking for and you know of a different card with the player in the uni I want LMK. Also if the team in parenthesis is not the uniform on the card I listed LMK as well.

---------------------2014-15 Panini Prizm
271 Napier (mia)
274 Ennis (mia)

---------------------2013-14 Panini Hoops
62 Lebron
79 Beverly (hou)
301 Heat Champs

Highlights Insert 2 Heat 27 game win Streak

---------------------2013-14 Panini Pinnacle
140 Lucas III (ut)

---------------------2012-13 Panini Hoops
50 Drajic (hou)
262 Gladness (gs)
266 Liggins (orl)

---------------------2012-13 Panini Past & Present
209 Cole (mia)

Banners- Bosh, Wade

---------------------2012-13 Panini Marquee
304 Liggins (okc)

---------------------2012-13 Panini NBA Hoops

---------------------2012-13 Panini Threads
20 Lucas III (chi-tor)

---------------------2009-10 Panini
283 Drajic (pho)

---------------------2002 SAGE
23 Smush Parker

---------------------2001-02 Topps Heritage
95 Heat Team Leaders

---------------------2001-02 Topps Xpectations
136 Carlos Arroyo

--------------------1998 Press Pass
10 Michael Doleac
69 Chris Andersen

--------------------1998 Press Pass Authentics
28 Sean Marks

---------------------------------------------ODDBALL FOOTBALL WANTS

-----------------------2009 Penn State
4 Brett Brackett

-----------------------2007 Utah Blaze AFL
12 Ernest Grant

-----------------------2006 Jogo
21 Mike Quinn

-----------------------2005 North Carolina
8 Chase Page

-----------------------2005 Senior Bowl
49 Alex Holmes

-----------------------2004 Boston College
10 Troy Stradford

-----------------------2004 Ohio State Greats
21 Pete Johnson

-----------------------2003 Boston College
4 Sean Ryan

-----------------------2003 New Mexico
17 Billy Strother

-----------------------2003 Oklahoma Program Cards
C5 Jackie Shipp

-----------------------2001 Oregon
9 Justin Peelle

-----------------------2001 Washington
7 Omare Lowe

-----------------------1999 Washington
13 Lester Towns
14 Lester Towns

-----------------------1996 Senior Bowl
2 Kantroy Barber

-----------------------1994 California Smokey
15 Iheanyi Uwaezuoke

-----------------------1994 Rice
6 Larry Izzo

-----------------------1994 Senior Bowl
16 Mark Dixon

-----------------------1992 Gridiron
41 Kameno Bell

-----------------------1992 Jogo The Missing Years
10 Ray Nettles

-----------------------1990 Iowa
53 Michael Titley

-----------------------1990 Louisville Smokey
11 Mark Sander

-----------------------1990 Ohio State
1 Jeff Uhlenhake

-----------------------1990 Seahawks Oroweat
23 Ned Bolcar (sea)

-----------------------1989 EAGLES SMOKEY
35 mark KONECNY (phi)

-----------------------1987 Chargers Smokey
37 Fred Robinson (sd)

-----------------------1986 Chargers Kodak
27 fred ROBINSON (sd)

-----------------------1986 McDONALDS
58 David Frye (atl)
87 David Lewis (det)

-----------------------1986 Patriots Frito Lay
14 Ernest Gibson

-----------------------1985 Colts Kroger
1 Dave Ahrens
24 Tate Randle

-----------------------1985 Chargers Kodak
36 Fred Robinson (sd)

-----------------------1984 BC Lions Mohawk Oil
21 Mack Moore

-----------------------1983 Eagles Frito Lay
31 Lawrence Sampleton

-----------------------1982 Buccaneers Shell
27 Norris Thomas

-----------------------1982 Oklahoma Playing Cards
86 Oubre/Sims

-----------------------1979 Saints Coke
7 Rickey Ray
23 Don Reese

-----------------------1977 Eagles Frito Lay
31 Terry Tautolo

I'm also looking for any 70's and 80's FLEER TEAM ACTION Miami Dolphins cards I don't have. I will also trade for any 70's and 80's Fleer team action cards that the Dolphins are pictured on, i.e. The Jets might have a card where they are playing Miami.

I know I need these
1976- #15 #16

These are the cards that I have. Looking for any NOT on this list.

1977- 15 16 63
1978- 27 28 62 63 64
1979- 4 27 28 31 48 62 63 64
1980- 17 27 28 62 63 64
1981- 27 28 48 62 63 64
1982- 27 28 62 63 64
1983- 29 30 45 63 64 73 74
1984- 29 30 33 63 64 73 78 79 85
1985- 43 44 85 86 87 88
1986- 43 44 45
1987- 19 27 29 30 70 71 72 81 83
1988- 15 16 62 64 77 87

---------------------------------ODDBALL & MINORS BASEBALL WANT LIST

------------------------2009 Durham Bulls Choice
James Houser

------------------------2008 Carolina Mudcats Team Issue
Manuel Mayorson

------------------------2008 Montgomery Biscuits Grandstand
James Houser

------------------------2007 Greensboro Grasshoppers Multi Ad
Cristhian Martinez

------------------------2006 Columbus Clippers Choice
27 Jose Veras

------------------------2006 Jamestown Jammers Team Issue
19 Jay Buente

------------------------2005 Diamondbacks Team Issue
10 Matt Herges
13 Kerry Ligtenberg

------------------------2005 Padres Upper Deck
24 Miguel Olivo
26 Paul Quantrill

------------------------2005 Rangers Dr. Pepper
12 Greg Colbrunn

------------------------2004 Carolina Mudcats
28 Edwin Rodriguez

------------------------2004 Upper Deck USA Baseball Anniversary
108 Mike Lamb

------------------------2003 Appalachian League Prospects Grandstand
13 James Houser

------------------------2003 Akron Aeros Multi-Ad
13 Hector Luna

------------------------2002 Carolina League Top Prospects Choice
6 Hector Luna

------------------------2002 Kinston Indians Choice
11 Hector Luna

------------------------2001 Everett Aquasox Grandstand
28 Jorge Sosa

------------------------2001 Columbus Redstixx Multi-Ad
14 Hector Luna

------------------------2001 Brewers Police
4 Will Cunnane

------------------------2001 Expos Team Issue
16 Sandy Martinez

------------------------2001 Indians Postcards
27 Justin Speier

------------------------2001 Iowa Cubs Multi-Ad
15 Will Ohman

------------------------2001 Padres Postcards
4 Mike Colangelo

------------------------2001 Richmond Braves Choice
15 Joe Nelson

------------------------2001 Tigers Postcards
16 Ryan Jackson

------------------------2000 Burlington Indians Grandstand
22 Hector Luna

------------------------2000 Mets Postcards
24 Rich Rodriguez

------------------------2000 Princeton Devil Rays Grandstand
26 Edwin Rodriguez MG

------------------------1999 Daytona Cubs Roox
22 Will Ohman

------------------------1999 Greenville Braves Grandstand
18 Joe Nelson

------------------------1999 Orioles Postcards
7 Ricky Bones

------------------------1999 Rangers Postcards
35 Gregg Zaun

------------------------1999 Royals Postcards
17 Scott Pose

------------------------1999 Team Best Rookies
62 Will Ohman

------------------------1998 Mets Colla Postcards
46 Rich Rodriguez

------------------------1997 A's Postcards
20 Richie Lewis

------------------------1997 Best
78 Javier Vazquez
79 Jesus Sanchez

------------------------1997 Brewers Police
8 Bryce Florie

------------------------1997 Pirates Postcards
36 Clint Sodowsky

------------------------1997 Portland Sea Dogs Best
29 Bryan Ward

------------------------1996 Eugene Emeralds best
16 joe NELSON

------------------------1996 Portland Sea Dogs Best
28 Bryan Ward

------------------------1996 Tigers Postcards
23 Richie Lewis
27 Mike Myers

------------------------1994 Orioles Program
9 Joe Borowski

------------------------1994 Kane County Cougars Classic
26 Bryan Ward

------------------------1994 Kane County Cougars Fleer/ProCards
163 Bryan Ward

------------------------1994 Mets Colla Postcards
7 John Cangelosi (nym)

------------------------1993 Elmira Pioneers Classic/Best
26 Bryan Ward

------------------------1993 Elmira Pioneers Fleer/ProCards
3825 Bryan Ward

------------------------1993 South Bend White Sox Fleer/ProCards 1442 Mike Cameron

------------------------1992 Yamkees Wiz 80's
45 Orestes Destrade

------------------------1991 Mets Wiz
97 Mario Diaz

------------------------1991 Line Drive AA
332 Jeff Conine

------------------------1990 ProCards AAA
120 Mario Diaz
258 Victor Rodriguez

------------------------1989 PRO CARDS
446 Steve Decker

------------------------1987 Twins Postcards
13 Joe Klink

------------------------1986 Watertown Pirates ProCards
2 Moises Alou

---------------------MIAMI HURRICANES HAVE LIST----------------------

These are cards that I HAVE of players from the Miami Hurricanes in CANES uniform. I am interested in anybody NOT on this list in CANES uniform. As these cards are very low priority for me I am only interested in low end cards.*****denotes pending trade.

Bailey, Robert
Barber, Rudy
Barrow, Michael
Bass, Robert
Beason, Jon
Benjamin, Travis
Bennett, Donnell
Bethel, Randy
Berlin, Brock
Blaise, Kerlin
Buchanon, Phillip
Budroni, Jason
Caeser, Mark
Campbell, Calais
Carey, Marcus
Carey, Vernon
Carroll, Wesley
Chambers, Jermaine
Clement, Ryan
Collins, Ryan
Copeland, Horace
Costa, Frank
Covington, Scott
Cristobal, Luis
Crum, Maurice
Curry, Shane
Daphnis, Gerard
Davenport, Najeh
Dorsey, Ken
Erickson, Craig
Everett, Kevin
Ferguson, Danyell
Forston, Marcus
Franks, Bubba
Fulcher, Michael
Gary, Cleveland
German, Jammi
Gore, Frank
Green, Yatil
Hamlet, Anthony
Handy, Darren
Hankerson, Leonard
Harris, Jacory
Harris, Orien
Harris, Teris
Hawkins, Bill
Hester, Devin
Hill, Randall
Holmes, Kenny
Huerta, Carlos
Jackson, James,
James, Edgerrin
James, Javarris
Jennings, Kelly
Johnson, Alex
Johnson, Andre
Jones, Chris T.
Jones, Daryl
Jones, Jimmie
Jones, KC
Jones, Larry
Joeseph, William
Kelly, Jim
Kennedy, Cortez
Kosar, Bernie
Krein, Darren
Lang, Kenard
Lewis, Damione
Lewis, Ray
Lopez, Kenny
Mack, Tremain
Maryland, Russell
McDougal, Jerome
McGahee, Willie
McGee, Brandon
McKinnie, Bryant
McNeill, Ryan
Meriweather, Brandon
Miller, Lamar
Morgan, Dan
Morris, Stephen
Moss, Santana
Moss. Sinorice
Moss, Tyrone
Olsen, Greg
Parrish, Roscoe
Patrick, Kevin
Payton, Jarret
Phillips, Kenny
Portis, Clinton
Reed, Ed
Riley, Patrick
Rolle, Antrel
Sapp, Warren
Shockey, Jeremy
Searcy, Leon
Seigler, Dexter
Smith, Darren
Smith, Roland
Starks, Duane
Stewart, James
Streeter, Tommy
Sullivan, Mike
Testaverde, Vinnie
Thomas, Lamar
Torretta, Gina
Vilma, Jonathan
Walsh, Steve
Wayne, Reggie
Wilfork, Vince
Williams, Andrew
Williams, Daryl
Williams, DJ
Williams, Kevin
Winslow, Kellen
Winston, Eric
White, Paul

NON SPORTS HAVE LIST================================================

Here are the NON-Sports cards that I HAVE...I'm looking for one card from any TV Show or Movie set that's not on this list.

Adams Family Values-1991
Aliens- 1979
Aliens 3-1992
Aliens VS Preditor-1993 ADVANCE COMICS
American Gladiators-1991
American Vintage Cycles- SERIES 2
An American Tale-1986
An American Tale- Fivel Goes West-1991
Archie-1992 Skybox
Back To The Future 2- 1989
Backstreet Boys-2000 Winterland
Battlestar Galactica-1978
Batman, The Animated Series-1993
Batman-1994 Saga Of The Dark Knight
Batman-1995 Masters Series
Batman And Robin, The Adventures of-1995
Batman, The Movie-1989 Topps
Batman Returns, The Movie-1992 Stadium Club
Batman Returns, The Movie-1992 Topps
Barbwire-? Topps Promo
Beauty & The Beast- 1992
Betty Page -1994
Bionic Woman- 1976
Black Hole, The Movie-1979
Bram Stokers Dracula-1992 Topps
Buffy The Vampire Slayer-1999 TV Show, Inkworks
Casper- 1995 Fleer Ultra
Charlie's Angels-1977
Chromiam Man-1994
Cinderella-? Skybox
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind-1978
Coca-Cola Holiday Collection -2001
Coca-Cola Collection Series 1-1993
Coca-Cola Collection Series 2-1994
Coca-Cola Collection Series 3-1994
Coca-Cola Collection Series 4-1995
Code Name: Stryke Force -1993 Advance Comics Promo
Dart Flip Cards-1988
Davy Crockett- Walt Disney Productions
DC vs Marvel-1995
DC Comics-1991
Deathwatch 2000-1993
Demolition Man- 1993 Skybox
Desert Storm- 1991 Series 1&2
Desert Shield-1991
Dinosaurs Attack-1988 Topps
Doctor Chaos-? Advance Comics Promo
Doomsday, Death of Superman -1992
Dooms IV-1994 Advance Comics Promo
Elvis Collection-1992 The River Group
Enduring Freedom-2001
Exotic Dreams Race Cars-1992
Extreme Prejudice-1994 Advance Comics Promo
Flaming Carrot-1988 Comic Images
Free Willy 2- 1995 Skybox
Freak Force -1993 Advance Comics Promo
Garfield-1978 Skybox
G.I. Joe-1991
Ghostbusters 2-1989
Gilligan's Island-1997 DART
Gone with the Wind-1996 Duocards
Grease- 1978
Gremlins- 1984
Harry & the Hendersons-1987 Topps
Home Alone 2-1992
Here's Bo- 1981
Hercules -1996 TV Show
Hulk- 1993 Skybox
Hulk TV series- 1979
Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom-1984
Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -2008 Topps
Jaws II- 1978
Jurassic Park-1992 Topps Promo
Kayo Boxing cards-1991
Ken Barr the Beast Within-1994
Ken Kelly- 1994
Kindred, The -1993 Advance Comics Promo
Lady Death-1994
Laugh In-1967
Legends of Rock-1991 Rockards
The Lion King-?
The Little Mermaid-1991
Loaded Weapon-1993 Eclipse
Lois & Clark-1995 Skybox
Loonety Tunes-1990 Upper Deck
Lost-2006 Inkworks
Lost in Space Promo-2005
Man on the Moon-1969
Marvel Comics-1990
Marvel Universe-1994
Marvel Masterpieces-1993 PROMO
Marvel Masterpieces-1994
THE Maxx -1993
Melting Pot-1993 Advance Comics Promo
Minnie & Me-?
Miek Ploog-1994
Michael Kaluta-?
Moonraker, The Movie-1979
New Kids on the Block-1989 Big Step
Nickolodian-1993 Topps
Olympic Hall of Fame-1991 Impel
Phantom, The Movie-1996 Inkworks
Planet of the Apes-1967
Pocahontas-? Skybox
Power Rangers-1995
Power Rangers-1997 Bandai
Prophet Collection- 1996
Riot Gear-? Advance Comics Promo
Richard Hescox-1994
Ren & Stimpy-1993
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves-1991
Rock Cards-1991 Brockum
Rocky II-1979
Saturday Night Live-1992
Saturday Night Fever-1977
Scooby-Doo Game-2000
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band-1978
Shadowhawk-1993 Advance Comics Promo
Simpons- 1994
Snow White- ?
Space 1999-1976
Space Shots-1990
Spec Sheet-1966
Special Olympics - Leaf 1987
Speed Racer-1993 Now Comic Cards Promo
Spiderman-1992 Marvel
Spiderman-1994 Marvel
Spongebob Squarepants-1992 UPPER DECK
Star Trek- The Motion Picture- 1979
Star Trek-1991 Impel
Star Trek-1991 Skybox
Star Trek-1993 Skybox
Star Trek-1994 Skybox
Star Trek-1995 Skybox
Star Trek The Next Generation -1991 Impel
Star Trek The Next Generation SEASON TWO- 1995
Star Trek The Next Generation SEASON THREE- 1995
Star Trek The Next Generation SEASON FOUR- 1996
Star Trek Voyager-1995 Skybox
Star Wars-1977
Star Wars GALAXY-1995 TOPPS
Star Wars-1996 TOPPS FINEST
Streetfighter -1994 CAPCOM
Superman THE MOVIE- 1978
Superman II THE MOVIE-1980
Superman THE RETURN OF- 1993
Superman-1996 Skybox
TARZAN-1994 Advance Comics Promo
Toy Story-? Skybox
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-1989 Second Series
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 1990
VEIL-1994 Skybox
THE X-Files - 1995 TOPPS
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles-1992
You'll Die Laughing-1966
YOUNGBLOOD-1994 Advance Comics Promo
VANGAURD-1993 Advance Comics Promo
Wonder Woman-1995 Skybox

NON-SPORTS CARDS I HAVE FOR TRADE=====================================
In most of these sets I have multiple cards.

DECISION '92- 1992 (political cards)
WILLIAM STOUT 2- 1994 (artwork cards)

--------------------ALL TIME MIAMI DOLPHINS ROSTER-------------------

Abdul-Jabbar, Karim MIA, COL, CLE, IND
Adams, Keith TEN, COL, 1/3 MIA
Adams, Stefon WFL
Ahanotu, Chidi TB
Ahrens, Dave
Alabi, Anthony
Albright, Ethan WAS
Alexander, Bruce MIA
Alexander, John
Alexander, Gerald DET
Alleman, Andy MIA
Allen, Jason MIA, COL
Allen, Marvin MIA Practice Squad 2008
Allen, Jeff
Allen, Will COL, NYG, ˝ MIA
Alama-Francis, Ikaika DET
Amaya, Jonathon
Anderson, Bennie
Anderson, Charlie MIA, HOU
Anderson, Dick MIA, COL
Anderson, Dunstan MIA
Anderson, Terry
Andrew, Troy
Andrews, John
Archer, David ATL Training Camp Cuts
Armstrong, Antonio SF
Armstrong, Trace MIA, COL-UF, CHI, ˝ OAK, COL-ASU
Arnold, Jim COL, KC, DET
Aromashodu, Devin MIA, COL, CHI
Atkins, Gene MIA, NO
Auer, Joe MIA, COL
Austin, Marvin HS, COL, NYG
Avery, John MIA, COL, DEN, XFL
Ayanbadejo, Brendon 1/3 MIA, CHI
Ayanbadejo, Obafemi BAL, 1/3 ARZ
Ayodele, Akin MIA, JAX, ˝ DAL

Babb, Charlie MIA
Bachman, Ted
Bailey, Clarence
Bailey, Elmer MIA
Bailey, Robert COL, LA
Baker, Chris
Baker, Mel
Baker, Robert
Baker, Ryan MIA
Ball, Larry COL, TB
Banks, Fred MIA
Bannon, Bruce MIA
Barber, Kantroy
Barber, Rudy
Barisich, Carl
Barker, Will
Barnes, Darian
Barnes, Rodrigo
Barnett, Bill
Barnett, Fred MIA, PHI
Bartholomew, Brent
Baty, Greg MIA
Baumann, Charlie MIA, WL, COL, NE
Baumhower, Bob MIA, COL
Bealles, Bill
Beaudoin, Doug NE, USFL
Beavers, Aubrey MIA, COL
Beck, John MIA, COL
Beecher, Willie
Beier, Tom MIA
Bell, Kerwin WL, IND, CFL 1991 Draft
Bell, Yeremiah MIA, NYJ
Bellamy, Ronald MIA, COL
Benjamin, Guy MIA, COL
Bennett, Charles
Bennett, Woody MIA
Benson, Charles
Berger, Joe MIA, COL, DAL
Berger, Ron NE
Berlin, Brock MIA, COL 2005 Draft
Bess, Davone MIA, COL
Bessilleu, Don MIA, COL
Betters, Doug MIA
Bishop, Richard NE
Blackwood, Glenn MIA
Blackwood, Lyle MIA, SEA, BAL
Bock, John MIA
Blake, Eddie ˝ MIA, COL 1992 Draft
Bokamper, Kim MIA
Bolcar, Ned COL
Booker, Lorenzo MIA, COL, PHI
Booker, Marty MIA, COL, CHI
Bosa, John MIA
Bosarge, Wade
Boston, David MIA, COL, ARZ, SD
Boutwell, Tom MIA
Bowens, David MIA, NYJ
Bowens, Tim MIA, COL
Bowser, Charles MIA
Boyer, Brant COL, JAX, CLE
Boynton, John COL
Brackett, Brett Practice Squad DH, COL
Bradford, Ronnie COL, ATL 1993 Draft
Braggs, Stephen CLE
Bramlet, Casey CIN 2007 FA
Bramlett, John DEN, NE
Branch, Mel DAL, KC
Braxton, Jim BUF
Braxton, Tyrone DEN
Brigance, O.J. MIA, CFL, STL
Brightful, Lamont MIA, BAL
Brittenum, Jon MIA 1966 Draft
Briscoe, Marlin MIA, DET, BUF
Bromell, Lorenzo MIA
Brophy, Jay MIA
Brown, Andre MIA, WL
Brown, Bud MIA
Brown, Dean COL
Brown, Donald
Brown, J.B. MIA
Brown, James MIA, DAL
Brown, Mark MIA
Brown, Ronnie MIA, COL, PHI
Brown, Titus COL, ˝ MIA 2008 FA
Brown, Tom
Brownlee, Claude MIA
Brudzinski, Bob MIA, LA
Bruggers, Bob
Bryan, Courtney MIA
Bryant, Anthony MIA
Bryant, Matt MIA, 1/3 TB
Bua, Tony MIA
Buckey, Jeff MIA
Buckley, Terrell MIA, COL, GB, NYJ, DEN
Buchanan, Richard WL, LA 1991 FA
Bulaich, Norm MIA, PHI, BAL
Bullough, Chuck MIA
Bundren, Jim
Buoniconti, Nick MIA, COL, NE
Burgess, Fernanza
Burgess, Marvell
Burnett, Kevin COL, DAL
Burnett, Rob CLE, BAL
Burton, Shane MIA
Bush, Reggie MIA, COL, NO, DET
Byars, Keith MIA, COL, PHI, NE, NYJ
Camarillo, Greg MIA, MIN
Campbell, Kelly COL, MIN- 2006 camp
Canale, Whit
Carey, Vernon MIA, COL
Carlton, Darryl
Carolan, Brett
Carroll, Nolan MIA, COL
Carpenter, Bobby DAL, COL, ˝ DET
Carpenter, Dan MIA, COL
Carpenter, Preston CLE, PIT, WAS
Carroll, Nolan COL, ˝ MIA
Carter, Anthony MIN, DET 1983 Draft
Carter, Cris MIA, COL, PHI, MIN
Carter, Joe MIA
Carter, Kevin MIA, COL, STL, TEN, 1/3 TB
Casares, Rick MIA, CHI
Caterbone, Mike CFL
Cefalo, Jimmy MIA
Cesare, Billy
Chalenski, Mike NYJ
Chambers, Chris MIA, COL, SD, KC
Chambers, Rusty MIA
Charles, Mike MIA
Chatman, Jesse SD, NYJ
Chavez, Laz
Chavis, Eddie
Cheek, Louis COL
Chesley, John
Chesser, George
Chester, Larry 1/3 MIA
Clancy, Jack MIA, COL
Clancy, Sean
Clark, Desmond DEN, CHI
Clark, Gary MIA, WAS, ARZ
Clark, Greg SD, CFL
Clark, Robert MIA, DET, CFL
Clark, Steve MIA
Clay, Charles MIA, COL
Clayton, Mark MIA, GB
Clemons, Chris MIA
Cleveland, Greg
Cline, Jackie MIA, COL
Cobbs, Patrick MIA, NE
Cole, Terry
Coleman, Marco MIA, COL, SD, WAS, 1/3 DEN, JAX
Collins, Cecil MIA, COL
Collins, Jasper MIA, COL
Collins, Roosevelt COL, CFL
Collins, Tony NE
Colombo, Marc CHI, DAL
Colzie, Neal 1/5 MIA, OAK, TB
Condren, Brannon MIA, IND
Conlin, Chris COL
Cook, Ryan MIN
Cooke, Ed
Cooper, Louis
Copeland, Horace TB
Cornelius, Charles CFL
Cornish, Frank
Cousin, Terry MIA, ˝ CAR
Cowan, Larry MIA, CFL
Cox, Arthur SD, ATL
Cox, Bryan MIA, COL, CHI, NYJ, NE, ˝ NO
Cox, Jim
Cramer, Casey MIA
Craver, Aaron MIA, COL, DEN, NO
Crawford, Mike
Cribbs, Joe USFL, BUF, SF
Crocker, Chris CLE, 1/3 ATL
Cronin, Bill
Cross, Jeff MIA
Crowder, Channing MIA, COL
Crowder, Randy MIA, COL
Crusan, Doug MIA
Csonka, Larry MIA, COL, NYG, AG
Culpepper, Daunte MIA, COL, MIN, OAK
Culver, Tyrone MIA
Cunningham, BJ COL 2011 Draft
Current, Mike DEN, TB
Curtis, Kevin COL, STL, PHI

Daniels, Ronny MIA, AFL
Daniels, Travis MIA
Dansby, Karlos MIA, COL, ARZ
Dar Dar, Kirby MIA, COL, XFL
Darnall, Bill
Davenport, Ron MIA, COL
Darius, Donovin COL, JAX
Davis, Gary MIA
Davis, Josh MIA, COL
Davis, Ted
Davis, Vontae MIA, COL, IND
DeBerg, Steve MIA, SF, DEN, KC, TB, ATL
DeMarco, Bob MIA, STL, CLE
Del Gaizo, Jim MIA
Dellenbach, Jeff MIA, NE, GB
Den Herder, Vern MIA, COL
Dennard, Mark MIA, PHI
Dennery, Mike
Denney, John MIA
Dennis, Mark MIA, CAR
Denson, Autry MIA, COL, TB, CHI
Diamond, Lorenzo ˝ MIA
Diana, Rich MIA, COL
Dixon, Cal COL
Dixon, Mark MIA
Dobbins, Tim
Donnalley, Kevin MIA, COL, HOU
Dornbrook, Thom COL
Dotson, Al
Dotson, Dewayne COL
Dotson, Lionel MIA
Douglas, Leland
Doxzon, Todd ˝ MIA, XFL
Drayton, Troy MIA, COL, STL
Drougas, Tom BAL
Duhe, A.J. MIA
Dunaway, Jim COL, BUF
Duper, Mark MIA
Dutton, John MIA, COL, AFL
Dvorak, Rick
Dyer, Deon MIA, COL

Easlick, Doug MIA
Edds, A.J. MIA
Edmunds, Ferrell MIA, SEA
Edmunds, Randall MIA
Edwards, Antuan MIA, COL, GB
Edwards, Robert MIA, COL, NE
Egnew, Michael MIA, COL 2012 Draft
Eiland, DeAndre MIA, COL
Elia, Bruce MIA, ˝ SF
Ellerbe, Dannell COL
Ellis, Craig CFL
Ellis, Ken MIA, GB
Emanuel, Bert MIA, COL, ATL, TB, NE, DET
Emanuel, Frank MIA
Emtman, Steve MIA, COL, IND
Ephraim, Alonzo MIA, 1/3 CLE, 1/3 PHI
Epps, Dedrick
Erickson, Craig MIA, COL, TB, IND
Erlandson, Tom MIA
Evans, Frederick MIA
Evans, Heath COL, SEA, NE
Evans, Norm MIA

Faaola, Nuu
Faison, Earl MIA, SD
Farley, Dale
Farmer, George STL
Fasano, Anthony MIA, COL, DAL, ˝ KC
Faulkner, Jeff ARZ
Feeley, A.J. MIA, COL, PHI, 1/3 SD
Feely, Jay ATL, 1/3 NYG, STL, ARZ
Feinga, Ray COL
Fencik, Gary CHI 1976 Draft
Feldman, Todd
Ferguson, Jason 1/3 NYG, 1/3 DAL
Fernandez, Manny MIA
Fiala, John COL, ˝ MIA, PIT 1997 Draft RD-6
Fiedler, Jay MIA, PHI, ˝ MIN, JAX, NYJ
Fields, Brandon MIA, COL
Fifita, Steve
Fleming, Marv MIA, GB
Flemons, Ronlad ATL
Fletcher, Jamar MIA, COL, 1/3 SD
Fluellen, Andre DET
Folau, Spencer MIA, NO
Foley, Tim MIA
Folsom, J.D. COL, MIA
Fonoti, Toniu
Forsey, Brock MIA, CHI
Foster, Brooks ˝ MIA, STL, COL
Foster, Jerome
Foster, Roy MIA, SF
Fowler, Charlie
Fowlkes, Dennis COL
Foxx, Dion
Franklin, Andra MIA
Franklin, Tony PHI, NE
Freeman, Antonio COL, GB, PHI
Freeman, Arturo MIA
Freeny, Jonathan
Frerotte, Gus MIA, COL, WAS, DET, DEN, MIN, CIN, STL
Fryar, Irving MIA, COL, NE, PHI, WAS
Frye, Brandon MIA
Frye, David ATL
Fuller, Jeff MIA, COL practice squad
Fultz, Mike NO
Funchess, Tom HOU
Furjanic, Tony COL

Gado, Samkon MIA, GB, HOU
Gadsden, Oronde MIA
Gaffney, Jabar COL, HOU, WAS, PHI, DEN
Gaines, Chris CFL
Gaines, William MIA, COL, WAS
Galbreath, Harry MIA, GB, NYJ
Galyon, Scott MIA
Gamble, Trent MIA, COL
Gardner, Andrew COL
Gardener, Daryl MIA, COL, 1/3 DEN
Gardner, Donnie WL
Garner, Nate MIA, COL
Garrard, David COL, JAX, MIA
Garrett, Jason WLAF, DAL, MIA, NYG
Gary, Cleveland COL, LA
Gates, Clyde MIA, COL
Gbaja-Biamila, Akbar
Gerard, KJ
Giaquinto, Nick ˝ MIA, WAS
Gibson, Fred COL, PIT, ˝ MIA
Gibson, Brandon COL, PHI, STL
Gibson, Ernest
Giesler, Jon MIA
Gilchrist, Cookie MIA, BUF, DEN
Gillislee, Mike
Gilmore, Bryan 1/3 MIA, ARZ
Gilmore, Jim
Ginn, Hubert MIA
Ginn, Ted MIA, COL, SF, High School
Glenn, Jason DET
Glenn, Kerry
Goar, Guy
Gogan, Kevin MIA, DAL, OAK, SF
Golic, Mike MIA, COL, PHI
Goode, Irv COL, STL, BUF
Goode, Kerry COL
Goode, Tom MIA, COL, HOU
Goodman, Andre’ ˝ MIA, DET
Goodwin, Hunter MIA, MIN
Gordon, Dwayne SD 1993 DRAFT
Gordon, Lamar MIA, COL, STL, PHI
Gordon, Larry MIA, COL
Gore, Stacy
Grady, Garry
Graf, Rick MIA
Graham, Shane CIN
Gramatica, Bill STL
Grant, African
Grant, Ernest
Grau, Jeff
Gray, Chris MIA, 1/3 SEA
Gray, Leon NE, HOU, 1973 DRAFT
Green, Chris MIA, BUF
Green, Cleveland
Green, Eric MIA, COL, PIT, BAL, NYJ
Green, Eric COL, ARZ Cut in camp 2009
Green, Hugh MIA, TB
Green, Ray
Green, Trent MIA, SD, WAS, STL, KC
Green, Yatil MIA, COL
Greene, Andrew MIA, COL
Green, Sammy CFL 1981 DRAFT
Greenwood, Morlon MIA, COL, 1/3 HOU
Gregory, Damian MIA
Grice-Mullen, Ryan COL Practice Squad
Griese, Bob MIA, COL
Griese, Brian MIA, COL, DEN, TB, CHI
Griggs, David MIA, SD
Grigsby, Boomer MIA, KC
Grimes, Brent ATL
Grimsley, John MIA, HOU
Groth, Jeff NO
Grove, Jake COL, MIA, OAK
Gruber, Bob USFL
Guy, Daniel ˝ MIA, NO

Hadnot, Rex
Hagan, Derek MIA, COL
Haley, Jermaine CFL
Halterman, Aaron MIA
Hamdan, Gibran MIA, WAS, BUF
Hamilton, Michael COL
Hammond, Kim MIA, COL
Hampton, Lorenzo MIA
Hand, Norman MIA, NO
Harden, Bobby MIA
Hardy, Bruce MIA, COL
Harper, Jack
Harrington, Joey MIA, COL, DET, ATL
Harris, Al
Harris, Anthony MIA
Harris, Corey MIA, COL, GB, SEA, BAL, ˝ DET
Harris, Duriel MIA
Harris, Jacory COL, MIA
Harris, Kay Jay MIA, COL
Harris, Leroy MIA, PHI
Harris, Tuff MIA, COL, TEN
Harrison, Lloyd
Hartline, Andrew
Hartline, Brian MIA, COL
Hatcher, Dale COL, LA
Hawthorne, Ed
Hayes, Jeff WAS
Haynes, Abner DEN, DAL
Haynos, Joey MIA, COL, GB
Heath, Clayton
Heffner-Liddiard, Brody
Heflin, Vince MIA
Heinz, Bob MIA
Heller, Ron MIA, PHI, TB
Heller, Will TB
Hendel, Andy MIA
Hendricks, Tommy MIA
Henne, Chad MIA, COL, JAX
Henry, Charles
Henry, Leonard MIA, COL
Hester, Ron MIA
Heupel, Josh MIA, COL, 2001 Draft
Higgins, Jim
Higgs, Mark MIA, COL
Hill, Barry MIA
Hill, Eddie MIA
Hill, Ike MIA, BUF
Hill, Nate COL
Hill, Randal MIA, COL, ARZ, NO
Hill, Ray
Hill, Renaldo ARZ, DEN
Hill, Sean
Hilliard, Lex MIA, COL
Hines, Jim
Hobley, Liffort COL
Holliday, Vonnie MIA, COL, GB, KC
Hollier, Dwight MIA, COL
Holmes, Alex MIA, COL
Holmes, John
Holmes, Mike SF
Hooper, Trell
Hoover, Houston ATL
Hopkins, Jerry DEN
Howard, Reggie 1/3 MIA
Howell, Mike MIA, CLE
Howell, Steve
Huard, Damon MIA, COL, EUR, ˝ NE, KC
Huddleston, Jim
Hudock, Mike MIA, NYJ
Humphrey, Bobby MIA, COL, DEN
Hunt, Jack MIA, COL
Hunter, Billy
Hunter, Brice MIA, COL 1996 Draft
Hunter, Jeff
Hutton, Tom PHI

Iaquaniello, Mike MIA
Incognito, Richie MIA
Ingram, Mark MIA, NYG, GB
Irvin, Mark
Irwin, Heath MIA
Irwin, Tim MIA, MIN, TB
Ismail, Qadry MIA, COL, MIN, GB, NO, BAL, IND
Isom, Rickey
Izzo, Larry MIA, NE, NYJ

Jackson, Calvin MIA
Jackson, Eddie
Jackson, Frank MIA, KC
Jackson, Keith MIA, PHI, GB
Jackson, Tyoka TB, 1/3 STL
Jackson, Vestee MIA, CHI
Jacobs, Ray DEN
Jacobs, Tim CLE
Jacobson, Steve
Jacox, Kendyl MIA, 1/3 NO
Jacquet, Nate MIA, MIN
James, Jeno MIA
Jaquess, Pete DEN
Jarostchuk, llia
Jaworski, Ron MIA, LA, PHI, KC
Jeffries, Greg DET
Jenkins, Al
Jenkins, Corey MIA, CFL
Jenkins, Ed
Jenkins, Jelani COL, ˝ MIA
Jensen, Jim MIA
Jerman, Greg MIA
Jerry, John
Joe, Billy MIA, DEN
Johnson, Al MIA, DAL
Johnson, Albert MIA
Johnson, Chad COL, CIN
Johnson, Curtis MIA
Johnson, Dan MIA
Johnson, Demetrious DET
Johnson, Greg
Johnson, J.J. MIA, COL
Johnson, Pat
Johnson, Larry COL, KC
Johnson, Micah
Johnson, Pete MIA, CIN
Jones, Aaron NE, PIT
Jones, Donnie MIA
Jones, Nathan MIA
Jones, Ray
Jones, Reshad
Jones, Robert MIA, COL, DAL, STL
Jones, Tebucky NE, 1/3 NO
Jordan, Charles MIA, GB, XFL
Jordan, Jordan COL
Joswick, Bob
Judie, Ed
Judson, William MIA
Junior, E.J. MIA, COL, ARZ

Kadish, Mike COL, BUF 1972 Draft
Keating, Bill
Keating, Nate SD
Kehoe, Scott
Keller, Dustin NYJ, ˝ MIA
Kelly, Ben MIA, COL
Kershaw, William MIA, KC
Keyes, Jimmy MIA
Kidd, John MIA, BUF, SD
Kiick, Jim MIA, COL
Kinchen, Brian MIA, COL, CLE, BAL, NE
Kindig, Howard MIA, SD, BUF
King, Vick ˝ MIA, TEN
Kirby, Terry MIA, COL, CLE, SF, OAK
Kitts, Jim
Klingbeil, Chuck MIA, COL
Knight, Sammy ˝ MIA, NO, ˝ KC, NYG
Koch, Greg MIA, GB
Kocourek, Dave MIA, SD
Kolen, Mike MIA, COL
Kolic, Larry MIA
Konecny, Mark
Konrad, Rob MIA, COL
Kopp, Jeff MIA, JAX
Kosar, Bernie MIA, CLE, DAL
Kozlowski, Mike MIA
Krauss, Barry MIA, COL, CLE, IND
Kremser, Karl
Kuechenberg, Bob MIA, COL
Kulka, John COL 1969 draft rd. 7
Kumerow, Eric MIA
Kustok, Zak MIA, COL

Laakso, Eric MIA
Lamb, Mack
Lambrecht, Mike
Land, Mel
Lane, Jorvorskie MIA
Landry, Ron
Langer, Jim MIA
Langford, Kendall MIA
Lankford, Paul MIA
Lawless, Burton COL
Lee, Donald MIA, GB
Lee, Larry MIA
Lee, Ronnie MIA
Lee, Shawn MIA, SEA, SD
Lehan, Michael 1/3 MIA, 1/3 CLE
Leigh, Charles MIA
LeJeune, Norman 1/3 MIA, PHI
Lekkerkerker, Cory
Lemon, Cleo 1/3 MIA, SD, JAX
Leverette, Ottis MIA 2001 Draft
Lethridge, Zebbie
Lewis, David TB
Limbrick, Garrett
Little, George MIA
Little, Larry MIA
Liwienski, Chris MIA, DET, 1/3 MIN
Logan, Marc MIA, SF, WAS
London, Brandon MIA
Long, Jake MIA, COL
Lothridge, Billy COL, ATL
Lorch, Karl COL, WAS 1973 Draft
Losman, JP COL
Lowe, Omare
Lubischer, Steve
Lucas, Ray MIA, NYJ
Lusk, Hendrick ˝ MIA, NO
Lusteg, Booth

Mackey, Kyle
Madison, Sam MIA, COL, NYG
Malone, Benny MIA, WAS, COL
Malone, Darrell MIA, COL
Mandich, Jim MIA
Manning, Brian MIA, COL, GB
Mare, Olindo MIA, ˝ NO
Marino, Dan MIA, COL
Marion, Brennan COL 2009 Rookie FA
Marion, Brock MIA, DAL
Mark, Greg ˝ MIA, ˝ COL
Marlatt, Pat WL
Marrone, Doug WL
Marshall, Brandon MIA, COL, DEN, CHI
Marshall, David CFL
Martin, David MIA, GB
Martin, Jamar DAL
Martin, Jonathan MIA
Martin, Tony MIA, ATL, SD
Martin, Vaughn SD
Mass, Wayne
Massaquoi, Tim TB
Mastrud, Jeron MIA, COL
Matheson, Bob MIA, CLE
Mathis, Evan MIA
Matthews, Bo SD
Matthews, Rishard MIA
Matthews, Shane CHI
Matthews, Wes
Mauck, Carl SD, HOU
Mauia, Reagan MIA, COL
Maxwell, Jim
McBride, Norm
McChesney, Matt MIA, COL
McCown, Josh MIA, COL, ARZ, DET, CAR
McCreary, Loaird MIA
McCullers, Dale COL
McDaniel, Tony
McDaniel, Wahoo MIA
McDermott, Sean
McDougle, Stockar COL, DET
McDuffie, O.J. MIA, COL
Medlin, Richard
McFarland, Jim COL
McGarrahan, Scott
McGeever, John DEN
McGruder, Michael “Scooter” MIA, CFL
McGwire, Dan MIA, COL, SEA
McHale, Tom TB
McIntosh, Damion MIA
McIver, Everett MIA, NYJ, DAL
McKenzie, Kevin AFL
McKinney, Seth MIA
McKinnie, Bryant MIN, COL
McKinnon, Dennis CHI, DAL
McKnight, James MIA, DAL, SEA
McMichael, Randy MIA, STL
McNeal, Don MIA, COL
McNown, Cade MIA, COL, CHI
McPhail, Jerris MIA, DET, CLE
McQuistan, Pat
Merling, Phillip MIA, COL
Merritt, Dave
Mertens, Jim
Michel, Mike PHI
Miles, Edmond MIA
Miller, Lamar MIA, COL
Miller, Scott MIA, COL
Milner, Billy MIA, COL
Milton, Gene
Mingo, Gene DEN, PIT
Minor, Travis MIA, COL, STL
Mira, George MIA, SF
Misi, Koa MIA, COL
Mitchell, Melvin
Mitchell, Pete ˝ MIA, COL, JAX, NYG
Mitchell, Scott MIA, COL, WL, DET, BAL, CIN
Mitchell, Shirdonya
Mitchell, Stan
Mixon, Kenny MIA, ˝ MIN
Monds, Mario WAS
Moore, Corey COL, BUF
Moore, Dave TB, ˝ BUF
Moore, Eddie MIA
Moore, Eric NYG
Moore, Mack MIA, CFL
Moore, Marlon MIA
Moore, Matt MIA, COL, CAR, DAL
Moore, Maulty MIA
Moore, Nat MIA, COL
Moore, Ron COL, NYJ, ARZ
Moore, Stevon COL, CLE, BAL
Moore, Wayne MIA
Moreau, Doug MIA, COL
Mormino, Drew MIA
Morrall, Earl MIA, COL, PIT, SF, DET, NYG, BAL
Morris, Mercury MIA
Morris, Sammy MIA, NE, BUF
Morris, Victor
Moser, Rick
Moses, Quentin MIA, COL, OAK
Moss, Brent ˝ MIA, COL, XFL
Moyer, Alex
Mruczkowski, Gene MIA, 1/3 NE
Mumphord, Lloyd MIA, BAL
Murphy, Frank CHI 2006 camp
Murphy, Shawn ˝ MIA, COL 2008 draft
Murtha, Lydon

Naanee, Legedu SD, COL
Nails, Jamie MIA
Nalbone, John MIA, COL 2009 Draft
Nathan, Tony MIA, COL
Ndukwe, Ikechuku MIA
Nealy, Ray
Nedney, Joe MIA, ARZ, CAR, TEN, SF
Neff, Bob
Neighbors, Billy MIA, COL, NE
Newman, Ed MIA
Newman, Keith BUF, ˝ ATL
Newson, Kendall JAX
Nicolas, Scott
Ninkovich, Rob MIA, NO
Nomina, Tom MIA, DEN
Noonan, Karl MIA
Norton, Rick MIA, COL
Nottingham, Don MIA, BAL
Novak, Jeff JAX

O’Connell, Kevin NE, Practice Squad
Odom, Cliff MIA, IND
Odrick, Jared MIA, COL
Offerdahl, John MIA
Ogden, Jeff MIA, DAL, EUR
Oglesby, Alfred MIA
Oglesby, Evan
Ogunleye, Adewale MIA, CHI
Oliver, Louis MIA, COL, CIN
Oliver, Muhammad
Olshansky, Igor SD
O’Neal, Robert MIA, COL
Orosz, Tom MIA
Ortega, Ralph COL
Oubre, Louis
Ours, Greg
Overstreet, David CFL
Owens, Morris TB
Owens, Rich MIA, WAS

Page, Chase MIA
Paige, Tony MIA, NYJ
Palmer, Dick
Park, Ernie MIA
Parmalee, Bernie MIA, NYJ
Parmele, Jalen MIA
Pearson, Willie
Pederson, Doug WL, GB, PHI, CLE
Peelle, Justin MIA, SD
Pennington, Chad MIA, COL, NYJ
Perriman, Brett MIA, NO, DET, KC
Perry, Ed MIA, COL
Perry, Jereme ˝ MIA, CLE
Perry, Todd MIA, CHI
Pesuit, Wally
Petrella, Bob MIA
Phillips, Lawrence MIA, COL, STL, SF
Pidgeon, Tim
Planansky, Joe
Plummer, Bruce COL, CFL
Pointer, Kirk MIA
Polite, Lousaka MIA, DAL
Pool, David CFL
Poole, Ken
Poole, Will MIA, COL
Pope, Derrick MIA
Porter, Joey MIA, PIT, ARZ
Potter, Steve
Potts, Roosevelt COL, XFL, BAL, IND
Powell, Alvin SEA
Powell, Jesse MIA
Pouncey, Mike MIA, COL
Preston, Roell ATL, GB,XFL
Price, Sam
Pritchett, Stanley MIA, COL, PHI
Pritchett, Wes COL, WL, 1989 Draft
Prokop, Joe NYJ, SF
Proctor, Cory
Pruitt, James MIA, CFL
Pryor, Barry
Pyburn, Jack

Quinn, Mike MIA, ˝ DAL, 1/2 HOU

Raglin, Floyd
Rader, Jason MIA
Randle, Tate ˝ MIA, IND
Ramsey, Andre
Ramsey, Patrick COL
Rather, Bo CHI
Ray, Ricky
Rayburn, Sam ˝ MIA, PHI 2007 FA
Readon, Ike
Reaves, Willard CFL
Reed, Kerry
Reese, Don MIA, 1/5 NO
Reichenbach, Mike PHI
Reilly, Dameon
Restelli, Mark
Reveiz, Fuad MIA, MIN, COL
Rhone, Earnie MIA
Rice, Ken COL, BUF
Richardson, Jeff
Richardson, John MIA, STL
Richardson, Kyle
Richardson, Willie BAL
Riggs JR, Gerald MIA, COL
Riley, Jim MIA
Roberson, Bo MIA, OAK
Roberson, Vern
Roberts, Archie
Roberts, George MIA, SD
Roberts, Guy
Robinson, Derreck
Robinson, Fred
Robinson, Bryan CIN, CHI
Robiskie, Terry MIA, COL
Roby, Reggie MIA, WAS, TB
Roderick, John
Rodgers, Derrick MIA, COL, 1/3 NO
Rogers, Charlie ˝ MIA, SEA, BUF
Rogers, Glenn WL, CFL
Rogers, Nick MIN
Romero, Dario CFL
Rosario, Dante CAR
Rose, Donovan CFL
Rose, Joe MIA
Rosenfels, Sage MIA, COL, WAS, HOU, MIN
Roth, Matt MIA, COL
Roth, Pete
Royals, Mark ˝ MIA, TB, PIT
Ruddy, Tim MIA, COL
Rudolph, Jack BOS
Ruegamer, Grey ˝ MIA, COL, GB, NYG
Russell, Cliff MIA, COL, WAS
Russell, Fred MIA, ˝ CHI, COL
Russell, Twan MIA
Ryan, Sean MIA, DAL

Salter, Bryant WAS, SD
Sam, PK NE 2006 camp
Sampleton, Lawrence
Sander, Mark MIA
Sanders, Ricky MIA, WAS, ATL
Sapp, Benny 1/3 KC
Satele, Samson MIA
Saxon, James MIA, KC
Schamel, Duke
Schulters, Lance SF, TEN
Schwedes, Scott MIA
Scott, Jake MIA, COL, WAS
Scott, Ronald
Scott, Stanley
Seau, Junior MIA, COL, SD, NE
Secules, Scott MIA, NE
Seiple, Larry MIA, COL
Selfridge, Andy
Sellers, Ron COL, NE
Sendlein, Robin MIA
Shannon, Larry MIA, COL
Shaw, Josh
Shaw, Terrance SD
Sheets, Kory MIA, COL, SF
Sheldon, Mike
Shelton, L.J. COL, ARZ
Sheriff, Lon MIA
Shepherd, Leslie MIA, WAS, CLE
Shipp, Jackie MIA
Shiver, Sanders
Shuler, Mickey MIA, MIN, COL
Shull, Steve MIA
Siler, Rich
Simmons, Sam MIA, COL
Simpson, Antoine
Simpson, Bob CFL
Sims, Dion MIA, COL
Sims, Keith MIA, COL
Singleton, Chris MIA, COL, NE
Slaton, Steve HOU, COL
Small, Gerald MIA
Smiley, Justin MIA, COL, 1/3 SF
Smith, Brent MIA
Smith, Clifton TB
Smith, Derek SF
Smith, Frankie
Smith, Kelvin MIA
Smith, Lamar MIA, COL, SEA, NO, CAR
Smith, Mike MIA
Smith, Roland COL, WL 1991 Draft
Smith, Sammie MIA, COL, DEN
Smith, Sean MIA, COL
Smith, Tom
Smith, Wade MIA, NYJ, KC
Sochia, Brian MIA
Soliai, Paul MIA
Solomon, Freddie MIA, SF
Solomon, Jesse MIA, MIN, DAL, TB, ATL
Sowell, Robert
Speyrer, Cotton MIA, BAL
Sperry, Kory MIA
Spikes, Irving MIA, COL
Spitler, Austin COL, ˝ MIA
Spotwood, Quinton MIA, COL 2000 Draft
Spragan, Donnie 1/3 MIA, 1/3 DEN
Spriggs, Marcus
Squirek, Jack
Stanfill, Bill MIA, COL
Stankavage, Scott COL
Stanley, Walter GB, NE, WAS, DET
St. Clair, John MIA, CHI
Starks, Randy MIA, COL, TEN
Stephenson, Dwight MIA, COL
Stewart, Michael MIA, LA
Stoerner, Clint DAL
Stewart, Rayna
Stofa, John MIA
Stokes, Barry CLE
Storr, Greg
Stoudt, Cliff USFL
Stowe, Otto MIA
Stoyanovich, Pete MIA, KC
Stradford, Troy MIA, KC
Strock, Don MIA
Strother, Billy
Stubbs, Daniel MIA, SF, CIN, DAL, PHI
Stuckey, Henry MIA
Suggs, Lee COL, CLE
Surtain, Patrick MIA, KC
Swain, John MIN
Swayne, Harry SD
Swinson, Corey MIA
Swift, Doug MIA
Swoopes, Pat

Tagliaferri, John
Tannehill, Ryan MIA, COL
Tanner, Barron
Tautolo, Terry
Taylor, Ed NYJ
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Jamar MIA
Taylor, Jason MIA, COL, WAS, NYJ
Taylor, Johnny
Teague, George MIA, COL, GB, DAL
Teal, Jimmy COL
Testerman, Don SEA
Thayer, Tom COL, CHI
Theismann, Joe MIA, COL, CFL, WAS
Thigpen, Tyler MIA, KC, MIN
Thomas, Corey EUR
Thomas, Daniel MIA, COL
Thomas, Donald ˝ MIA, COL
Thomas, Joey MIA, GB
Thomas, Kiwaukee 1/3 BUF, ˝ JAX
Thomas, Lamar MIA, COL, TB
Thomas, Norris MIA
Thomas, Rodell
Thomas, Rodney
Thomas, Thurman MIA, BUF
Thomas, Zach MIA, COL, DAL, ˝ KC
Thompson, Derrius MIA, WAS
Thompson, Lamont COL, CIN, ˝ TEN
Thompson, Reyna MIA, NYG, NE
Thornton, Jack COL
Tiffin, Van COL
Tilley, Emmett MIA
Tillman, Andre MIA
Tillman, Travares ˝ MIA, BUF
Titley, Michael WL 1991 Draft
Tolver, JR MIA, COL
Toews, Jeff MIA, COL
Torbor, Reggie MIA, NYG
Torczon, LaVerne BUF
Torrey, Bob
Toth, Tom MIA
Towle, Steve MIA
Towns, Lester CAR
Traylor, Keith ˝ MIA, COL, DEN, CHI, NE
Trusnik, Jason
Tucker, Gary
Turk, Matt MIA, WAS
Turner, Patrick MIA, COL
Turner, T.J. MIA
Twilley, Howard MIA

Uhlenhake, Jeff MIA, NO, WAS
Urbanek, Jim COL
Uwaezuoke, Iheanyi SF, CAR

Vanhorse, Sean MIN, SD 1990 Draft
Veasey, Craig
Vernon, Olivier MIA
Vick, Marcus MIA, COL
Vickerson, Kevin MIA
Vigorito, Tom MIA
Vincent, Troy MIA, PHI, BUF
Volk, Rick BAL, NYG
Von Schamann, Uwe MIA

Wade, Charley CHI
Wade, Jonathan COL, STL
Wade, Todd MIA, COL, 1/3 HOU
Wainright, Frank PHI
Wake, Derek/Cameron MIA, COL, CFL
Walden, Erik
Walker, Bracey CIN, ˝ DET
Walker, Brian MIA, WAS, ˝ DET
Walker, Fulton MIA, OAK
Wallace, Roberto MIA, COL
Wallace, Mike MIA, PIT
Walters, Rod
Wantland, Hal MIA, COL
Ward, Chris NYJ
Ward, Dedric MIA, COL, NYJ
Ward, Ronnie
Warfield, Paul MIA, COL, CLE
Warren, Jimmy MIA, SD
Washington, Dick
Washington, Mark MIA, CFL
Weaver, Jed MIA, PHI, SF, ˝ DEN, NE
Webb, Richmond MIA, COL
Webster, Larry MIA, COL
Weidner, Bert
Weisacosky, Ed MIA
Welker, Wes MIA, COL, SD, NE, DEN
West, Willie MIA
Westmoreland, Dick MIA, SD, ˝ MIN
Wheeler, Phillip COL, IND
White, Jeris MIA, WAS
White, Pat MIA, COL
Whitley, Taylor MIA
Wheatley, Tyrone MIA, COL, NYG, OAK
Wickersham, Jeff COL 1986 Draft
Wickert, Tom
Wilford, Ernest MIA, COL, JAX
Wilkinson, Dan COL, CIN, WAS
Williams, Delvin MIA, SF
Williams, Gene CLE
Williams, Jarvis MIA
Williams, Jay CAR
Williams, Joel ATL
Williams, Kevin NYJ
Williams, Maxie
Williams, Mike MIA
Williams, Quintin
Williams, Renauld
Williams, Ricky MIA, COL, NO, BAL
Williams, Ronnie MIA, WL, SEA
Wilmsmeyer, Klaus MIA, SF
Wilson, Eddie MIA, COL
Wilson, George, Jr.MIA
Wilson, Gibril MIA, NYG, OAK
Wilson, Jerry MIA
Wilson, Jimmy COL, ˝ MIA
Wilson, Karl LA
Wilson, Robert MIA, COL, TB
Wimberly, Derek
Windauer, Bill MIA
Winfrey, Stan
Wiska, Jeff
Wood, Dick ˝ MIA, NYJ, ˝ OAK
Wooden, Shawn MIA
Woodley, David MIA, COL
Woods, Larry
Woods, Thomas COL, WL 1990 Draft
Woodson, Fred MIA
Woolfork, Ronnie COL, 1994 Draft
Works, Renaldo MIA
Worrell, Cameron
Wright, Abraham MIA, COL
Wright, Manuel MIA
Wright, Rodrique MIA, COL
Wyrick, Jimmy DET

Yates, Billy
Yeatman, Will MIA
Yepremian, Garo MIA, NO, TB
Young, Steve
Young, Willie NYG

Zawatson, Dave
Zecher, Rich MIA
Zgonina, Jeff MIA, STL
Zolak, Scott COL, NE

ALL TIME FLORIDA MARLINS ROSTER=======================================

The initials following a player are the cards I have with team uniform.

For example "Josh Beckett AAA, FLA, BOS, LAD"

means I have one card of Josh Beckett in an A-ball, Marlins, Red Sox and Dodgers uniform.

=====in front of the player, means they were never officialy on the roster but they are pictured in a Marlins unifrom. I have 167 cards of players in a Marlins uniform that never played for the big league team.

Abbott, Kurt FLA, AAA, OAK, NYM, ATL, COL
Abbott, Jeff AAA, FLA, CWS
Abercrombie, Reggie FLA, LAD, HOU
Acevedo, Jaun AAA, COL, NYM, STL, NYY, DET, PIT
Adamson, Joel AAA, FLA
=====Agnoly, Earl WL
Aguila, Chris FLA, AAA, NYM
=====Akin, Aaron FLA
Alfonseca, Antonio AAA, FLA, CHC, ATL, TEX, PHI
=====Alkire, Jeff AAA
Allen, Chad MIN
=====Allen, Cody FLA
=====Allison, Jeff FLA
Almanza, Armando FLA, ANA
Almonte, Hector AAA, FLA
Alvarez, Henderson MIA, TOR
Alvarez, Jaun ANA
=====Ambers, Chip FLA, AAA, SD
Ames, Steve MIA
Amezaga, Alfredo FLA, COL, ANA
=====Anderson, Blake MIA, AAA
=====Anderson, Brian MIA, AAA
Anderson, Jimmy PITT, CIN
=====Anderson, Wes FLA, AAA
Andino, Robert FLA, BAL, SEA
Aquino, Luis FLA, AAA, KC, TOR
=====Aranzamendi, Alexis AAA
=====Arenado, Nathan AAA
Arias, Alex FLA, AAA, CHI, PHI, SD, CHC, SEA
Armstrong, Jack FLA, CIN, CLE, TEX
=====Arnerich, Tony FLA
Ashby, Chris FLA-TTM AUTO, AAA
=====Austin, Chase FLA
Aven, Bruce FLA, CLE, PITT, LA
=====Avila, Juan MIA
Ayala, Luis MTL, WAS, NYM, BAL
Aybar, Manny AAA, ANA, STL
Badenhop, Burke FLA, DET, CIN
Baez, Benito FLA
=====Bailey, Jeff FLA, BOS
Baker, Jeff MIA, COL, CHI
Baker, John FLA, OAK, CHI
Baker, Scott MIN
Banks, Willie AAA, MIN, CHC, BOS, NYY
Banks, Brian FLA, MIL
Barberie,Bret FLA, USA, MTL, BAL
Barden, Brian ARZ, STL
=====Barnes, Austin MIA
Barnes, Larry MIL, ANA
Barnwell, Chris MIL
Barone, Daniel FLA
=====Barraclough, Kyle MIA
Barrios, Manuel FLA
Barry, Jeff AAA, NYM, COL, MTL, Japan
=====Bastardo, Fred FLA
=====Bates, Fletcher AAA, NYM
=====Baugh, Gavin FLA
Batista, Miguel FLA, AAA, CHC, MTL, ARZ, TB, SEA, TOR
=====Bautista, Denny FLA, KC, COL, PITT
Bautista, Danny AAA, ARZ, DET, ATL
=====Baxter, Alan AAA
Bazardo, Yorman FLA, 1/2 SEA
Beckett, Josh AAA, FLA, BOS, LAD
Belisario, Ronald FLA, LAD, CWS
Bell, Heath MIA, NYM, SD, ARZ, TB
Below, Duane DET
Benitez, Armando FLA, BAL, NYY, SF, SEA, NYM
Bentz, Chad MTL
Berg, Dave FLA, AAA, TOR
Berroa, Geronimo FLA, AAA, MIN, OAK, TOR, ATL, 1/2 CLE, CIN, BAL, DET
=====Beruman, Andres FLA, AAA, SD
Billingsley, Brent FLA
Bogusevic, Brian MIA, HOU, CHI
Bonifacio, Emilio FLA, ARZ, TOR, KC, ATL, CWS
Bones, Ricky AAA, FLA, MIL, CIN, SD
Bonilla, Bobby FLA, PITT, NYM, BAL, ATL, STL, LA, CWS
Boone, Aaron FLA, CIN, NYY, CLE, WAS, HOU
Booty, Josh Baseball FLA, AAA
Booty, Josh Football LSU, SEA, CLE
Borchard, Joe FLA, USA, AAA, CWS
Borland, Toby AAA, PHI, FLA TTM AUTO
Borowski, Joe FLA, AAA, CHC, ATL, CLE
Bostick, Adam FLA
Bour, Justin MIA
=====Bowe, Brandon FLA
Bowen, Ryan FLA, HOU, AAA
Bowers, Cedric TB
Bowyer, Travis FLA, MIN
=====Brady, Michael MIA
Brantly, Rob MIA, DET, USA
=====Brewer, Anthony FLA
=====Brice, Austin MIA
Briley, Greg FLA, SEA
=====Brinkley, Dante NYM
Brooks, Jerry AAA
Brown, Brant FLA, AAA, PIT, MIL, CUBS
Brown, Jordan CLE
Brown, Kevin AAA, FLA, NYY, LA, SD, BAL, TEX
Browne, Jerry FLA, OAK, CLE, TEX
=====Brown, Willie FLA
Buck, John FLA, KC, HOU, USA, TOR, NYM
Buehrle, Mark MIA, CWS, TOR
Bump, Nate AAA, FLA, SF
Burkett, John FLA, AAA, ATL, BOS, TEX, SF
Burns, Greg AAA, FLA
Bush, Homer AAA, SD, TOR, NYY
=====Cady, Todd AAA
Calero, Kiko FLA, STL, OAK
Cameron, Mike FLA, CIN, MIL, CWS, SEA, SD, NYM, BOS
=====Caminero, Arquimedes FLA
Campusano, Jose FLA
Cangelosi, John AAA, FLA, CHI, PIT, HOU, TEX, NYM
Cantu, Jorge FLA, MEX-WBC, TB, CIN, TEX, SD
Capps, Carter SEA
Carlyle, Buddy FLA TTM AUTO, SD, ATL
Carpenter, Chris FLA, AAA, STL, TOR
Carr, Chuck FLA, AAA, NYM, MIL, STL, HOU
=====Carrasco, Hector FLA, CIN, MIN, ANA
Carrillo, Matias AAA, FLA, MIL
Carroll, Brett FLA
Carvajal, Marcos COL
Castillo, Jose FLA, PIT, SF
Castillo, Luis FLA, MIN, NYM
Castro, Ramon AAA, FLA, HOU, NYM, CWS
=====Cave, Kevin FLA
Ceda, Jose FLA, CHC
Cepicky, Matt AAA, 1/2 CWS, MTL
=====Chiamparino, Scott FLA, AAA, TEX
Choate, Randy MIA, ARZ, NYY, LAD, STL
=====Christian, Eddie FLA
Choi, Hee-Seop FLA, LA, CHC, WBC-KOR
Ryan Christenson, Ryan SEA, OAK
Cishek, Steve FLA, MIA, STL
=====Clark, Tim AAA, FLA
Clapinski, Chris FLA, AAA
=====Claussen, Patrick MIA
Clement, Matt FLA, CHC, SD, BOS, STL
Clontz, Brad ATL, PITT
Coghlan, Chris FLA, USA, CHI
Colangelo, Mike AAA, ANA, OAK
Colbrunn, Greg AAA, FLA, MTL, ARZ, MIN, COL, ATL, SEA
Conine, Jeff FLA, AAA, BAL, KC, CIN, PHI
====Conley, Adam AAA
Cook, Dennis AAA, SF, LA, PHI, ANA, CLE, CWS, NYM, TEX
=====Cooper, Marquise FLA
=====Copeland, Kolby MIA
Corbin, Archie AAA, KC
Corcoran, Roy WAS, SEA
Corcoran, Tim TB
Cordero, Wil FLA, MTL, BOS, PIT, CLE, WAS, CWS
Cornelius, Reid AAA, FLA, MTL, AAA-pitching coach
=====Correa, Hector FLA, AAA
Corsi, Jim FLA, AAA, OAK, BOS, HOU
Cosart, Jarred MIA
Cotto, Henry FLA, CUBS, SEA, NYY
Counsell, Craig FLA, COL, ARZ, LA, MIL, MIL-MGR
Cousins, Scott FLA
Crespo, Felipe TOR, SF
Crowell, Jim PHI
=====Cruz, David MIA
Cueto, Jose 1/2 FLA, CHC, AAA
=====Cunnane, Will AAA, FLA, SD, ATL
Darensbourg, Vic AAA, FLA
Daubach, Brian AAA, BOS, CWS
Daulton, Darren FLA, PHI
Davidson, Dave PIT
Dawson, Andre FLA, CUBS, MTL, BOS
=====Dean, Austin MIA, AAA
De Aza, Alejandro FLA, CWS, BAL
De La Cruz, Eulogio DET, FLA TTM AUTO
=====De La Hoya, Javier FLA
De Los Santos, Valerio AAA, MIL, TOR
Decker, Steve FLA, SF
Delgado, Carlos FLA, AAA, TOR, NYM
Delgado, Jesus FLA, AAA, WBC-VEN
Delgado, Wilson SF
=====DeMarco, Matt FLA
Dempster, Ryan FLA, TEX, CIN, CHC, TEX, BOS
DeScalfini, Anthony CIN
Descalso, Daniel STL
Destrade, Orestes FLA, AAA, PIT
Diaz, Mario FLA, TEX, SEA
Diaz, Matt ATL
=====Dickerson, Dustin FLA
Dietrich, Derek MIA, TB
Dillon, Joe KC, AAA
Dobbs, Greg FLA, PHI, SEA
Dominguez, Matt FLA, USA, AAA, HOU
Donnelly, Brendan ANA, BOS
=====Donnels, Chris FLA, AAA, HOU, NYM, ARZ
Dorman, Rich AAA
Drahman, Brian AAA, CWS
Dunn, Michael FLA, MIA, NYY, ATL
Dunbar, Matt FLA
Dunwoody, Todd FLA, AAA, KC
Dyson, Sam TOR
Easley, Damion FLA, AAA, CA, TB, ARZ, DET, NYM
Edmondson, Brian FLA, AAA, DET, ATL
=====Ehler, Dan AAA, FLA
Eovaldi, Nathan MIA, LAD
=====Erickson, Matt FLA
Eisenreich, Jim FLA, KC, PHI, MIN, LA
Encarnacion, Juan FLA, LA, DET, CIN, STL
Fabregas, Jorge UM, AAA, CA, ARZ, CWS, KC
Fariss, Monty FLA, AAA, OK, TEX
Felix, Junior FLA, AAA, CA, TOR, DET
=====Fermin, Miguel FLA
Fernandez, Alex FLA, COL, CWS
Fernandez, Jose MIA, FLA, AAA
Field, Nate FLA, NYY, KC
=====Fisher, Ryan AAA
=====Flannery, Mike FLA
Florie, Bryce AAA, SD, DET
Floyd, Cliff FLA, AAA, COL, NYM, MON, BOS, CHC, TB, SD
=====Flury, Pat CIN, 1/2 FLA
Fontenot, Joe FLA, AAA, SF
=====Foster, Quincey FLA
Fraser, Willie AAA, CA, TOR
=====Frazier, Charles FLA
Fulchino, Jeff FLA
Fulton, Jonathan FLA
Furcal, Rafael MIA, STL, ATL, LAD
Gaillard, Eddie TB
Gall, John STL
=====Galloway, Isaac FLA
Garces, Rich FLA, AAA, MIN, BOS
Garcia, Amaury FLA
Garcia, Dan FLA
Garcia, Harvey FLA, BOS
Garcia, Jose FLA, LAD, WBC
Garcia, Guillermo 1/2 FLA, AAA, CIN
Gardner, Mark FLA, AAA, KC, MTL, SF
Gaudin, Chad MIA, TB, OAK, NYY, CHI, SF
George, Chris AAA, USA, KC
=====German, Domingo MIA
German, Franklyn FLA, OAK, DET, WBC
=====Geotz, Geoff FLA, NYM
=====Gleaton, Jerry Don FLA, AAA, TEX, CWS, KC, DET, SEA
Gload, Ross FLA, AAA, COL, CHC, CWS, KC
=====Gomez, Alexis DET-trade
=====Gonzalez, Adrian FLA, AAA, TEX, SD, BOS, LAD, WBC-MEX
Gonzalez, Alex FLA, AAA, BOS, CIN, ATL
Gonzalez, Andy CWS
Gonzalez, Gabe FLA
Gonzalez, Luis FLA, AAA, HOU, CHI, DET, ARZ, LAD
Gordon, Dee MIA
=====Goyen, Matt FLA
Gracesqui, Franklyn FLA, AAA
=====Graham, Tyson FLA
Grebeck, Craig FLA, AAA, CWS, TOR, ANA
Green, Nick TB, BOS, NYY
Greenberg, Adam MIA
Gregg, Kevin FLA, ANA, OAK, CHC, TOR, BAL
Gregg, Tommy FLA, ATL, PITT, OAK
Grilli, Jason FLA, ANA, SF, DET, WBC-Italy, COL, TEX, PIT, ATL
=====Griffiths, Brian FLA
Groom, Buddy AAA, DET, OAK, BAL
Guerrero, James AAA, FLA
Gulan, Mike AAA, STL
Hammond, Chris FLA, AAA, CIN, NYY, BOS, 1/2 SD, ATL, OAK
Hanson, Erik TOR, SEA, CIN, BOS
Hand, Brad FLA, AAA
Haren, Dan MIA
=====Harris, Cody MIA
Harris, Lenny FLA, NYM, LA, CIN, CHC, MIL
Harvey, Bryan FLA, CA
=====Harvey, Kris FLA
Hayes, Brett FLA, AAA AUTO, USA
Heaney, Andrew MIA, AAA, LAA
Hechavarria, Adeiny MIA, TOR
Helling, Rick AAA, FLA, USA, TEX, BAL, MIL, ARZ
Helms, Wes FLA, AAA, MIL, ATL, PHI
Hendrickson, Mark FLA, TB, TOR, LAD, BAL
Hendrickson, Mark COL, PHI (Basketball)
=====Henkel, Rob FLA
Henriquez, Oscar FLA, HOU
Hensley, Clay FLA, SF, SD
Heredia, Felix FLA, CIN, NYM, NYY, CUBS, TOR
=====Heredia, Luis AAA
Herges, Matt SF, LA
Hermida, Jeremy FLA, BOS, SD, WBC-USA
=====Hernandez, Gaby NYM
Hernandez, Jeremy FLA, AAA, SD, CLE
Hernandez, Livan FLA, SF, WAS, ARZ, MON, MIN, COL, NYM, WAS
=====Hernandez, Yeison MIA
=====Hickman, Tommy FLA
Hill, Koyie USA, LAD, ARZ, CHI
=====Hodges, Josh FLA
Hoffman, Trevor FLA, AAA, SD, MIL
=====Holdzkohm, Lincoln FLA
Hollandsworth, Todd AAA, FLA, LA, CLE, TEX, CHC, COL
=====Hooper, Kevin FLA, AAA, DET
Hoover, Paul FLA, TB
=====Hope, Mason MIA
Hough, Charlie FLA, CWS, TEX, LAD, AAA-Pitching Coach
Houser, James TB
Howard, Ben 1/2 FLA, SD
Hurst, Bill AAA
Hutton, Mark FLA, AAA, NYY, CIN
Hyers, Tim SD
Ichiro MIA, SEA
Infante, Omar FLA, ATL, WL, DET, KC
=====Ireland, Rich AAA, FLA
Izquierdo, Hansel FLA, 1/2 BOS
=====Jackson, Justin MIA
Jackson, Ryan FLA, SEA
=====Jacobs, Justin FLA
Jacobs, Mike FLA, NYM, KC
=====Jacome, Justin MIA
=====James, Chad FLA, AAA
Jeffcoat, Mike TEX, SF, CLE
=====Jensen, Kyle FLA
Johnson, Charles AAA, USA, FLA, CWS, BAL, LA, COL,
Johnson, Josh FLA, TOR, SD
Johnson, Nick FLA, NYY, WAS, MTL
Johnson, Reed MIA, LAD, CHI
Johnstone, John FLA, AAA, NYM, SF
Jones, Garrett MIA, PIT, NYY
=====Jones, Hunter BOS, AAA 2009 Hermida trade
=====Jones, Jaime FLA
Jones, Jacque FLA, AAA, USA, MIN, CHC, DET
Jones, Todd FLA, HOU, COL, DET, MIN
Jorgensen, Ryan FLA, AAA
=====Juengel, Matt MIA
Julio, Jorge FLA, BAL, ARZ, NYM, COL
=====Kavourias, Jim FLA
Kearns, Austin MIA, CIN, WAS, CLE, NYY
=====Kendrena, Ken FLA
Kensing, Logan FLA
Kent, Steve TB
Keppel, Bob NYM
=====Keys, Brent MIA
Kim, Byung-Hyun FLA, ARZ, BOS, COL
Kinkade, Mike AAA, MTL, NYM, BAL, LA, USA
=====Kinley, Tyler MIA
Klink, Joe FLA, OAK
Knorr, Randy FLA, AAA, TOR, MTL
Knotts, Gary FLA, DET
Koch, Billy FLA, USA, CWS, OAK, TOR
Koehler, Tom MIA, FLA
=====Kolek, Tyler MIA, AAA
Koplove, Mike ARZ, FLA TTM AUTO, USA
Koronka, John AAA, CIN, TEX
Kotchman, Casey MIA, ANA, SEA, BOS, TB, CLE
Kotsay, Mark AAA, FLA, SD, OAK, 1/2 SF, ATL, BOS, CWS, MIL, SD
Labandeira, Josh MTL, 1/2 WAS
=====Laidlaw, Jake FLA
Lamb, Mike AAA, MIN, TEX, HOU
=====Lajara, Eudy FLA
=====Lara, Nelson FLA
Larkin, Andy AAA, FLA
=====Lasater, Ben FLA
Latos, Matt MIA, SD, LAD
=====Lazo, Raudel 1/2 MIA
=====Leahy, Pat AAA
LeBlanc, Wade MIA, SD
Lee, Carlos MIA, CWS, MIL, WBC, HOU
Leiter, Al FLA, NYM, TOR, NYY, FLA
=====Lemon, Don FLA
Leroux, Chris FLA
Levrault, Allen MIL
Lewis, Richie FLA, BAL
Ligtenberg, Kerry ATL, TOR, BAL
=====Lilek, Brett MIA
Linden, Todd AAA, FLA TTM AUTO, SF
Lindstrom, Matt FLA, USA, NYM, HOU, COL, BAL, CWS
Little, Mark COL
Lloyd, Graeme KC, MIL, NYY, TOR, MTL
Lo Duca, Paul FLA, LA, NYM, WAS
Looper, Braden FLA, AAA, NYM, STL, USA, MIL
Lopez, Jose SEA, COL
Lopez, Mickey MIL
Lopez, Mendy AAA, KC
Lowell, Mike FLA, NYY, BOS
Lucas, Ed MIA
Ludwick, Eric AAA, FLA
Luna, Hector, TB, STL, CLE
Lyden, Mitch AAA, FLA
=====Lynch, John FLA, AAA
=====Lynch, John TB, NE (football)
=====Lucca, Lou FLA, AAA
Magadan, Dave FLA, NYM, SEA, HOU, CHC, USA, SD, OAK, BOS
=====Magness, Pat FLA, AAA
Mahay, Ron TEX
=====Mahoney, Daniel FLA
Mahoney, Joseph BAL
Maine, John USA, BAL, NYM
Mairena, Oswaldo CUBS
Malloy, Marty FLA, ATL
Mantei, Matt AAA, FLA, ARZ, BOS
Manzanillo, Josias AAA, BOS, NYM, MIL, CIN, PIT
=====Marceaux, Jacob FLA
=====Marinez, Jhan FLA
Marisnick, Jake MIA, TOR, HOU
Marmol, Carlos CHI
Martinez, Carlos FLA, CWS
Martinez, Cristhian FLA, ATL
=====Martinez, Jose AAA, FLA, NYM, SD
Martinez, Ozzie FLA
=====Martinez, Ramon FLA, AAA
Martinez, Sandy TOR, CUBS
Mathews, Terry FLA, TEX, BAL
Mathis, Jeff ANA
Maybin, Cameron FLA, AAA, DET, USA, SD, ATL
=====McAndrew, Jamie AAA, FLA, LA
=====McCall, Derell AAA, OAK
=====McCarthy, Casey MIA
McCann, Brad FLA, AAA
=====McConkey, Brian FLA
McClure, Bob FLA, KC, CA, MTL, STL, NYM, MIL
McGehee, Casey MIA, MIL, PIT, NYY
McGough, Scott USA
McGriff, Terry AAA, CIN, STL
McGuire, Ryan FLA, AAA, MTL, BOS
McMillon, Billy AAA, FLA, OAK, USA, DET, PHI
=====McNally, Sean FLA
=====McNutt, Mike FLA
McPherson, Dallas FLA, LAA
Meadows, Brian FLA, KC, TB, PITT, SD
Mecir, Jim 1/2 FLA, TB, OAK, SEA
Medina, Rafael AAA, FLA, NYY
=====Medrano, Jesus FLA
Megrew, Michael LAD
=====Mendoza, Reynol AAA
Menhart, Paul TOR
=====Merkling, Patrick MIA
Messenger, Randy FLA, AAA, SF
Meyer, Dan ATL, OAK
Miceli, Dan FLA, PITT, DET, KC, HOU, TB, SD, TEX
Millar, Kevin AAA, FLA, BOS, BAL, TOR
Miller, Andrew FLA, DET, NYY
Miller, Kurt FLA, AAA, TEX, PIT
Miller, Jai FLA
Miller, Justin FLA, OAK, TOR
=====Miller, Ron MIA
Milliard, Ralph FLA, NYM
Mitchell, Lee FLA
Mitre, Sergio FLA, CUBS
Moehler, Brian FLA, HOU, DET, CIN
Molldrem, Craig FLA
Moore, Frank AAA
=====Moore, Kerwin AAA, KC, OAK
=====Moore, Zach FLA
=====Morales, Jobduan FLA
=====Moran, Colin MIA
=====Morey, Robert AAA
Mordecai, Mike FLA, ATL, MIL, MTL
Morman, Russ AAA, CWS, AAA-Mgr
Morris, Bryan MIA
Morrison, Logan FLA, SEA
Morse, Mike MIA
=====Moser, Todd FLA, AAA
Mota, Guillermo FLA, LA, CLE, BOS, MTL, NYM, MIL
Mottola, Chad AAA, CIN
Mouton, Lyle AAA, CWS, MIL
Mujica, Edward FLA, CLE, SD, STL, BOS
=====Munoz, Felix MIA
=====Murphy, Bill USA, ARZ, OAK
Murphy, Donnie FLA, KC, CHI
Murphy, Rob CIN, HOU, STL, SEA, BOS
Mutis, Jeff AAA, CLE
Myers, Mike FLA, AAA, ARZ, BOS, MIL, NYY
Natal, Bob AAA, FLA, MTL
Naylor, Josh MIA
Neal, Blaine FLA, 1/2 BOS
Nelson, Joe BOS, KC
Nen, Rob AAA, FLA, TEX, SF
Neu, Mike FLA, OAK
=====Neubeck, Travis MIA
Nicolino, Justin MIA, TOR, AAA
Niles, Drew AAA
=====Nola, Austin MIA
Nolasco, Ricky FLA, CHC, LAD, MIN
Nunez, Abraham FLA, ARZ, PHI, PITT, STL
=====Nunez, Clemente FLA, AAA
Nunez, Leo FLA, PIT
Nunez, Vladimir AAA, FLA, ARZ, ATL
Obermueller, Wes KC, MIL
O'Halloran, Greg AAA, FLA
Ohman, Will AAA, CHC, CWS
Ojala, Kirt AAA
Oliver, Darren AAA, TEX, COL, BOS, NYM, ANA, STL, TEX, TOR
Olivo, Miguel FLA, SEA, CWS, OAK, KC, COL, SEA
=====Olmos, Edgar FLA
Olsen, Kevin FLA
Olsen, Scott FLA, WAS
Orie, Kevin FLA, CHC
Orsulak, Joe FLA, BAL, NYM, PITT
Osborne, Donovan AA, STL, CHC, NYY
Owens, Eric AAA, FLA, SD, CIN, ANA
Owens, Henry FLA, NYM
Ozuna, Marcell MIA, FLA, AAA
Ozuna, Pablo AAA, FLA, STL, CWS
Padgett, Matt AAA
Pall, Donn CWS, PHI
Patrick, Bronswell AAA
=====Paulino, Carlos AAA
Paulino, Ronny FLA, AAA, PIT, PHI, NYM, BAL
Pavano, Carl FLA, AAA, MTL, BOS, NYY, MIN
=====Peeples, Mike FLA, COL
Pena, Alejandro LA, ATL, NYM, PIT
Pendleton, Terry FLA, ATL, STL, CIN, KC
Penn, Hayden BAL
Perez, Yorkis FLA, AAA, NYM, PHI, HOU
=====Perio, Noah MIA
Perisho, Matt FLA, CA, TEX, DET
Petit, Yusmeiro FLA, NYM, ARZ, SF
Peterson, Bryan MIA, FLA
=====Peterson, Curtis FLA
=====Peterson, Matt FLA, NYM, PITT
Phelps, David MIA
Phelps, Tommy FLA, 1/2 MIL, MTL
Phillips, Zachary TEX
Piazza, Mike FLA, AAA, NYM, LA, SD, OAK
Piedra, Jorge COL
Pinto, Renyel FLA, CUBS
Polanco, Placido MIA, PHI, DET
Polidor, Gus AAA, CA, MIL
Pose, Scott AAA, FLA
=====Poteet, Cody MIA
=====Poulk, Dallas AAA
Powell, Jay FLA, HOU, BAL, TEX, USA
Prado, Martin MIA, NYY
=====Pridy, Todd FLA, AAA
Proctor, Scott NYY, LAD
=====Psomas, Grant FLA
Quantrill, Paul AAA, PHI, NYY, CA, BOS, LA, TOR
Qualls, Chad MIA, HOU, ARZ, TB, SD, NYY, HOU
Rabelo, Mike FLA, DET
Raines, Tim FLA, MTL, CWS, NYY, OAK, BAL
Ramirez, Erasmo SF, TEX, SEA
Ramirez, Julio AAA, FLA, ANA
Ramirez, Hanley FLA, BOS, LAD, WBC-DR, BOS
Randel, Kevin FLA
Ramos, AJ MIA
=====Rasmussen, Rob AAA
Rauch, Jon WAS, NYM, MIN, USA
=====Ravago, Robert MIA
Raynor, John FLA, AAA, PIT
Realmuto, J.T. FLA, MIA
Redmond, Mike FLA, AAA, MIN
Reed, Eric FLA
=====Rembisz, Scott MIA
Renteria, Edgar AAA, FLA, STL, ATL, BOS, DET, SF, CIN
Renteria, Rich FLA, SEA
Resop, Chris FLA, PIT
Reyes, Jose MIA, NYM, TOR, WBC-DR, COL
Rhodes, Arhtur FLA, AAA, BAL, CLE, SEA, PHI, OAK, CIN, TEX
Riedling, John FLA, CIN
Rivera, Mike DET, SD, CWS, MIL
Robertson, Nate AAA, DET
=====Robinson, Daniel FLA, AAA
Rodriguez, Eddy BAL
Rodriguez, Henry FLA, AAA, MTL, LA, CUBS, NYY
Rodriguez, Ivan FLA, AAA, TEX, DET, NYY, HOU, TEX, WAS
Rodriguez, Rich FLA, AAA, STL, SD, CLE, SF, OAK, ATL, 1/2 TEX
=====Rodriguez, Victor FLA, AAA
=====Rogers, Jared FLA
Rolison, Nate FLA, AAA
=====Roman, Dan FLA
=====Romero, Avery MIA
Roneberg, Brett FLA, WBC-AUS
Rosario, Rodrigo HOU
Roskos, John FLA, AAA, SD
Ross, Cody FLA, LA, DET, 1/2 CIN, SF, BOS, ARZ
Rottino, Vinny MIL
Ruffin, Johnny AAA, CWS, CIN
Ruggiano, Justin MIA, LAD, TB, CHI, SEA
Rundgren, Rex AAA
Rupe, Ryan TB, BOS
Saltalamacchia, Jarrod MIA, TEX, CLE, BOS
=====Samuels, Scott AAA
Sanabia, Alex FLA
Sanches, Brian KC, PHI
Sanchez, Anibal FLA, BOS, DET
Sanchez, Gaby FLA, AAA, PIT
Sanchez, Jesus FLA, CHC
Sanders, Scott SD, SEA, DET, CHC
Santiago, Benito FLA, KC, CUBS, SD, CIN, SF, PIT, TOR, PHI
=====Santos, Jose AAA
=====Sappelt, Edward MIA
Saunders, Tony FLA, TB
=====Schales, Brian MIA
Scheid, Rich AAA, FLA, HOU
=====Scott, Gary FLA, CHC
Seabol, Scott NYY
Seanez, Rudy AAA, BOS, LA, 1/2 SD, ATL, CLE, COL, TEX, LA
=====Sears. Todd AAA, COL, MIN
Seddon, Chris TB, FLA TTM AUTO
=====Seifrig, Cole FLA
=====Senne, Aaron AAA
Septimo, Agustin AAA
Serrano, Jimmy KC
Shanks, James KC
=====Sheff, Chris FLA, AAA
Sheffield, Gary FLA, AAA, LA, ATL, SD, MTL, NYY, DET, NYM
Siddall, Joe AAA, FLA, MON
Silverio, Alfredo LAD
Sinkbeil, Brett FLA, AAA
=====Skipworth, Kyle FLA, AAA
=====Skeels, mark FLA
Slowey, Kevin MIN
Smith, Chuck FLA
=====Smith, Jameson FLA
Smith, Mark FLA, AAA, BAL, PITT
Smith, Travis ATL
=====Smith, Will FLA, AAA
=====Smith, William FLA
=====Smolinksi, Jake WAS
=====Snare, Ryan FLA, AAA, CIN
Sodowsky, Clint AAA, DET, ARZ
Solano, Donovan MIA
=====Soltis, Casey MIA
Sorenson, Zach AAA, CLE, USA
Sosa, Jorge TB, ATL, NYM
Speier, Justin ATL, COLL, 1/2 TB, TOR, ANA
Spooneybarger, Tim FLA, ATL
Springer, Dennis FLA, AAA, CA, TB
=====Stafford, Jerry FLA
Stanifer, Rob FLA
Stanton, Giancarlo "Mike" FLA, MIA, USA
=====Sterrett, Adam FLA
Stewart, John CWS
Stokes, Jason FLA
=====Stonecipher, Sequoyah FLA
Stovall, Da Rond AAA, MTL
Strickland, Scott NYM, MTL
Strong, Joe FLA, AAA
Sutton, Larry KC
=====Tabaka, Jeff FLA, AA, HOU, SD
Tankersley, Taylor FLA
Tavarez, Jesus AAA, FLA
Tavarez, Julian FLA, CLE, STL, BOS, CHC, SF, PIT, ATL
Taylor, Graham FLA
Tejera, Michael FLA
Teut, Nate FLA, CHC
Thompson, Aaron FLA
Thompson, Ryan AA, NYM
Thurston, Joe PHI, LAD, STL
Tingley, Ron CA, CLE
=====Toale, John FLA, AA
Tracy, Chad ARZ
Trahern, Dallas DET
Treanor, Matt FLA, AAA, KC, LAD
Trzesniak, Nick SD
Tucker, Ryan FLA
=====Turnbow, Derrick MIL 2010 FA
Turner, Jacob MIA, DET
Turner, Matt FLA, AAA
Tyler, Scott MIN
Uggla, Dan FLA, ARZ, ATL, WAS
Ungs, Nick FLA
Urbina, Ugueth AAA, FLA, MTL, DET, PHI, BOS, TEX
Urena, Jose MIA
Valaika, Chris CIN
Valdes, Marc AAA, FLA, MTL, SEA, USA, HOU
Valdez, Ismael FLA, LA, TEX, SEA
Valdez, Wilson FLA, AAA, MON, SEA, CWS, LAD, SD, NYM, PHI, CIN
Vanden Hurk, Rick FLA, WL, WBC-NET
Van Hekken, Andy DET
=====Vargas, Claudio FLA, MON, ARZ, 1/2 WAS, MIL
Vargas, Jason FLA
=====Vaughn, Michael MIA
Vazquez, Javier FLA, MTL, CWS, NYY, ARZ, ATL, WBC-PR
=====Veneziale, Mike FLA
Veras, Quilvio AAA, FLA, ATL, SD, NYM
Veras, Jose NYY
Veres, Randy FLA, AAA, MIL
=====Villanueva, Elih FLA
Volstad, Chris FLA, AAA, CHI
Vosberg, Ed AAA, TEX, OAK, SF, MTL, SD
Waechter, Doug TB, FLA TTM AUTO
=====Wade, Chris FLA
Watkins, Pat AAA, CIN
=====Wathan, Derek FLA, AAA
Wall, Josh LAD
=====Walton, Jamar FLA
Wayne, Justin AAA, FLA, USA, MTL
Weathers, David FLA, AAA, TOR, CIN, NYM, NYY, CIN, MIL
Webb, Justin AAA
Webb, Ryan MIA, SD
Wehner, John AAA, PITT
Webb, Ryan SD, OAK
Wellemeyer, Todd FLA, CHC, KC, STL, SF
West, Sean FLA
=====Westmorland, Adam MIA
Whisenant, Matt FLA, AAA, KC, SD
White, Devon FLA, LA, TOR, CA, ARZ, MIL
=====White, Isaiah MIA
=====White, William MIA
=====Whitman, Ryan FLA
Whitmore, Darrell FLA, AAA
=====Williams, Gerald FLA, MIL, ATL, NYY, AAA
=====Williams, Miles MIA
=====Williams, Trevor MIA, AAA
Willingham, Josh FLA, WAS, OAK, MIN
Willis, Dontrelle FLA, CHC, DET, CIN
Wilson, Tom TOR
Wilson, Josh FLA, AAA, COL, TB
Wilson, Nigel FLA, TOR, Japan
Wilson, Preston AAA, FLA, NYM, COL, HOU, WAS, STL
=====Winn, Randy FLA, TB, SEA, SF, STL
=====Winters, Kyle FLA
Wise, Dewayne TOR, CIN, CWS
Witt, Bobby FLA, TEX, OAK, TB
Witt, Paul AAA
Wolf, Randy MIA, PHI, MIL
Wolf, Ross FLA
Wood, Jason FLA, OAK, 1/2 DET
Wood, Tim FLA
=====Yarnall, Eddie FLA, NYY
=====Yaughn, Kip FLA
Yelich, Christian MIA, FLA, AAA
Zambrano, Carlos MIA, CHC
Zarate, Mauro FLA
Zaun, Gregg FLA, AAA, KC, BAL, HOU, TB, MON, TOR
Zosky, Eddie FLA, AAA, TOR

MARLINS TEAM CARDS I HAVE-----------------------------------------

1991 Leaf BC8 Expansion Team Logo

1992 Upper Deck Hologram Marlins Logo

1993 Triple Play 259 Joe Robbie Stadium
1993 Upper Deck 479 Team Stars Inaugural Catch
1993 Upper Deck 825 Team Checklist

1994 Fleer Team Leaders 19 Gary Sheffield
1994 Fleer 10 Chuck Carr NL Stolen Base Leader
1994 Fleer All-Stars 40 Bryan Harvey
1994 Fleer All Stars 49 Gary Sheffield
1994 Score 651 Team Checklist
1994 Topps 466 Jeff Conine All-Star Rookie Cup
1994 Upper Deck Minors 93 Charles Johnson All Star

1995 Pinnacle Zenith All-Star Salute 16 Jeff Conine AS MVP
1995 Topps League Leaders 20 Chuck Carr

1996 Pacific PB-16 Marlins Logo
1996 Upper Deck Season Highlights 214 Dawson/Smith/Puckett
1996 Upper Deck Season Highlights 215 Sheffield/Bonds/Anderson

1997 Collectors Choice 34 Gary Sheffield All-Star
1997 Collectors Choice 118 kevin Brown All-Star
1997 Topps Season Highlights 101 Leiter No Hitter
1997 Topps Season Highlights 266 Kevin Brown No Hitter
1997 Topps 1st Team All-Stars AS16 Gary Sheffield
1997 Topps Stars All Star Memories 7 Moises Alou
1997 Upper Deck 78 Al Leiter No Hitter

1998 Sports Illustrated Year in Review '97 185 Brown No Hitter
1998 Sports Illustrated Year in Review '97 187 Hernandez MVP
1998 Sports Illustrated Year in Review '97 199 World Champs
1998 Sports Illustrated Year in Review '97 200 C.J. Errorless Streak
1998 Sports Illustrated Opening Day Mini Posters 12 Livon Hernandez
1998 Topps World Series 277 Moises Alou
1998 Topps World Series 279 Gary Sheffield
1998 Topps World Series 281 Livan Hernandez
1998 Topps World Series 283 Marlins Win World Series
1998 Upper Deck Post Season Headliners 418 Devon White
1998 Upper Deck Post Season Headliners 420 Livan Hernandez
1998 Upper Deck Post Season Headliners 421 Kevin Brown
1998 Upper Deck Post Season Headliners 428 Gary Sheffield
1998 Upper Deck Post Season Headliners 430 Livan Hernandez
1998 Upper Deck Post Season Headliners 432 Edgar Renteria

1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated 57 Gonzalez/Fontenot/Wilson
1999 Pacific Team Checklist 20 Mark kotsay
1999 Topps 91 Mark Kotsay All-Star Rookie Cup
1999 Topps 419 Jesus Sanchez All-Star Rookie Cup
1999 Upper Deck Victory 154 Team Checklist

2000 Fleer Tradition 401 Team Photo
2000 Fleer Tradition Update U78 Team Rookies Almanza/Rolison
2000 Topps 101 Preston Wilson All-Star Rookie Cup
2000 Topps 380 Alex Gonzalez All-Star Rookie cup
2000 Upper Deck 121 Alex Gonzalez All Star
2000 Upper Deck Victory 180 Stat Leaders Wilson/Castillo

2001 Fleer Platinum 450 Team Leaders
2001 Fleer Platinum 471 Franchise Players Floyd/Beckett
2001 Fleer Tradition 384 NL Batting Leader Luis castillo
2001 Fleer Tradition 423 Team Leaders
2001 Topps 763 Team Photo
2001 Topps Opening Day Stickers 12 Florida Marlins
2001 Topps Logo Sticker NNO
2001 SP Game Bat Milestone 72 Charles Johnson All-Star
2001 Upper Deck Midsummer Classic Moments 13 Jeff Conine
2001 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Franchise Building Blocks 24
2001 Upper Deck Victory 440 Team Leaders Wilson/Dempster
2001 Upper Deck Vintage 275 Team Lineup
2001 Upper Deck Vintage 364 Ozuna/Grilli/Castro

2002 Absolute Memorabilia Team Tandems 13 Penny/Floyd
2002 Fleer Tradition 12 Team Leaders
2002 Fleer Tradition Update U332 Luis Castillo All Star
2002 MLB Showdown 37 NL All Star Mike Lowell
2002 Topps 652 Team Photo
2002 Topps Chrome 652 Team Photo
2002 Upper Deck 382 Cliff Floyd All-Star Stamp
2002 Upper Deck Vintage 215 Marlins Rookies Nunez/Beckett
2002 Upper Deck Vintage 216 Team Checklist
2002 Upper Deck World Series heroes 46 Edgar Renteria

2003 Donruss 106 Luis Castillo NL Stolen Base Leader
2003 Fleer Team Leaders 22
2003 Fleer Tradition Update U241 Dontrelle Willis All Star
2003 Topps 344 NL Hit Leaders Pujols/Helton/PIERRE
2003 Topps 641 Team Photo
2003 Topps Record Breakers Series 1 GS Gary Sheffield
2003 Topps Record Breakers Series 1 PW Preston Wilson
2003 Upper Deck 40 Man Team Checklist
2003 Upper Deck MVP Express Delivery 6 AJ Burnett
2003 Upper Deck MVP Express Delivery 7 Josh Beckett
2003 Upper Deck NL All-Star Swatches ASN-CF Cliff Floyd
2003 Upper Deck Vintage SP 243 Pierre/Castillo/Roberts

2004 Absolute Memorabilia Team Tandems 11 Willis/Cabrera
2004 Donruss World Series October Heroes 9 Josh Beckett
2004 Donruss World Series NL Materials 77 Mike Lowell
2004 Fleer Tradition World Series 2 Beckett
2004 Fleer Tradition World Series 4 Cabrera
2004 Fleer Tradition 22 Team Leaders Lowell/Willis/Beckett
2004 Topps Postseason Highlights 351 NLCS Game 7 vs Cubs
2004 Topps Postseason Highlights 353 NLDS Marlins/Giants
2004 Topps Postseason Highlights 355 World Series Game 1 Juan Pierre
2004 Topps Postseason Highlights 730 World Series 4 Alex Gonzalez
2004 Topps Postseason Highlights 732 Marlins Win the Series
2004 Topps Postseason Highlights 733 Josh beckett Series MVP
2004 Topps 344 NL Hits Leaders PIERRE/Loretta/Wilson
2004 Topps 649 Team Photo
2004 Topps 649 Team Photo Gold #120/2004
2004 Topps 708 Castillo NL 2nd Base Gold Glove
2004 Topps 718 2003 Dontrelle Willis NL Rookie of the Year
2004 Topps All Stars TAS16 Mike Lowell
2004 Topps All-Star Stitches ASR-CP Carl Pavano
2004 UD Diamond All Star 35 Miguel Cabrera
2004 UD Diamond All Star Lineup BE Josh Beckett
2004 Upper Deck SP Authentic All Star Moments 164 Gary Sheffield
2004 Upper Deck Vintage 316 World Series Highlights Dontrelle Willis
2004 Upper Deck Vintage 316 World Series Highlights Jaun Pierre
2004 Upper Deck Worls Series Heroes WS-17 Josh Beckett

2005 Absolute Memorabilia Team Tandems Spectrum 60 Floyd/Dempster
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Team Trios 42
2005 Donruss Elite Teams Blue 4 Beckett/Cabrera/Lowell
2005 Donruss Zenith Mozaics M-13 Willis/Lowell/Burnett
2005 Topps 707 Luis Castillo Gold Glove
2005 Topps All-Star Stiches ASR-CP Carl Pavano
2005 Topps Grudge Match 8 Rodriguez/Snow
2005 Topps U&H 144 NL Win Leaders WILLIS/Carpenter/Oswalt
2005 Topps U&H 145 NL ERA Leaders Clemens/Pettitte/WILLIS
2005 Topps U&H 146 NL Batting AVG. Leaders Lee/Pujols/CABRERA
2005 Topps U&H 164 NL All Star Paul Lo Duca
2005 Upper Deck All Star Classics 7 Carlos Delgado
2005 Upper Deck All Star Classics 33 Miguel Cabrera
2005 Upper Deck First Pitch Pennant Race 294 Beckett
2005 Upper Deck Team leaders Beckett/Cabrera
2005 Upper Deck Midsummer Swatches All Star MS-CD Carlos Delgado

2006 Topps Opening Day OD-AM Marlins v Astros April 3, 2006
2006 Topps 254 Luis Castillo Gold Glove
2006 Topps 256 Mike Lowell Gold Glove
2006 Topps 605 Team Photo
2006 Topps Co-Signers Changing Faces Red 8-A Willis/Cabrera
2006 Topps U&H UH174 Anibal Sanchez No-Hitter
2006 Topps U&H UH217 Saves League Leaders Hoffman/Wagner/Borowski
2006 Topps U&H UH285 Home Run Derby Miguel Cabrera
2006 Topps U&H UH 293 Team Leaders Cabrera/Willis
2006 Topps U&H UH 275 All Stars Miguel Cabrera
2006 Topps U&H UH 213 Stolen Bases Leaders Hanley Ramirez
2006 Topps U&H UH211 Batting AVG. Miguel Cabrera
2006 Topps U&H UH263 All Star Dan Uggla
2006 Topps '52 DD15 Four Aces Nolasco/Olsen/Johnson/Sanchez
2006 Topps '52 DD11 Dynamic Duos Hermida/Willingham
2006 Topps '52 DD4 Dynamic Duos Uggla/Ramirez
2006 Topps 2k All-Stars 11 Dontrelle Willis
2006 Upper Deck TL-11 Team Leaders Cabrera/Willis
2006 Upper Deck Season Highlights 19 Miguel Cabrera

2007 Topps 592 Team Card
2007 Topps 652 ClassicCombos Johnson/Olivo
2007 Topps 655 Classic Combos Uggla/Ramirez
2007 Topps Opening Day OD3 Nationals vs Marlins
2007 Topps Turkey Red 176 Turning Two
2007 Upper Deck PP11 Post Season Predictors- Marlins

2008 Topps 50th Anniversary AR103 Alex Gonzalez All-Star Rookie
2008 Topps NL Batting Avg. 326 Ramirez/Jones/Holliday
2008 Topps Heritage 582 Team Photo
2008 Topps UH35 NL All Star Hanley Ramirez
2008 Topps UH196 Home Run Derby Dan Uggla
2008 Topps UH238 NL All Star Dan Uggla
2008 Topps Ring of Honor RH11 Ivan Rodriguez 2003 WS Champions
2008 Topps Ring of Honor RH17 Gary Sheffield 1997 WS Champions
2008 Topps Ring of Honor RH38 Josh Beckett 2003 WS Champions
2008 Topps Ring of Honor RH59 Dontrelle Willis 2003 WS Champions
2008 Topps Ring of Honor RH63 Miguel Cabrera 2003 WS Champions
2008 Topps Ring of Honor RH68 Brad Penny 2003 WS Champions
2008 Upper Deck Heroes 192 RAMIREZ/Mauer/Tulowitzki
2008 Upper Deck Documentary All-Star Game DU Dan Uggla

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Highlights AGHS6 Beckett WS MVP
2009 Topps U&H RH91 Ring of Honor Miguel Cabrera 2003 WS Champions
2009 Topps U&H UH98 Hanley Ramirexz Marlins All-Star
2009 Topps U&H UH213 Josh Johnson Marlins All-Star
2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary 520 Florida Marlins
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee 516 Team Checklist

2010 Topps 4 NL Batting Avg. Leaders Ramirez/Sandoval/Pujols
2010 Topps 198 Marlins Franchise History
2010 Topps 275 Chris Coghlan NL Rookie of the Year
2010 Topps Series II 553 Marlins Team card
2010 Topps History of the World Series #20 Edgar Renteria
2010 Topps History of the World Series #22 Alex Gonzalez
2010 Topps Heritage 41 NL Bat. Avg Ramirez/Sandoval/Pujols/Helton
2010 Topps Heritage 314 HAN-RAM & LONGO Hanley Ramirez All-Star
2010 Topps Heritage 470 Ramirez All-Star
2010 Topps Opening Day M10 Billy the Marlin
2010 Topps Update US-150 Hanley Ramirez All Star
2010 Topps Update US-160 Josh Johnson All Star
2010 Topps Update US-279 Hanley Ramirez Home Run Derby
2010 Topps Update US-329 Ramirez/Reyes All Star Dominican Pride
2010 Topps Update LL-66 Legendary Lineage Miguel Cabrera-Mike Stanton
2010 Upper Deck 551 Ballparks
2010 Upper Deck 581 Team Checklist
2010 Upper Deck SB-27 Cantu 2 HRs April 28, 2009
2010 Upper Deck SB-37 Ramirez 2 HRs May 7, 2009
2010 Upper Deck SB-77 Sean West First Career Win June 8, 2009
2010 Upper Deck SB-100 Ramirez Grand Slam June 25, 2009
2010 Upper Deck SB-110 Nolasco 12 Strikeouts July 5, 2009
2010 Upper Deck SB-155 Ramirez hit streak 16 games, avg to .360
2010 Upper Deck SB-185 Josh Johnson gets 15th win

2011 Topps 59 Gaby Sanchez Rookie Cup
2011 Topps 82 NL ERA Leaders Johnson/Wainwright/Halladay
2011 Topps 135 Mike Stanton Rookie Cup
2011 Topps 361 Marlins Team Card
2011 Topps All Star Stitches AS60 Gaby Sanchez
2011 Topps Diamond Duos DD-RS Ramirez/Stanton
2011 Topps Diamond Duos DD-27 Johnson/Verlander
2011 Topps M-10 Billy the Marlin Mascot
2011 Topps Spot the Error 8 Hanley Ramirez
2011 Topps Heritage 56 NL ERA Leaders Johnson/Wainwright/Halladay
2011 Topps Heritage 192 Marlins Team Photo
2011 Topps Heritage 288 Mike Stanton All-Star Rookie Cup
2011 Topps Heritage 393 Hanley Ramirez All-Star
2011 Topps Update US321 Gaby Sanchez All-Star

2012 Topps Classic Walk-Offs CW-12 Gonzalez
2012 Topps Franchise All Stars FAS-SF Stanton/Fernandez
2012 Topps Timeless Talents TT-18 Stanton/Belle
2012 Topps Update US129 Giancarlo Stanton All-Satr

2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Double Draft DD-BM Moran/Bryant
2013 Topps 246 NL Home Run Leaders Stanton/Braun/Bruce
2013 Topps 376 Checklist Pierre Record Chase Stolen Bases
2013 Topps Heritage Rookie Stars 287 Ramos/Brantly
2013 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations SC-5 Stanton
2013 Topps Update US133 Jose Fernandez All Star
2013 Topps World Baseball Classic #WBC-6 Stanton

2014 Bowman Draft DD-KA Kolek/Anderson
2014 Topps 132 Baseball Highlights Alvarez Walk-Off No Hitter
2014 Topps II 413 NL Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez
2014 Topps II 660 Jose Fernandez Rookie Cup
2014 Topps Archives 87-JF Jose Fernandez All Star
2014 Topps Franchise Forerunners FF-10 Fernandez/Stanton
2014 Topps Heritage 8 NL ERA Leaders Fernandez/Kershaw
2014 Topps Heritage 286 Rookie Stars Caminero/Johnson
2014 Topps Heritage 361 Rookie Stars Marisnick/Choice
2014 Topps Opening Day Mascots M-24 Billy the Marlin
2014 Topps Opening Day 54 Christian Yelich Rookie Cup
2014 Topps Opening Day 72 Jose Fernandez Rookie Cup

2015 Topps Heritage 217 HR Leaders Stanton/Rizzo/Duda
2015 Topps Heritage 219 RBI Leaders Stanton/Gonzalez/Upton
2015 Topps 313 RBI Leaders Stanton/Gonzalez/Upton
2015 Topps 349 HR Leaders Stanton/Rizzo/Duda
2015 Topps 699 Marlins Team Card
2015 Topps M-12 Billy the Marlin
2015 Topps Update Tape Measure Blasts TMB-7 Giancarlo Stanton 494 ft
2015 Topps Update Rookie Sensations RS-1 Hanley Ramirez 2006
2015 Topps Update Rookie Sensations RS-8 Jose Fernandez 2013
2015 Topps Update Rookie Sensations RS-24 Livan Hernandez 1997

2016 Topps Heritage 240 NL Batting Leaders Gordon/Harper/Goldschmit
2016 Topps Heritage 357 Marlins Team Card
2016 Topps Opening Day OD-174 JT Realmuto Rookie Cup
2016 Topps Opening Day OD-181 Justin Bour Rookie Cup

ALL TIME HEAT ROSTER==================================================

Ahearn, Blake 2008 Missouri St./////////////////////////////////////
Alexander, Gary 1993-94 South Florida///////////////////////////////
Allen, Malik MIA
Allen, Ray MIA, MIL, SEA, BOS
Alston, Rafer MIA, HOU, TOR, MIL, ORL, 1/2 NJ
Andersen, Chris MIA, NO
Anderson, Derek MIA, COL, SA, CLE, POR, HOU, LAC, COL
Anderson, Shandon MIA, COL, UT, NY, HOU
Anderson, Willie SA, TOR, USA
Anthony, Joel MIA
Arroyo, Carlos MIA, UT, ORL
Askins, Keith MIA
Austin, Isaac COL, MIA, UT, WAS, VAN, LAC, ORL, MEM
Babic, Milos 1991-92 Tennessee Tech//////////////////////////////////
Banks, Marcus BOS, MIN, PHO, TOR
Barron, Earl MIA
Barry, Brent MIA, COL, LAC, CHI, SEA, SA, HOU
Battier, Shane MIA, MEM HOU
Beasley, Jerome MIA
Beasley, Michael MIA, MIN, COL, PHO
Bennett, Winston CLE
Best, Travis MIA, IND, CHI, COL, DAL
Beverley, Patrick COL, 1/2 MIA
Bibby, Mike MIA, COL, MEM, ATL, SAC, NY
Blount, Mark BOS, MIN, DEN
Bol, Minute MIA, PHI, GS, WAS
Bosh, Chris MIA, TOR
Bowen, Bruce MIA, BOS, SA, 1/2 MIL
Brewer, Ronnie CHI
Brown, Ernest MIA
Brown, P.J. COL, MIA, NJ, CHA, NO, CHI
Buford, Rodney MIA, NJ
Butler, Caron MIA, COL, LAL, WAS, DAL, LAC, PHO
Butler, DaSean MIA
Butler, Rasual MIA, NO-OKC, LAC
Burton, Willie COL, MIA, PHI
Carter, Anthony MIA, COL, SA, DEN
Causwell, Duane MIA, SAC
Ceballos, Cedric MIA, PHO, LAL, DAL, DET
Chalmers, Mario MIA, COL
Chapman, Rex MIA, CHA, WAS, PHO
Cole, Norris MIA, COL
Coles, Bimbo MIA, ATL, CLE, GS, USA
Conlon, Marty COL, MIL, SA, SEA
Cook, Daequan MIA, OK
Corbin, Tyrone MIA, PHO, MIN, UT, SAC, ATL
Crotty, John COL, UT
Cummings, Pat MIA, NY
Curry, Eddy NY, CHI
Dampier, Erick DAL, IND, GS
Danilovic, Sahsa MIA, DAL
Davis, Mark PHI, MIN, COL
Davis, Terry MIA, WAS, DAL
Day, Todd MIA, COL, MIL, BOS
Diawara, Yakouba DEN
Doleac, Michael MIA, COL, NY, ORL, CLE
Dooling, Keyon MIA, ORL, LAC, COL, NJ
Douglas, Sherman MIA, COL, NJ, BOS, MIL
Douglas, Tony COL
Eackles, Ledell MIA, WAS
Edwards, Blue UT, MIL, VAN, BOS
Edwards, Kevin MIA, NJ, MEM
Ellis, LaPhonso MIA, COL, DEN, MIN, ATL
Ellis, Leron COL, CHA, LAC
Fish, Matt COL, LAC
Fitch, Gerald MIA
Frank, Tellis MIA, MIN
Freije, Matt MIA, COL, NO
Fuller, Todd MIA, COL, GS, UT, CHA
Gamble, Kevin MIA, BOS, SAC
Gansey, Mike COL, 1/2 MIA
Gatling, Chris MIA, COL, GS, DAL, NJ, MIL, ORL, DEN, CLE
Geiger, Matt MIA, COL, CHA, PHI
Grandison, Ronnie MIA, BOS
Granger, Danny IND
Gill, Kendall MIA, CHA, SEA, NJ, MIN, CHI
Grant, Brian MIA, COL, PHO, SAC, LAL, POR
Grant, Gary 1/2 MIA, LAC, NY
Gray, Sylvester MIA
Green, A.C. LAL, PHO, DAL
Haffner, Scott MIA
Hamilton, Justin MIA
Hamilton, Tang 2001-02 Mississippi State////////////////////////////
Hardaway, Anfernee (Penny) MIA, COL, ORL, USA, PHO, NYN
Hardaway, Tim MIA, GS, DEN, USA, DAL
Harrellson, Josh MIA
Harris, Terrel MIA
Haslem, Udonis MIA
Hastings, Scott MIA, DET, DEN, ATL
Head, Luther MIA, HOU, COL
Hill, Tyrone GS, CLE, PHI, MIL, PHO
Hite, Robert MIA
House, Eddie MIA, COL, PHO, LAC, BOS, NJ, USA
Howard, Juwan MIA, COL, WAS, HOU, DEN, DAL, 1/2 ORL
Huckaby, Malcolm MIA
Ilgauskas, Zydrunas CLE, 1/2 MIA
James, LeBron MIA, CLE
Jackson, Luke COL, CLE
James, Tim MIA, COL, CHA
Jamison, Harold COL, LAC
Johnson, Alexander MEM
Johnson, Ken MIA
Jones, Bobby COL PHI
Jones, Damon MIA, CLE, VAN, 1/2 MEM
Jones, Eddie MIA, COL, CHA, LAL, MEM
Jones, James MIA, IND, POR
Kapono, Jason MIA, COL, CLE, CHA, TOR, PHI, LAL
Kessler, Alec MIA
King, Stacey MIA, CHI, MIN
Laettner, Christian MIA, COL, MIN, ATL, DAL, WAS, USA, DET
Lampley, Sean MIA, COL, 1/2 CHI
Lang, Antonio PHO, CLE
Lasme, Stephane GS, COL
Lenard, Voshon MIA, COL, TOR, DEN
Lewis, Rashard MIA, SEA, WAS, ORL, SEA
Livingston, Shaun MIA, COL, LAC
Lohaus, Brad MIA, MIL, MIN, SAC
Long, Grant MIA, ATL, DET, MEM
MacLean, Don COL, WAS, DEN, NJ, PHI
Mack, Sam HOU, SA, VAN
Magloire, Jamaal NO, POR, 1/2 NJ, MIL
Majerle, Dan MIA, PHO, CLE, USA, COL
Malone, Jeff MIA, UT, WAS, PHI
Marion, Shawn MIA, PHO, COL, TOR, DAL
Marks, Sean MIA
Mashburn, Jamal MIA, COL, DAL, CHA, NO
Mason, Anthony MIA, NY, CHA, MIL
Mason Jr, Roger COL, CHI
McRobrets, Josh POR
Miller, Mike MIA, COL, ORL, MIN, MEM, 1/2 WAS, 1/2 MEM
Mills, Terry MIA, NJ, DET
Miner, Harold MIA, COL, CLE
Miralles, Albert MIA
Mitchell, Todd CBA
Moon, Jamario MIA, TOR
Morton, John MIA, CLE
Mourning, Alonzo MIA, COL, CHA, NJ, TOR, USA
Murdock, Eric MIA, COL, UT, MIL, VAN, LAC, 1/2 DAL, DEN
Muursepp, Martin MIA, COL, DAL
Myers, Pete COL, NJ, CHI
Neal, Craig COL
Oden, Greg 1/2 MIA, POR
Odom, Lamar MIA, COL, LAL, LAC
Ogg, Alan MIA, COL
O'Neal, Jermaine MIA, COL, POR, IND, TOR, BOS
O’Neal, Shaquille MIA, ORL, LAL, COL, USA, PHO, CLE, BOS
Owens, Billy MIA, SAC, GS, DET, SEA, COL
Parker, Smush MIA, CLE, LAL
Payton, Gary MIA, SEA, LAL, BOS, MIL
Penny, Kirk 2003 Wisconsin///////////////////////////////////////////
Person, Wesley MIA, CLE, PHO, MEM, COL
Pinckney, Ed TOR, MIL, BOS, PHO
Pittman, Dexter MIA
Porter, Terry MIA, POR, MIN, SA, MIL
Popson, Dave BOS
Posey, James MIA, COL, HOU, DEN, MEM, NO
Powell, Kasib 2008 Texas Tech////////////////////////////////////////
Pritchard, Kevin GS, VAN
Quinn, Chris MIA
Randolph, Shavlik PHI
Reeves, Khalid MIA, COL, CHA, NJ, DAL
Rencher, Terrance MIA
Richardson, Quentin 1/2 MIA, NY, PHO, LAC, 1/2 MIN, ORL
Robinson, Jamal COL
Rose, Jalen IND
Rowinski, Jim CBA
Salley, John MIA, COL, DET, TOR
Sanford, Mark COL
Schayes, Dan PHO, MIL, DEN
Scott, James MIA, COL
Seikaly, Rony MIA, ORL, GS, NJ
Shasky, John MIA, DAL
Shaw, Brian MIA, BOS, LAL, ORL, PHI, GS
Simien, Wayne MIA, COL
Smith, Charles MIA, COL, SA, POR
Smith, Steve MIA, COL, USA, ATL, POR, SA
Smith, Tony MIA, LAL, CHA
Sparrow, Rory MIA, NY, SAC
Stackhouse, Jerry PHI, DET, WAS, DAL, COL, BKN
Stepania, Vladimir MIA, SEA
Strickland, Mark MIA, DEN
Strickland, Rod MIA, SA, POR, WAS, NY, MIN
Sundvold, Jon MIA, SEA, SA
Taylor, Anthony 1988-89 Oregon//////////////////////////////////////
Thomas, Kurt MIA, COL, NY, PHO, DAL, SEA, SA, 1/2 MIL
Thompson, Billy MIA
Thorpe, Otis MIA, SAC, HOU, DET, WAS, CHA, MEM
Turiaf, Ronny LAL
Upshaw, Kelvin COL, DAL, BOS, GS
Varnado, Jarvis MIA
Wade, Dewayne MIA
Wagner, Milt MIA, CBA
Walker, Antoine MIA, COL, DAL, ATL, BOS, MIN
Walker, Samaki MIA, COL, SA, LAL, DAL
Wallace, John NY, TOR, PHO
Wallace, Rasheed POR, WAS, DET
Walsh, Matt MIA
Walters, Rex MIA, COL, NJ, PHI
Washington, Dwayne MIA, CBA, NJ
Watson, Jamie UT
Weatherspoon, Clarence MIA, COL, PHI, GS, NY, HOU, CLE
Webster, Jeff COL
Wheeler, Clinton 1988-89 William Paterson///////////////////////////
Wiley, Morlon ORL, ATL, DAL
Williams, Henry COL
Williams, Jason MIA, MEM, SA, COL
Williams, Kevn SEA 1/2 MIA
Williams, Walt MIA, COL, SAC, POR, TOR, HOU, DAL
Willis, Kevin MIA, ATL, TOR, HOU, SA
Woods, Loren MIA, TOR, MIN, COL
Woods, Qyntel MIA,POR, TOR
Wright, Dorell MIA, 1/2 PHI, 1/2 POR
Zhizhi, Wang MIA, DAL, LAC

Miami Heat Team Cards I have-------------------
1990-91 Skybox 341 Team Checklist
1991-92 Hoops 516 Team stats
1991-92 Hoops 287 Team
1991-92 Upper Deck 80 Team Checklist
1992-93 Skybox 472 Team
1992-93 Skybox 42 Team Checklist
1992-93 Upper Deck 42 Team Checklist
1993-94 Stadium Club Super Teams 14 Miami Heat
1993-94 Upper Deck 363 Team
1993-94 Upper Deck 223 Team Schedule
1995-96 Skybox 404 Team logo
1998-99 Upper Deck 344 Heat Defining moments
2009-10 Panini Update 11 Wade All Star MVP
2010-11 Panini 275 Heat Team Checklist
2012-13 Panini Threads Talented Twosomes Wade/James

ALL TIME FLORIDA PANTHERS ROSTER====================================
Adams, Greg VAN, PHO, DAL, CHI
Adams, Kevyn FLA, COL, USA, TOR, CAR
Allen, Andrew ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Allen, Bryan CHA, VAN
Allen, Chris FLA, CHL
Allison, Jamie CAL, CHI
Anderson, Craig CHI
Andersson, Peter FLA, NYR
Audette, Donald BUF,LA, ATL, DAL, MTL
Auld, Alexander FLA, VAN
Ballard, Keith FLA, PHO
Barnes, Stu FLA, WIN, PIT, BUF, DAL
Barrault, Douglas FLA
Barrie, Len FLA
Beaudoin, Eric FLA
Bednar, Jaroslav FLA
Belanger, Jesse FLA, MON
Belak, Wade TOR
Belfour, Ed FLA, CHI, DAL, TOR, SJ
Benning, Brian FLA, PHI, LA, EDM
Berglund, Christian NJ
Berglund, Patrik STL
Biron, Mathieu CHL
Boguniecki, Eric FLA
Booth, David FLA
Bouwmeester, Jay FLA, SA RAMPAGE, CAL
Boyle, Dan FLA, TB, SJ
Boynton, Nick 1/2 FLA, COYOTES, BOS
Brine, David FLA
Brousseau, Paul TB
Brown, Keith FLA, CHI
Bure, Pavel FAL, VAN, CSKA, NYR
Burke, Sean FLA, NJ, BOS, PHO, TB, HFD
Butsayev, Viacheslav PHI, SJ, RED ARMY, HERSEY
Cairns, Eric NYI
Campbell, Brian FLA
Campbell, Gregory FLA
Campbell, Jim USA, STL
Carkner, Terry FLA, PHI, DET
Casselman, Mike MOS
Ciccarelli, Dino FLA, TB, WAS, MIN, DET
Cirella, Joe FLA, QUE, NJ, NYR
Clemmensen, Scott FLA
Cullen, Matt FLA, NYR
Cullimore, Jassen CAN, VAN, TB, PETERBOROUGH
Dadonov, Evgeny FLA
Dagenais, Pierre NJ, MTL
Daniels, Jeff PIT
Davydov, Evgeny FLA, WIN, OTT
Deslauriers, Jeff EDM
Dionne, Gilbert MON, PHI
Dubinsky, Brandon NYR
Duchesne, Gaetan MIN, SJ
Duco, Mike FLA
Duerden, Dave CHL
Dvorak, Radek FLA, NYR, EDM
Eakins, Dallas FLA
Ellerby, Keaton FLA
Eminger, Steve FLA
Eriksson, Anders PHI, CHI, DET, COL
Ference, Brad FLA
Ferguson, Craig CHL
Fisher, Craig PHI
Fitzgerald, Thomas FLA, NYR, NYI, NSH
Fitzpatrick, Mark FLA, NYR, NYI
Flaherty, Wade FLA, NYI
Frolik, Michael FLA, CHL
Foligno, Michael FLA, BUF, TOR
Gagner, David FLA, TOR, MIN, DAL, CAL
Garpenlov, Johan FLA, PHI, DET, SJ, SWEDEN
Garrison, Jason FLA
Gauthier, Sean OHL
Gelinas, Martin FLA, EDM, QUE, VAN, CAL
Gilhen, Randy FLA, OTT, NYR
Glass, Tanner FLA TTM AUTO
Globke, Rob FLA
Godynyuk, Alexander FLA, CAL, TOR, HFD
Golubovsky, Yan CSKA, PHI
Goren, Lee BOS
Grabner, Michael FLA
Gratton, Chris FLA, CHL, TB, PHI, BUF, PHO
Green, Mike WAS
Greenlaw, Jeff AHL
Gustafsson, Per FLA
Hagman, Niklas FLA
Harkins, Brett FLA, PIT
Hawgood, Greg FLA, VAN, BOS, EDM, PHI, PIT
Hay, Dwayne CHL
Hedican, Bret FLA, VAN, STL, USA, CAR
Herr, Matthew WAS
Hicks, Alex PIT
Hordichuk, Darcy FLA
Horton, Nathan FLA, QUE, BOS
Hough, Michael FLA, QUE
Hull, Jody FLA, BOS, NYR, OTT
Hurme, Jani FLA, OTT, 1/2 ATL
Huselius, Kristian FLA GU, CAL
Jacina, Gregory FLA
Jackman, Richard FLA
Jakopin, John FLA
Jardine, Ryan CHL
Johnson, Ryan FLA
Jokinen, Olli FLA, LA, 1/2 PHO, CAL
Jones, Ty USA
Jovanovski, Ed FLA, CAN, VAN, PHO
Karpovtsev, Alexander NYR
Kilger, Kilger TOR, WIN
Kolnik, Juraj FLA
Kozlov, Viktor FLA, SJ, WAS, RUSSIA
Krajicek, Lukas FLA, VAN
Kravchuk, Igor STL, CHI, EDM
Kreps, Kamil /////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Kuba, Filip FLA, MIN, TB
Kudelski, Robert FLA, LA, OTT
Kudroc, Kristian QUE
Kulikov, Dmitry FLA
Kvasha, Oleg FLA
Kwiatkowski, Joel OTT, CHL
Larionov, Igor FLA, SJ, DET, VAN
Larman, Drew FLA
Laus, Paul FLA
Leach, Jamie FLA, PIT
Lebeau, Patrick FLA, MON, SALT LAKE
Levins, Scott FLA, OTT
Lilja, Andreas FLA, LA
Linden, Jamie FLA
Lindsay, Bill FLA, QUE
Lojek, Martin FLA
Lomakin, Andrei FLA, PHI
Lowry, Dave FLA, STL, CAL
Luongo, Roberto FLA, VAN
Matteau, Stephane CAL, CHI, NYR, SJ
Macdonald, Craig 1/2 CAR
Majesky, Ivan FLA
Malarchuk, Clint BUF
Markstrom, Jacob FLA
Martin, Craig WIN
Mason, Chris NAS
Matthias, Shawn FLA
McCabe, Bryan NYI, CHI, TOR
McLean, Brett FLA, CHI, CHL
McLean, Kirk FLA, VAN
McLennan, Jamie FLA, NYI, STL, WHL
McNeill, Grant FLA
Mellanby, Scott FLA, PHI, EDM
Messier, Eric FLA, COL
Meyer, Stefan FLA
Mezei, Branislav FLA, CHL, NYI
Moller, Randy FLA, NYR, BUF
Montador, Steve FLA, CAL
Morisset, David CHL, MTL
Mueller, Peter FLA
Muller, Kirk FLA, NYR, MON, TOR, NJ, NYI, DAL
Murphy, Cory FLA
Murphy, Gordon FLA, BOS, PHI
Murray, Garth NYR
Nedorost, Vaclav COL
Nemirovsky, David FLA
Niedermayer, Rob FLA, ANA
Nieuwendyk, Joe FLA, CAL, DAL, NJ
Nilson, Marcus FLA, CAL
Norton, Brad FLA
Norton, Jeffrey SJ, NYI, EDM
Novoseltsev, Ivan FLA
Odelein, Lyle NJ, MTL
Olesz, Rostislav FLA
Olson, Josh ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Ozolinsh, Sandis CAR, SJ, COL, ANA, NYR
Parrish, Mark FLA, NYI, MIN
Parros, George FLA
Payer, Serge CHA
Peltonen, Ville SJ
Peters, Andrew 1/2 NJ, 1/2 FLA
Piros, Kamil ATL
Pitlick, Lance FLA
Plante, Tyler FLA
Podkonicky, Andrei FLA
Podollan, Jason CHL
Prospal, Vaclav PHI, OTT, ANA, TB
Ratchuk, Peter CHL
Reddick, Eldon IHL
Reinprecht, Steve FLA
Repik, Michal FLA
Richer, Stephane FLA, MON, NJ
Ritchie, Byron 1/2 CAR
Rivers, Jamie CAN
Roberts, Gary FLA, CAL, CAR
Rossiter, Kyle FLA
Salei, Ruslan FLA, ANA
Samuelsson, Mikael DET, SJ
Santorelli, Mike FLA
Scott, Travis AHL, LA
Semenov, Alexei EDM
Severyn, Brent FLA, COL
Shantz, David OHL
Sheppard, Ray FLA, NYR, DET, SJ, BUF
Shields, Steve FLA, BUF, SJ, BOS
Shulmistra, Richard QUE
Shvidki, Denis FLA, CHI
Sillinger, Michael FLA, DET, NYI
Sim, Jonathan DAL
Simpson, Todd FLA, PHO
Skrudland, Brian FLA, CAL, MON
Smith, Geoffrey FLA, EDM
Smith, Nick FLA
Smolinski, Bryan MTL
Smyth, Brad LA
Smyth, Greg FLA
Spacek, Jaroslav FLA
Sprukts, Janis FLA
Stewart, Anthony FLA
Stewart, Cameron PHO, BOS
Stillman, Cory FLA, OTT, CAL
Svehla, Robert FLA
Svensson, Magnus FLA
Tarnasky, Nick TB
Taticek, Petr FLA, HOU
Tetarenko, Joey FLA
Thomas, Tim FLA
Thompson, Rocky FLA
Tichy, Milan 1/2 FLA, 1/2 CHI
Tikkanen, Esa FLA, EDM, NYR, VAN, STL
Tomlinson, David /////////////////////////////////////////////////
Toms, Jeff TB
Trnka, Pavel FLA, ANA
Ulanov, Igor WIN, EDM
Vanbiesbrouck, John FLA, PHI, NYR, NYI
Van Impe, Darren ANA
Van Ryn, Mike FLA, STL
Vasiljevs, Herbert //////////////////////////////////////////////
Versteeg, Kris FLA
Vernon, Michael FLA, CAL, DET, SJ
Vokoun, Tomas FLA, WAS, MTL, NSH
Ward, Lance CHL, FLA
Ware, Jeff CHL
Warrener, Rhett FLA
Washburn, Steve FLA
Weeks, Kevin FLA, TB, VAN, CAR, NYR, NJ
Weiss, Stephen FLA
Welch, Noah FLA, PIT
Wells, Chris FLA
Wiemer, Jason FLA, TB
Wilson, Mike FLA, DP
Woolley, Jason FLA, WAS
Worrell, Peter FLA, CHI
Yakubov, Mikhail CHI
Yushkevich, Dmitry PHI
Zednik, Richard WAS, MTL


------------------------2009 Topps Heritage
209 Wolf (hou)
------------------------2005 Topps Updates & Highlights
227 McGehee (chi)
------------------------2012 Topps
172 Johnson (chi)
------------------------2009 Allen & Ginter
189 Kotchman (atl)