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Johns Hockey and baseball

Hi, and welcome to my wants page. I will do my very best to keep it updated. Please look it over , and if there's anything you have that I need, I would be glad to hear from you. I have thousands of traders, consisting of commons, rookies, serial numbered, inserts and game-used. Send me your want lists any time.

I collect hockey, almost solely, but have been known to collect some baseball as well. I am an avid online trader, and enjoy it immensely.

("RED" means pending)

Kraft Food Products items

91/92 - "75th Anniversary" - 45,48,52,53,56,57.

92/93 - Need Flyers and Wings
95/96 "Crease Keepers" - I need: Ranford, Irbe, Kidd, Fuhr, Carey, Potvin.
"Shooting Stars"- I need: Belanger, Musil, Oates, and Weight.

Post Cereal Cards - Baseball
1994 - 11. Barry Bonds (x2), and 12.Frank Thomas (In cello wrappers)
1995 - 1. Ken Griffey Jr., (In cello wrappers)

Mc Donald's Cards and Inserts

06/07 Mc Donalds Clear Cut Winners

REGULAR HOCKEY WANTLIST: (Only looking for cards in ex+ to nrmt)

Interested in any 70/71 Colgate Stamps, 71/72 Colgate heads, 68/69 Post hockey marbles,
72/73 O-Pee-chee players crests, puck cards

66/67 Topps Hockey

69/70 O-Pee-Chee Hockey
Looking for cards in great shape, as well as “Four–In-Ones” and player “stamps”
Also looking for “Team Booklets”( nr-mt.)
Please let me know what you have.

70/71 O-Pee-Chee Hockey
Looking for “Deckle Edge” cards in great shape. Please let me know
which ones you may have.

71/72 OPCHEE Booklets (must be ex.-nrmt) (no check marks)
7. Ed Giaccomin 19.Juha Widing
20. Orland Kurtenbach 21.Jude Druoin

72/73 O-Pee-Chee
Send a list of numbers you have in shape. I still need many.

Team Canada Cards

76/77 O-pee-Chee

1977/78 O-Pee-Chee
328.….These are team logo/ck.list cards
I need only un-marked, excellent to near mint only please.

82/83 Neilson Gretzkys

19 and 29

91/92 Upper Deck (French)
505. Shayne Corson 543.Peter Ahola

92/93 Bowman Hockey
(All are foils) 200,202,205,211,212,214,225,227,232.


93/94 Parkhurst Hockey
“Emerald Ice" Inserts # 471.

94/95 Select Hockey
"First Line" Inserts...2. Bourque

95/96 Summit Hockey
"G.M.'s Choice" Inserts..1,2,4,6,7,9,11,12,15,16,17,20.

95/96 Upper Deck SP (Gretzky Collection)
19, 20. (Who doesn't?)

96/97 Collector’s Choice MVP Inserts
2. Ron Francis and 19. Patrick Roy

96/97 Upper Deck Hockey
“Power Performers” Inserts....8,13,14,16,18,19,20,21,22,28,30.

97/98 Pacific Omega
Omega “Silks” Inserts…1,3,4,7,8.

97/98 Studio Hockey
Regular size “Silhouettes”..1,3,5,7,8,11,14,16,20,21. (XXXX/1500)

8x10 “Silhouettes”- 2. Lindros (XXXX/3000)

97/98 Upper Deck Hockey
“Sixth-Sense Masters” Inserts (xxxx/2000)...1,4,10,12,13,19,20,21,22,23,25,27,28,30.

“The Specialists” Inserts (xxxx/4000) 2,3,5,10,13,16,17,20,21,22.

98/99 Pacific Dynagon Ice Team Checklists
9. Yzerman 17. Gretzky

99/00 Aurora Hockey
“Canvas Creations” Inserts…2,4,5,6,8,9.

98/99 Collector’s Choice Star quest:

99-00 Pacific Dynagon Ice

“Lamplighter Net-Fusions”

99/00 Prism
“Sno-Globe” Die-cuts Inserts..2,8,13,14,15.

(Gold) xxx/480
134.N. Antropov 137 C. Joseph (they’re Toronto Maple Leafs.)

99/00 Revolution
"Ice Sculptures" Inserts...1. Kariya

99/00 Upper Deck Century Legends
#89 Gretzky

99/00 Wayne Gretzky Exclusives
“Oh Canada” 32,38.

00/01 Pacific Aurora
“Canvas Creations” Inserts…1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

00/01 Upper Deck Vintage

2001/02 Fleer Greats Of The Game
"Original Six" Jerseys"
Guy Lafleur, Borje Salming, and Denis Savard

01/02 Pacific Adrenaline (Retail) Hockey (Silver)
35. Kapanen 49. Patrick Roy 116. Randy McKay 191.Markus Naslund

01/02 Stadium Club Hockey
Please let me know if you have any “Master Photos” of Toronto Maple Leafs (xxx/100)

02/03 Crown Royale Hockey (Retail version) (Silver foil) S.P.’s (Not serial numbered)

02/03 Crown Royale “Blue”
(Please e-mail me with "Blue" any numbered 101-140)

02/03 MVP “Classics”

02/03 O-Pee-Chee/Topps Hockey

“1st Round Fabric” Jerseys… Blackburn, Neidermayer, Lindros.

02/03 Pacific Hockey
Looking for Maple Leafs “Blue” Parallels (Except #’s 358 and 370). Tell me what you might have.

02/03 Pacific "Complete"
(Please offer any red or blue parallels of Leaf players)

02/03 Private Stock Reserve (Retail) Hockey (silver foil)
50. Cliff Ronning and # 89.Scott Thornton.

02/03 Pacific Quest for the Cup "Gold" Parallels (xxx/325)
92. Alex Mogilny and # 149 Michael Tellqvist

02/03 Parkhurst Retro “Minis”
79. Hejduk 121.Larionov 138.Lalime
173. Datsuyk 174.Blackburn 185.Stefan

02/03 Upper Deck Hockey

03/04 Pacific Hockey Rookies...354. Pavel Vorobiev 358.M-A Fleury 360.Boyd Gordon 365.Niklas Kronwall

“Blue” parallels (They’re all Maple Leafs)...314Antropov, 315.Belfour, 316.Domi,317.Gilmour,
318. Kaberle, 319.Kidd, 323.Stajan, 324.Sundin (xxx/250)
"Red" Parallels...321.Owen Nolan,
Also, please offer any Leaf game used, or Al Mc Innis, or Glenn Murray game used.

03/04 Pacific Crown Royale (Retail) Silver (xxx/899)

03/04 Pacific Exhibit Hockey
I am looking for any Leafs “blue backs” parallels except numbers 134,138 and 196.

03/04 Honor Roll Hockey
4. Ilya Kovalchuk 82. Mats Sundin

03/04 Pacific Invincible Hockey
“Reds” Parallels….9,11,19,29,35,36,38,42,57,61,64,67,68,70,

03/04 Pacific Prism Hockey
"Gold" Parallels xxx/425
55,59,67,68,71,75,76,78,81,82,85,86,87,92,93,97. As well as any “Red" (Except #92 Mogilny) or "Blue" parallels of Leafs players. (Except #92)

03/04 Pacific Private Stock Reserve Hockey

I am interested in any Toronto Maple Leafs "Red", or "Blue" parallels.. or jerseys of Leafs players.(Please let me know what you might have)

03/04 Quest for the Cup Hockey
Rookie S.P’s (xxx/950) – 111.Fritsche 114.Bootland 115.Hudler
119. Brown 125.Hale 127Moore 139.Semin

03/04 Pacific Supreme (Retail) Hockey
S.P’s- 115,130,131,140. (Not Serial numbered)
Supreme “Blue” Parallels...22,31,36,39,

03/04 Pacific Titanium (Retail)
12. Biron and 49. Brunette
118. Kronwall 125.Zidlicky 135.Sejna

03/04 Pacific Titanium Retail – “Jersey Number” Parallels (xxx/250)
(From #101 up, these are serial numbered (xxx/225)

03/04 Pacific Complete
(I am looking for the “Red” Parallel version of card # 128 Al Mac Innis)
Please offer any “red” parallels (xx/99) of Leaf players that you might have as well.
(Except #’s 105,327 or 568.)

2003/04 Upper Deck Hockey
204. Patrice Bergeron R.C. 206. Eric Staal R.C. 234. Marc-Andre Fleury R.C.

04/05 Pacific Hockey
“Gold Crown Die-Cuts” 4 Zetterberg .
I am interested in any “Blue” (244,247,248,249.) or “Red” variations. (246,250.) of Maple Leafs players.
Also, I need “blue” version of # 220, Al Mac Innis.
I am also looking for Leafs jerseys #'s 38,39 and 40 (Belfour, Stajan and Sundin)

05/06 Fleer Ultra Hockey
“Gold Medallion" 251,252,254,255,256,258,260,261,262,263,264,265,267,268,269,270,271.
Also interested in any Leafs players in the “Ice Medallion” parallels xxx/100 (Except Lindros)

05/06 Parkhurst Hockey
Interested in any Toronto Maple Leaf “facsimile signature” cards as well. (I have Stajan)

05/06 Upper Deck Hockey
I am looking for jersey cards only now from this set. Here is my want-list: Please let me know if you have any, and what color (swatch) they might be.
I am missing these; SERIES ONE... Matt Stajan, Eric Lindros, and Gary Roberts
SERIES TWO...Ed Belfour

05/06 Upper Deck Power-Play Hockey
“The Specialists” Jersey cards….I Need Nik Antropov

06/07 Fleer Ultra Hockey
"Gold Medallion"..... (Please offer any over #230) (Except number 237)
Am also interested in any Leafs serial numbered out of 100. ( I have Lindros)
Also looking for any Leaf players jersey cards I do not already have. Please offer.

2006/07 Gatorade Hockey (91 card set)

06/07 Parkhurst Hockey
Interested in any Maple Leafs Autographs from the set.
(I already have Bower, Ellis, Vaive, Williams and Salming)

06/07 Upper Deck Hockey
216. Anze Kopitar R.C., 240 Letang, 250 Checklist
486. Evgeni Malkin R.C. and 487 Pavelski.

07/08 Fleer Ultra Hockey
Gold Medallion S.P.'s.... 252,253,254,255,256,257,258,259,260,261,262,
Any Toronto Maple Leafs Players Parallels or Jersey/Auto cards.
Ultra Uniformity jerseys needed are: Steen and Ondrus.
Also will take any Leafs from the Rainbow set xxx/100 (Except #260 Tucker)

07/08 OPChee Hockey
Looking for any Leaf jerseys, Leaf autograph cards, or serial numbered Leafs.
Also, need these "Micro-motion cards" of Leafs players:453,454,456,458,459,462,466,467.

07/08 Upper Deck Hockey

"All World Team" #16 Crosby
Offer any Leaf jerseys or autographs please.
(I have Sundin, McCabe, Raycroft, Steen, Tucker, and Salming jerseys)

07/08 Upper Deck MVP Hockey
352. Carey Price 355.Patrick Kane
371. Sterling 374. James Sheppard 376.Kennedy

07/08 Trilogy Hockey
100. Alex Ovechkin
I am interested in Trilogy "Ice Scripts" autographs as well. Please offer any you might have.

07/08 Victory Hockey
" EA Sports Faceoff"… FO #5 Chris Pronger
“Game-breakers”10 Gigeure 13.Lehtonen and 26.Spezza.
Oversize cards..1, Brodeur 2, Fleury 3, Malkin

08/09 Upper Deck Artifacts
Interested in any Leafs jerseys or Leafs autographed cards from this set.

08/09 O-P-Chee Hockey
“Retro"parallel cards…164,388,435,447,457,542,590,762,795,800..
Also interested in Leafs rainbow cards xxx/100..Let me know what you have.

08/09 Ultra Hockey
Interested in any “Ice Medallion” Parallels of Toronto Maple Leaf players. (XXX/100)
I need all of the Leafs, except #92 Kaberle.
Also, any “Ultra Uniformity” jersey cards of Toronto Maple Leafs. (That I do not have already)
I now have Tucker, White, Antropov, Coliacovo, Raycroft, Mc Cabe, and Stajan.

I am looking for any Toronto Maple Leaf jersey cards, as well as any Leafs “exclusives”.( XXX/100)
Jerseys I already have: Ian White, Alex Steen, Matt Stajan, Nik Antropov and Mats Sundin jersey cards.

08/09 Upper Deck Hockey
“New Guard” Inserts- 5.Phaneuf and 1.Getzlaf

08/09 Upper Deck MVP

08/09 Victory Hockey
“Game-breakers” 50. Radulov

08/09 Upper Deck Masterpieces
Interested in any jersey cards or autographs featuring Toronto Maple Leaf players
Please let me know what you have..... (I have the Bob Baun, Eddie Shack and Dick Duff autographs.)

09/10 O-Pee-Chee Hockey
Looking for any “rainbow” cards of Toronto Maple Leafs from the set.
(Except Kessel or Komisarek)

09/10 Ultra Hockey
“Team Leaders”.9,10,11,13,17,18,22,23,26,30.
“Rookie Sensations...3,5,7,8,10,11,15,17,23,27,28.
“Ice Medallion” (xxx/100) Toronto Maple Leafs...136,137,139.
Also, I am interested in any “Ultra Uniformity” jerseys of Toronto Maple Leafs players.

09/10 Upper Deck Hockey
Need card #470 Desharnais Y.G.
Looking for the Messier Heroes Header and Painting cards.
Interested in any “Exclusives” (xxx/100) picturing Leafs players.
Also looking for game used jerseys of Leaf players. (I have the Kessel, Toskala, Sittler
and MacDonald so far.)

09/10 Victory Hockey
“Game Breakers” 4,11,12,18,22,29,32,40,46,47.
“Stars Of The Game” Inserts – 2,20,21,30,47.

2010/11 Upper Deck Hockey
Young Guns
Orr Heroes Of Hockey..#HH-12 As well as the Painting and Header cards.
Interested in Leafs jersey cards. Please offer any except...Schenn, Mac Arthur, or Phaneuf

2011/12 Black Diamond
Looking for three Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys… Gustavsson, Kulemin and Bozak.

2011/12 Sp Game Used Hockey -“Authentic Fabrics “Jersey… Phil Kessel. (“L” variation)

2011/12 Upper Deck Hockey
“”Canvas” Inserts…91,95,98,109,117,120,125,185,196,
Need the header and painting cards for the 1950’s Heroes of Hockey.
MVP Inserts….3,13,14,22,25,26,27,28,39,43,55,62,70,83,111.
‘Winter Classic” Oversize...W.C.-1 Crosby
Interested in Toronto Maple Leaf jersey cards...please let me know if you have any.
(I now have Schenn, MacArthur, Liles, Phaneuf, Kessel and Kulemin)

2012/13 Upper Deck.
MVP Inserts…26,28,40.
“Silver Skates”..10. Toews 32 Krieder and 34. Beliveau
Interested in Toronto Maple Leaf Jersey cards, and UD Exclusives of Leafs (xxx/100.)
I also need the Heroes of hockey header and painting cards

2013/14 Upper Deck Hockey
Young Guns Series Two – 454,456,481,482,486,498.
“Canvas” parallels.- 92,95,100,108,111,114,115,212,213,216,218,220,221,223,
MVP Inserts..44,47,65,71,74,80,81,83,86,90.
Hockey Heroes… the painting and header cards (90’s)
Left-wing – 8. Hall and 9.Marchand
Right Wing – 9.Ovechkin
Jersey cards I need… M-A Fleury, Patrice Bergeron, Patrick Marleau, Sam Gagner.
Interested in any Leaf players “Exclusives” ( xxx/100)
Please let me know if you have any for trade.

2014/15 Upper Deck Hockey
Also need Heroes of Hockey… the Header and Painting cards (2000’s) (Series one)
Looking for Shining Stars 3. Subban
Looking for Leaf players in “Canvas” parallels, or any Leaf jersey cards.
Looking for “Exclusives” /100 of any Leafs player.