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Earls Baseball Card Emporium

I have well over 10,000 baseball cards that I collected throughout the 80's, 90's & 2000's. Many of the cards collected are from all era's beginning with the late 50's going thru to today. I will slowly be building up a trading list as I sort through them in the coming weeks/months & will also scan to Flickr the vintage, oddball & any cards that are requested. I'm wanting to reduce my collection to just Nolan Ryan cards. Feel free to ask me any questions about any of the cards listed. I also have a small amount of football, basketball, hockey, etc... cards that I picked up here & there along the way, but I will be listing those last as my main focus was baseball. Get in touch using this email.

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Here is a PDF file of what I have organized as of Feb. 25, 2014.

1989 - Bowman - Base Set
39 Cards

1990   Bowman   Base Set
45 Cards

1990   Bowman   Art Insert
1 Card

#3  Dwight Gooden  Front Back

1990   Classic Best   Update
1 Card

#T3 Sandy Alomar Jr.

1992   Classic Best   Base Set
22 Cards

1992   Classic Best   Red Bonus
1 Card

#BC9  Mike Kelly  Front Back

2003   Fleer   Fall Classics
5 Cards  -  Card #'s   12, 27, 47, 53, 83

1989    Topps   Base Set

#246  Rey Quinones  Print Cut Error Front Back
The error card is on the right(Front) & top(Back) in the photos. I included a duplicate for comparison.

1993   Topps   Black Gold
22 Cards  -  Card #'s  1 - 22  plus Winner A/B/A&B/D Cards.

1994   Topps   Black Gold

#9  Chris Hoiles  Front Back

2005   Topps   Opening Day

#ODA-PM  Paul Maholm  Front Back
Certified autographed baseball card. Bad scan quality due to anti-copy features.

2004   Upper Deck   First Pitch

#AU-KG  Ken Griffey Jr.  Front Back
Certified autographed baseball card.