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Zach's Trading Page

Hi Everybody, I've been away for a while, but I am back! I am currently selling a vast majority of my collection on eBay, but I am still working on my player collection of one player, Kirby Puckett, and am starting a challenge, 2007 Topps Finest Fransisco Liriano Gold Refractors(I am trying to get all of them...probably won't happen, but it's something worth working towards)

What I will be listing here are the cards that either (a) didn't sell in my latest batch of auctions, or (b) cards that were won and not paid for. This is not, however, all of my remaining inventory. Feel free to email me with specific player wants, and we can probably work out a deal. NOTE: I don't have any 05-07 stuff, most of my stuff is before then, as that is when I closed down my hobby shop. I will be updating within the next couple of days with a have list of my Kirby Pucketts.

I have a ton of star cards left from baseball, basketball, and football, so maybe we can work something out for those of you that are working towards a player set as well. I have no problem trading above book value for your cards as long as both parties are happy.