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Dave's Wantlist

*** I will look at any tradelists ***
Priority wants:
07 Donurss Americana

Looking for autos of: John Travolta, Burt Reynolds, Barbara Eden,Carrie Fisher,Morgan Fairchild,Debbie Reynolds,Lou Gossett Jr., Catherine Bach,Larry Hagman,,Amanda Beard,Katey Sagal,Ed O'Neill,Ron Howard,Randy Owen,,Russell Johnson,Ashley Judd

Looking for material cards of: Barbara Eden,Larry Hagman,Henry Winkler,,Dom DeLuise,Amanda Beard,Ed O'Neill,Ron Howard,Randy Owen,Stephanie Powers,Scott Baio,Russell Johnson

Looking for material cards of Legends: Marilyn Monroe,Natalie Wood, Jimmy Stewart

Looking for Co-Star materials of: Bette Davis/Marilyn Monroe,James Dean/Natalie Wood,Burt Reynolds/Jackie Gleason,Ed O'Neill/Katy Sagal,Dawn Wells/Russell Johnson, Debbie Reynolds/Ernest Borgnine

Looking for Co-Star Autos of: Barbara Eden/Larry Hagman, Burt Reynolds/Dom DeLuise,Ed O'Neill/Katy Sagal,Dawn Wells/Russell Johnson,Henry Winkler/Ron Howard,Billy Dee Williams/Carrie Fisher

Cards of these sports legends: Martina Navratilova & Larry Bird

07 UD Spectrum of Stars autographs:
Lou Gossett Jr.
Ed O’Neil

04-05 Donruss/Playoff Fans of the Game Autographs
John Travolta
Tony Danza
Michael Phelps

Need non-auto cards of 04-05 Donruss/Playoff Fans of the Game:
Chris Berman
Jenny Finch
Heather Mitts


2006 Finest Carson Palmer refractors, still need:
Gold Xfractor(#d to 10), Gold Refractor (#d to 49), Superfractor(#d to 1), White Xfractor(#d to 1), White Refractor (#d to 1), Black Refractor (#d to 99), Black Xfractor (#d to 25)

Current Bengals:
Carson Palmer – autos, game used, 2003 rookies
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - autos, game used, 2001 rookies
Interesting Bengals items: Game used, memorabilia, autos, Bobble Heads, rc's, etc.

Carson Palmer rookie want list:

Bowman Chrome Auto #237
Fleer Snapshot #130 (#d to 500)
Playoff Contenders Auto #126 Blue (#d to 158) or Black (#d to 36)
Skybox LE #98 (#d to 99)
SP Authentic Auto #270 (#d to 250)
SP Signature #200 (#d to 250)
SPx Auto #210 (#d to 250)
Ultimate Collection Auto #85 (#d to 250)
UD Pros & Prospects #123 (#d to 250)

Football wantlist:
Adrian Peterson – autos, game used, rookies
Ryan Grant – autos, rookies
Joseph Addai – autos, game used, rookies
Dallas Clark – autos, game used, rookies
Tony Romo – autos, game used, rookies
Ladainian Tomlinson – autos, game used, rookies
Tom Brady – autos, game used, rookies, some inserts
Brian Urlacher – autos, game used, rookies
Peyton Manning – autos, game used, rookies

Players I collect:
Ken Stabler – almost anything
Boomer Esiason - anything I don't have (must check against list)
Walter Payton - Anything I don't have (must check against list)
Terry Bradshaw - Anything I don't have (must check against list)
Brett Favre - Game Used, Auto's, Rc's
Bo Jackson - Auto's, Game Used

2002 Topps Chrome Terry Bradshaw Reprints (need 1,6,8,12)

2003 Gridiron Kings #120 Andre Johnson, #128 Anquan Boldin, #144 Boss Bailey, #169 Larry Csonka

Football autographs wanted :
Terry Bradshaw
Bo Jackson
John Elway
Bubba Smith
Brett Favre
Jim Kelly
Steve Young
Dick Butkus
Mike Ditka
Frank Gifford
Fred Dryer
Ed Marinaro
Probably other old timer autos also…

Vintage & Misc. Football wantlist:
1964 Philadelphia Merlin Olson RC #91
1970 Topps O.J. Simpson RC #90
1970 Topps Bubba Smith RC #114
1970 Topps Fred Dryer RC #247
1971 Topps Terry Bradshaw RC #156
1971 Topps Joe Greene RC #245
1972 Topps Archie Manning RC #55
1972 Topps Terry Bradshaw In Action #120
1972 Topps Terry Bradshaw #150
1973 Topps Ken Anderson RC #34
1974 Topps Terry Bradshaw #470
1975 Topps Terry Bradshaw #461
1975 Topps Terry Bradshaw #528
1976 Topps Terry Bradshaw #333
1976 Topps Walter Payton RC #148
1977 Topps Terry Bradshaw #245
1977 Topps Walter Payton #3
1977 Topps Walter Payton #360
1978 Topps Walter Payton #200
1978 Topps Walter Payton #333
1978 Topps Walter Payton #334
1979 Topps Walter Payton #335
1979 Topps Terry Bradshaw #1
1980 Topps Walter Payton #160
1980 Topps Walter Payton #226
1981 Topps Joe Montana RC #216
1981 Topps Walter Payton #264
1981 Topps Walter Payton #400
1982 Topps Terry Bradshaw #204
1982 Topps Anthony Munoz RC #51
1982 Topps Walter Payton #269
1984 Topps Glossy Terry Bradshaw Send-In #11
1984 Topps Glossy Send -In Walter Payton #3
1985 Topps Walter Payton #6
1985 Topps Walter Payton #22
1985 Topps Walter Payton #33
1985 Topps Glossy Insert Walter Payton #8
1986 Topps Walter Payton #7
1988 Topps Bo Jackson RC #327
UD Legends Autographs I like
Proline Autographs I like
Laser View Inscriptions I like
Fleer Greats Autographs I like


Cincinnati Reds (any of the following)
Jay Bruce
Joey Votto
Homer Bailey
Brandon Phillips
Aaron Harang
Jeff Keppinger

HOF & Old Timers Game used and autographs
Pete Rose - Anything I don't have (must check against my list)
Barry Larkin - Anything I don't have (must check against my list)
Ted Williams – Anything I don’t have (must check against my list)
Derek Jeter - Game Used, Auto's, Rc's
Roger Clemens - Autographs
Alex Rodriguez - Yankee Game Used, any Auto's, Rc's
Albert Pujols - RC's, Game Used, Auto's
Barry Bonds - Auto's, possibly game used
Johnny Bench - Vintage, Autos, Game used, inserts/reprints
Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds Uniform) - Game Used, Auto's
Joe Morgan - Vintage, Autos, Game used, inserts/reprints
Tony Perez - Vintage, Autos, Game used, inserts/reprints
Dave Concepcion - Anything
Nolan Ryan - Vintage, Autos, Game used
Cesar Geronimo - Anything
Ken Griffey Sr. - Game used, Auto's, Vintage
Game Used & Auto's of current Reds
Reds of the 1970's in mint or better condition
Reds pre-1970 in mint condition
Joe Nuxhall – Anything
Matt Holliday – 1999 rookies, autographs
Chase Utley – autos, game used, rookies
Ryan Howard - autos, game used, 2003 rookies
David Wright - autos, game used, 2002 rookies
Mark Teixeira - autos, Braves game used, rookies
Hanley Ramirez - autos, 2003 rookies
Ryan Braun - autos, 2007 rookies

Certified Autographs I am looking for in Baseball:
Cincinnati Reds of the 1970's
Cincinnati Reds from the 1990 World Series Champions
Joe Nuxhall
Cesar Geronimo (70's Cincinnati Red)
Nolan Ryan
Paul O'Neill (Reds Uniform)
Willie Mays
Hank Aaron
Bob Uecker
Tom Seaver (Reds Uniform)
Ted Williams
Sparky Anderson (Reds Uniform)
Mark McGwire
John Smoltz
Jose Rijo (Reds Uniform)
Tom Browning (Reds Uniform)
Barry Bonds
Jimmie Foxx


06-07 Press Pass Legends Basketball Autographs and Parallels especially of :
Steve Alford,Larry Bird, Calbert Cheaney, Scott May, David Robinson, Isiah Thomas

Larry Bird - Vintage cards, Game Used, Auto's, almost anything
Julius Erving - Vintage cards, Game Used, Auto's, almost anything
Vintage, game used & auto's of ABA/NBA stars.
Indiana University Hoosiers - Alumni cards
Steve Alford - Anything
Bob Knight - Anything

Basketball autographs wanted:
Julius Erving
Bob McAdoo
Magic Johnson
Kevin McHale
Isiah Thomas

HOF players
Former Indiana University Players
Bob Knight


Game Used ,Autos, Memorabilia of:
Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Payne Stewart, Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples, Annika Sorenstam, Lee Trevino, Fuzzy Zoeller, Michelle Wie and others (let me know what you have)
Golf Autographs wanted:
Tiger Woods
Jack Nicklaus
Payne Stewart
Arnold Palmer
Fred Couples
Lee Trevino
Fuzzy Zoeller
Michelle Wie
Tom Watson
Hale Irwin
I'll also look at other golf lists.


Pete Sampras-autographs, game used
John McEnroe-anything
Steffi Graf-anything
Gabriela Sabatini-anything
Martina Hingis-anything
Roger Federer-autographs


Dale Earnhardt Jr. autograph
Maybe others


Hulk Hogan-autographs, game used
Randy "The Macho Man" Savage-autographs, game used
Trish Stratus-anything
Terri (Runnels)-anything
Miss Jackie-anything
Stacy Keibler-anything
Will look at wrestling lists…


Women of James Bond autos I need:
The Quotable James Bond Sophie Marceau as Elektra King in "The World Is Not Enough" (Limited) #WA16
The Quotable James Bond Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin in "Tomorrow Never Dies" (Limited) #WA17
JAMES BOND DANGEROUS LIAISONS Authentic "AUTOGRAPH" card signed by URSULA ANDRESS Ursula played Honey Ryder in "Dr No" (Limited) #WA19
The Quotable James Bond Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier in "Licence To Kill" (Very Limited) #WA21
The Quotable James Bond Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan in "Thunderball" (Limited) #WA23
JAMES BOND DANGEROUS LIAISONS Authentic "AUTOGRAPH" card signed by Maud Adams (Very Limited) #WA26
JAMES BOND DANGEROUS LIAISONS Authentic "AUTOGRAPH" card signed by Denise Richards (Limited) #WA30

James Bond CAROLINE MUNRO autograph

JAG autos

04 Inkworks Alias Season 3
David Carradine auto bk $65
02 Rittenhouse Archives Babylon 5, The Complete
Bruce Boxleitner/ Melissa Gilbert double auto
03 Inkworks Charmed Power of Three
Alyssa Milano auto $250
05 Inkworks Charmed Conversations
Alyssa Milano auto $250
02 Dart Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin $75
04 Strictly Ink CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 3 & 4
Marg Helgenberger auto $135
02 Topps Dark Angel
Jessica Alba auto $300
06 Rittenhouse Archives James Bond Dangerous Laisons
Ursula Andress auto $175
04 Rittenhouse Archives James Bond, The Quotable
Roger Moore auto $250
02 Inkworks Men In Black II
Tommy Lee Jones auto $350
02 Rittenhouse Archives Outer Limits
Leonard Nimoy auto $100
William Shatner auto $110
Ed Asner auto $35
02 Inkworks Scorpion King
The Rock Auto $140
03 Stellar 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuits
Cheryl Tiegs auto $100
Christie Brinkley auto $175
Rachel Hunter auto $50
03 Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek: The Complete Animated Adventures
William Shatner auto $175
Leonard Nimoy auto $125
Nichelle Nichols auto $30
James Doohan auto $65
04 Topps Star Wars Heritage
Mark Hamill auto $1400
Carrie Fisher auto $500
03 Comic Images Terminator 3
Arnold Schwarzenegger auto $500
05 Rittenhouse Archives Superstition (Series 4)
Ron Howard auto $200
03 Inkworks X-Files Season 9
Burt Reynolds auto $55
05 Rittenhouse Xena & Hercules: The Animated Adventures
Lawless/O’Connor autos $150
Lucy Lawless auto $100

I will entertain lists of Non Sport cards like Elvis, Star Wars, etc…