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    1/31/2009 9:53:42 AM

    Colleen and Walters Trading Page

    Welcome to our SCF Trading Page which is in construction mode. Thank you for veiwing our page.

    My Wife's collecting interest are Miguel Cabrera,Alex Rodriguez,Ivan Rodriguez,and Dontrelle Willis.

    Her Top Favorite Cards inhand:

    Miguel Cabrera:

    ***WBC Patches Are From His Venezuela Team***
    2006 UD 06'WBC Collection Patch 3 color #NO WBC-MC (Rare only 8 made)
    2006 UD Sweet Spot 06' WBC Sweet Beginnings Patch 3 color #SW-CA
    2006 UD SPX 06' WBC Winning Big Materials Double Patch WBM-MC #03/40
    2005 Leaf Limited Threads Prime GU Jersey w/ Button 9 #d 1/4
    2005 Leaf Limited Threads Prime GU Jersey w/ Button 9 #d 3/4
    2000 Topps Traded Set Sealed with RC
    2000 Topps Traded Chrome Set Sealed with RC
    2000 Multi-Ad Sports Utica Blue Sox Minor League 21
    2006 Bowman Originals (2004 Bowman Heritage Auto) #d 27/63
    2004 Donruss Kings Recollection Collection Auto #d 23/33
    2005 Leaf Century Collection Auto/Stamp S-65 #d 14/24
    2005 Topps Finest Black Printer Plate PP-113 #d 1/1
    2005 Donruss Diamond Kings 95 *All (4) Printer Plates #d 1/1*
    2005 Donruss Prime Patches Laundry Tag P-30 #d 8/8

    Alex Rodriguez:

    PSA 8 1994 SP Foil Die-Cut 15 RC
    PSA 10 1994 Flair 340 RC
    BGS 8 2002 SP Chirography AR Auto Graded 8 too #d 299/391
    BGS 9 2004 Flair Power Tools GU Platinum Die-Cut AR #d 01/01 3 Color Patch w/ Bat Swatch
    1994 Sportflics RC 148
    1994 Appleton Foxes Minor League Set Sealed
    2004 Skybox L.E. Rare Form Gold Die-Cut GU Jersey RF-AR #d 05/10
    1993 Classic Images Chrome CC17
    1994 UD Star Rookies RC Electric Diamond 24
    2003 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor THC67 #d 035/554
    2001 Finest "Baseball's Finest" FO11
    2005 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection CCR-AR GU Bat
    2006 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness Gold PG-AR GU Bat #d 13/49

    Ivan Rodriguez:

    PSA 9 1991 Topps Traded RC 101T
    1994 Topps Finest Refractor 126
    2003 Timeless Treasures RC Year Marerials GU Bat RY-14 #d 91/91
    2001 UD Gold Glove Slugger's Choice GU Batting Glove SC-IR
    2002 Topps 206 Mini GU Uniform TR-IR
    2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection GU Bat CC-IR

    Dontrelle Willis:

    2006 SP By The Letter Auto Patch BL-DW *All Six spelling Out Willis*
    W #d 079/150
    I #d 270/300
    L #d 221/300
    L #d 047/300
    I #d 202/300
    S #d 030/150
    * All Auto's In Silver Ink* 3 Color Full Letter Patches*
    2006 Bowman's Originals (2005 Bowman Heriatge Mahogany Auto 174) #d 1/1
    BGS 9 2004 Playoff Absolute Memborabilia Absolutely Ink Combo Material 39 #d 4/5 GU Jersey/Bat/Auto
    2005 Donruss Diamond Kings 94 *All (4) Printer Plates #d 1/1*
    2005 Topps Finest Magenta Printer's Plate 23 #d 1/1
    2003 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness Auto RC SG-DW
    2003 Donruss Elite Status Extra Edition Die-Cut RC 29 #d 10/24
    2004 Fleer Inscribed Ruby Parallel 29 #d 5/5
    2004 Fleer Inscribed Award Winners Auto AWA-DW Inscribed as "NL ROY 03' #d 068/103
    2003 Topps 206 RC 415


    My interest are Sidney Crosby 2005-2006 to Present,Derek Jeter Rookies NM/MT and Refractors,and A.J. Burnett Rookies and Auto's.
    (I use to know A.J. when he played for the Pittsfield Mets Class A Ball In Pittsfield,MA.,Bassball Sportcards was one of the sponsers for the ballpark.)

    My Top Favorites Cards inhand:

    Sidney Crosby:

    Derek Jeter:

    A.J Burnett:
    1999 Topps Traded Auto RC T36
    2004 Skybox Autographics #A-AB2 Blue #d 132/485
    2006 UD Exquisite Endorsed Emblems 3 color Patch Auto #d 11/25
    2006 UD Ultimate Game Materials Signatures #d 10/35


    Sidney Crosby

    Miguel Cabrera 2005 Leaf Limited Threads Prime GU Jersey w/ Button 9 #d 2/4
    Miguel Cabrera 2005 Leaf Limited Threads Prime GU Jersey w/ Button 9 #d 4/4


    Listed cards are in the Photobucket links(I have also included B.V. and description with each pic). Commons will be Listed below only by #.

    You can view our links (Photobucket Pics of actual cards)marked trade on the left side of our pageWe both have 100% ratings with ebay for selling and buying cards, and we use to have trader points here at SCF but I forgot the password so we started a new account. If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us through here or at

    We look forward to trading with you...

    2005-06 Parkhurst Hockey RC SP Commons: 605,609,616,626,642,643,651,661,664,665 B.V. $2.00 ea.