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Alpos Sports Card Collection

This collection was established when I collected on the sole purpose of attraction. I knew the value of all my cards but the money did not fuel my interest.
In the early to late 90's baseball cards became more and more expensive to collect so I was naturally turned off.
I have pulled my collection out of hiding to remeber just how much I loved collecting cards. I immediately started looking at cards and auctions online but soon came to the realazation that I am way behind in card collecting.
Looking on ebay was an immediate shock. The prices on certain cards were way below "market value" when I was a kid. Also, the fact that grading is such a major factor. The way technology is today, I would not be surprised if someeone new how to print copies of cards or fixed blemishes on them. A couple of years ago, I wanted to start collecting, but had a bad expiererence on ebay (no shot at ebay in any way).I traded a Jeter RC (had doubles) for a Clemens RC. I told him the card was in mint condition and he said the same about his. When the card came in the mail, it was creased and dis-colored. I did not contact him or give bad feedback, I just dropped the idea of collecting using a computer.
All cards of subject to trade. I love te new short prints of Ripken and Ryan. . Also, will trade for autographed memorabilia.

All items are for trade with s meaning sets
- Ripken RCs s
- Bonds RCs s
- Johnson RCs s
- Maddox RCs s
- Thomas RCs s
Any player from 90s in great condition
- Jeter RCs
- Rodriguez RCs