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Mikes Sport Cards Page

First and foremost <<< i have had lots of people confused when they look at my link down below. ALL you have to do is copy and paste the link down below (highlight the think, click copy then PASTE the link in the area where you browse for web pages, and then search.

The link is right below

Hey what’s up SCF. My name is Mike. I’ve been Collecting for 20 years now and have exp
anded my interest horizon to quite a few vintage cards as well recently.
I mainly am looking for Pre 1970 Vintage Cards in all sports.. My name says CHICAGOFAN, but I also look for other cards from other city teams. For My Personal Collection. I also collect “Whatever catches my eye” But I try to make a habit of saying specifically what I’m looking for at the time of my post. Autos in basketball are usually what I am now looking for right now along with vintage sports cards.

So there you have it. You now know a little about me.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MY TRADING POLICY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

As far as trading goes, I go BV for BV unless I note that I will trade in your favor.

ALL cards MUST be mailed with delivery confirmation.
ALL cards over $100 in value MUST be mailed with signature confirmation.

I simply ask this to eliminate the possibility of cards being lost in the mail and pointing fingers as to who’s at fault. Also many people I’ve traded with get too impatient and worried and as long is there’s proof it eliminates the suspicion of fraud. Though I am still new here as well some people need to take into consideration that mail takes 3-5 business days to reach its destination unless it’s a neighboring city or state and that doesn’t even mean it will be there quicker. It may just be the post office is real busy at the time. So again I encourage people to use these methods of mailing.


Finally I hope we all can have great trading experience,. I have really enjoyed making trades with EVERYONE since joining.Once again here is my PB Link

God Bless and LETS TRADE!