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    12/3/2012 4:47:53 PM

    Reeds Sports Card Trading Page

    some of the higher end cards i have in my collection that i would be willing to trade:

    Photo bucket:

    2009 MA-AC Mayo Austin Collie Auto
    2005 45 Sage Demarcus Ware rc auto/910
    2012 18 Pannini Certified Jay Cutler relic/199
    2006 BS-CG Bowman Sterling Chad Greenway rc auto refractor/900
    2009 GJ-MH Upper Deck Marvin Harrison relic
    2009 42 Donruss Jay Cutler relic/100
    2009 37 Topps Desean Jackson rc auto
    1984 111 Topps Howie Long rc
    2009 PPS-PH2 Press Pass Percy Harvin rc auto
    2008 TC-CJ Upper Deck Calvin Johnson relic
    2009 MR-TK Topps Mayo Ted Kennedy relic
    2007 341 Score Adrian Peterson rc graded 9.5
    2007 TTDCR 1 Topps triple threads Peyton Manning booklet/18

    1961 Topps Homerun leaders
    1963 120 Topps Roger Maris
    1961 2 Topps Roger Maris
    1955 124 Topps Harmon Killebrew rc
    1969 500 Topps Mickey Mantle
    1961 77 Topps Dick Stigman rc
    2007 JM14 Topps Sterling Justin Morneau triple relic auto/10
    2001 J-JPW Upper Deck Heroes Michael Jordan, Kirby Puckett, Dave Winfield triple relic
    2005 HW-BG1 Upper Deck Bob Gibson auto relic/15
    2012 AGR-AM Topps Allen and Ginters Andrew McCutchen relic
    2012 GQA-JB gypsy Queen Jose Bautista auto
    2008 PS-AS Upper Deck Premier Alfonso Soriano triple patch/20
    1956 343 Topps Sandy Koufax
    2005 CO-BR2 Upper Deck Brooks Robinson auto/25
    2005 PEU-DO Topps Pristine David Ortiz auto/247
    2008 SSS-PF SPX Prince Fielder auto
    2012 Allen and Ginters Carlos Gonzales silk card/10
    2000 2 upper deck Mickey Mantle graded bat piece
    1956 240 Topps Whitey ford
    2003 KGj-AU Upper deck Sweet Spot Sigs Ken Griffey jr Auto
    i also have many common 1956 topps cards

    1979 18 Topps Wayne Gretzky rc

    2009 4 Panini Lebron James relic/199
    1986 57 Fleer Michael Jordan rc
    2002 KB/KG/KM Upper Deck Bryant,Garnett,Martin triple floor relic
    2006 191 Upper deck Chris Bosh relic/100
    2006 HM-KG Upper Deck Kevin Garnett relic
    2002 131 Upper Deck Baron Davis and Jamison brewer relic/1100

    Olympic Cards:
    many relics and two lashawn merritt autos
    also i have some relics of astronauts

    Cards that I want:

    vintage Mantles
    vintage Maris
    Vintage Jackie Robinson
    And any other high end vintage cards
    Bryce Harper autos
    Mike Trout Autos
    Yu darvish Autos
    Albert Pujols Autos
    Nolan Ryan Autos
    Prospect Autos
    any other high end autos and relics also!

    Rg3 autos
    Andrew luck Autos
    Peyton Manning Autos
    Emmit smith Autos
    Drew Brees Autos
    Calvin Johnson Autos
    Vikings Autos
    Rookie Autos
    any other high end autos or relics!

    Derrick Rose autos
    Kevin Durant Autos
    Lebron James autos
    Kobe Bryant autos
    Anthony Davis autos
    any other high end autos and relics!

    I like president cards
    and any other interesting cards!