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Looking for current Dodgers & Angels

No trade is to small so go ahead and ask. All cards traded should be mint unless specified.
Below you will find:
1 - G/U and Auto's Wants
2 - Set Wants
3 - G/U Trades
4 - Auto Trades
5 - Inserts for Trade
6 - Basketball G/U & Auto's for Trade
7 - Football G/U & Auto's For Trade

1 - My G/U and Auto's Wants:
Ernie Banks - Auto

Current Dodgers
Active Roster
97 Joe Beimel
58 Chad Billingsley
51 Jonathan Broxton
56 Hong-Chih Kuo
18 Hiroki Kuroda
21 Esteban Loaiza
23 Derek Lowe
31 Brad Penny
45 Scott Proctor
44 Takashi Saito
29 Jason Schmidt
72 Ramon Troncoso
26 Gary Bennett
55 Russell Martin
13 Tony Abreu
15 Rafael Furcal
14 Chin-lung Hu
12 Jeff Kent
7 James Loney
47 Mark Sweeney
16 Andre Ethier
25 Andruw Jones
27 Matt Kemp
9 Juan Pierre
3 Delwyn Young

Old Dodger Tommy Lasorda G/U or Auto
Current Stars in uni of current teams-Example
Bonds, Pujols, Ichiro, Jeter, ARod, Manny, Ortiz G/U or Auto's
Retired Lakers G/U or Auto's
Current Basketball Stars
Shaq, Wade, KBryant, AI(Denver), LJames, G/U or Auto's
I'm working on a project-
I'm looking for older marbles-clay, glass, stone etc...
I have plenty from 70's to current-
If you can, send a scan or photo-
I'll trade g/u and auto's
lmk Thanks blucas

2 - MY SET WANT LIST:(*=Pending trade)

1999 Topps #461 Sosa HR Parade #’s - 5, 8, 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, 22, 23, 28, 33, 34, 35, 56,

3 - G/U for Trade: (*=Pending trade)

Garret Anderson(Angels)Ball
03 UD Piece of the action(PA-GA)

Jeff Bagwell(Astros)Jersey(grey)
03 UD Game Face Game Face Gear(GG-JB)

Jeff Bagwell(Astros)Jersey(grey)
02 Fleer Hot Prospects MLB Hot Materials(HM-JB2)

Jeff Bagwell(Astros)Jersey(black)
02 Upper Deck Sons of Summer(SS-JB)

Rocco Baldelli(DRays)Jersey(grey)
04 Fleer Tradition Stand Outs(SO-RB)

Lance Berkman(Astros)Jersey(grey)
05 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix(JA-LB)

Angel Berroa(Royals)Jersey(grey)#98/199
05 SPx

Hank Blalock(Rangers)Bat
03 Topps Future Phenoms(FP-HB)

Barry Bonds(Giants)#144/200 3clr Patch(orange/black/grey)
03 Fleer Patchworks Patch Present Future(BB-PPF1)

Barry Bonds(Giants)Jersey(white)
03 Topps Chrome Record Breakers(CRBR-BB2)

Bill Buckner(Red Sox)Bat
01 UD Heroes of Baseball(B-BB)

AJ Burnett(Marlins)Jersey(white)#53/99
05 SP Authentic

Jose Canseco(WhiteSox)Bat
01 Topps Traded Game Used(TTR-JC)

Jose Canseco(A's)Jersey(white)#89/99
06 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Materials(LM-JC)

Rod Carew(Twins)Dual Jersey(white/blueish)#14/25
05 Playoff Prime Cuts Timeline(T-23)

Sean Casey(Indians)Jersey(grey)
05 Donruss Champions(134)

Eric Chavez(A's)Jersey(grey)#45/250
04 Playoff Honors Piece of the Game(PG-9)

Tony Clark(DBacks)Bat
05 Donruss Champions(85)

Dave Concepcion(Reds)Bat
04 Topps Clubhouse(DC)

Andre Dawson(Cubs)Bat#20/100
04 Donruss Classic Legendary Lumberjacks(LB-12)

Andre Dawson(Cubs)Bat
01 SP Legendary Cuts(B-AnD)

Cecil Fielder(Tigers)Bat
05 Topps Pristine Legends

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Jersey(grey)#120/199
05 Fleer Platinum Diamond Dominators(DD-EG)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Jersey(grey)#20/99
05 UD Artifacts MLB Artifacts(MLB-EG)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Jersey(grey)#57/325
05 UD Artifacts NL Artifacts(NL-EG)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Jersey(grey)
04 UD Reflections Red(145)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Jersey(grey)#91/100
05 Topps Pristine Uncommon Base(164)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Jersey(grey)
05 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix(JA-EG)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Patch(blue/grey/white/grey)#22/100
04 Patchworks By the Numbers(BN/EG)

Mark Grace(Cubs)Jersey(blue)
04 Topps Clubhouse(MG)

Mark Grace(Cubs)Jersey(grey)#37/50
02 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game(FG133)

Mark Grace(Cubs)Jersey(white)#43/100
04 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks (LJ-23)

Vladimir Guerrero(Expos)Jersey(grey)#8/150
04 Studio Player Collection(PC-99)

Tony Gwynn(Padres)Jersey(white)
02 Topps 206 Jersey(TR-TG)

Tony Gwynn(Padres)Bat
00 23KT Gold

Toby Hall(DRays)Jersey(white)
02 Bowman Freshman Fiber(FF-TH)

Todd Helton(Rockies)Jersey(w/stripe)
02 Fleer EX Behind the Numbers

Todd Helton(Rockies)Jersey(w/stripe)
02 Leaf Shirt off my Back(SB-TH)

Todd Helton(Rockies)Jersey(grey)
05 UpperDeck MidSummer Swatches(MS-TH)

Todd Helton(Rockies)Jersey(grey)
04 Ultra Hitting Machines(HM-TH)

Todd Helton(Rockies)Jersey(white)#22/50
04 Leaf Limited(153)

Rickey Henderson(Dodgers)Jersey(white)
04 Playoff Prestige Players Collection(PC-74)

Tori Hunter(Twins)Patch(red)#82/150
02 Fleer BoxScore Amazing Greats

Conor Jackson(USA)Jersey(white)
02 UpperDeck Rookie Debut Future Watch(US-CJ)

Nic Jackson(Cubs)Bat
03 Bowman Best(115)

Chipper Jones(Braves)Jersey(white)
05 UD Origins

Chipper Jones(Braves)Jersey(grey)
02 Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best

Chipper Jones(Braves)Jersey(grey)
02 Fleer Authentix Jersey(JA-CJ)

John Kruk(Phillies)Bat
06 Fleer Greats of the Game Decade Greats(DEC-JK)

Derrek Lee(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)#49/50
05 Playoff Prime Cuts(42)

Pedro Martinez(Dodgers)Jersey(white)
05 Donruss Champions impressions(215)

Victor Martinez(Indians)Bat#177/250 FREE W/Any G/U Trade
05 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red(148)

Dale Murphy(Braves)Jersey(w/stripe)
04 SP Legendary Cuts Historic Swatches

Phil Nevin(Padres)#10/23 Jersey(blue)
02 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game(FG-84)

Al Oliver(Dodgers)Jersey(white)
05 Donruss champions impressions(213)

Paul O'Neill(Yankees)Bat
04 Topps World Series Stitches(SSR-PO)

Roy Oswalt(Astros)Jersey(maroon)
04 Sweet Spot Sweet Threads(STS-RO)

Corey Patterson(Cubs)Bat
02 Fleer Tradition Lumber Company

Corey Patterson(Cubs)Pant(white)#610/650
01 Leaf Limited(365)

Corey Patterson(Cubs)Patch(blue)#83/99
03 UD Classic Portraits Classic Stitches(GP-CP)

Mike Piazza(Mets)Pants(white)
02 Fleer Genuine Names of the Game

Mike Piazza(Dodgers)Bat/Jersey(white)#35/50
02 Donruss Originals Nifty Fifty Combo(NF-39)

Mike Piazza(Mets)Bat
03 Topps Finest(FRB-MP)

Mike Piazza(Mets)Jersey(black)
02 Topps Finest(FRJ-MP)

Mike Piazza(Mets)Jersey(black)
03 UD Game Face Game Face Gear(GG-MP)

Mike Piazza(Mets)Dual Jersey(Black)
02 Fleer BoxScore Amazing Greats Dual Swatch

Mark Prior(Cubs)Jersey(grey)#29/50
04 Fleer Authentix Unripped(JA-MP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Jersey(white)
05 Topps Chrome The Game(CGR-MP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Jersey(grey)#24/100
03 Donruss Gamers Numbers(G-11)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)#49/350
03 UD Authentics StarQuality(SQ-MP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Jersey(blue)
02 Sweet Spot USA(USA-MP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)
03 Hot Prospects Hot Materials(HM-MP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)#495/1000
04 Ultra Diamond Producers(DP/MP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)
05 UD Origins Old Judge(OJ-MP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)
03 Sweet Spot Patch(MA1)

Aramis Ramirez(Pirates)Pants(white)
03 Ultra Back 2 Back #460/500

Aramis Ramirez(Cubs)Jersey(white)#119/250
05 Studio Master Strokes(MS-3)

Aramis Ramirez(Cubs)Bat#47/100
05 Donruss Classics Team Colors(TC-4)

Manny Ramirez(RedSox)Ball
01 Leaf Rookies & Stars Statistical Standout(SS-25)

Brian Roberts(Orioles)Jersey(white)#294/325
06 UD Artifacts MLB Apparel(MLB-BR)

Brian Roberts(Orioles)Jersey(white)
06 Turkey Red(TRR-BR)

Brian Roberts(Orioles)Jersey(white)
07 Allen & Ginter(AGR-BR)

Brooks Robinson(Orioles)Jersey(white)
07 SP Legendary Cuts A Stitch in Time(ST-BR)

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Jersey(blue)
02 Fleer BoxScore Press Clippings

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Jersey(blue)
02 Sweet Spot Swatches(S-AR)

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Jersey(blue)
02 Sweet Spot Swatches(S-AR)

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Jersey(blue)
02 Sweet Spot Swatches(S-AR)

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Jersey(blue)
04 Donruss Timelines(3)

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Jersey(white)
02 Topps Reserve(TRJ-AR)

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Jersey(white)
02 Fleer Hot Prospects MLB Hot Materials(HM-AR)

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Jersey(blue)#110/300
01 evolve Game Jersey(eJ-AR)

Alex Rodriguez(Mariners)Bat
01 SP Game Bat Milestone Edition Piece of the Action Milestone(M-AR)

Scott Rolen(Cards)Jersey(white)
03 Game Face Gear(GG-SR)

********Ryne Sandberg(Cubs)Jersey(white)
********03 Vintage Special Collection(S-RS)

Ryne Sandberg(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)
05 Upper Deck Classics Classic Materials(MA-RS)

Ben Sheets(Brewers)Dual Bat/Jersey(white)#18/50
05 Diamond Kings(124)

Sammy Sosa(Cubs)Dual Bat/Jersey(grey)
01 SPx Winning Materials(SS)GAI Graded Mint 9 (1st Graded)

Sammy Sosa(Cubs)Bat#240/399
05 Ultra Season Crowns

Bruce Sutter(Cubs)Jersey(grey)#259/350
05 Topps All Time Fan Favorites Jersey(FFR-BS)

Frank Thomas(WSox)Jersey(White)
03 UD Superstar Slam(SS-FT)

Frank Thomas(WSox)Jersey(White)
03 Sweet Spot Swatches(FT)

Frank Thomas(WSox)Jersey(white)
02 Fleer Focus Larger Than Life

Frank Thomas(WSox)Jersey(w/stripe)
01 SP Game Used Edition Fabric(FTh)

Vernon Wells(BJays)Jersey(white)
04 Donruss World Series AL Jersey #23/250(WS-175)

Bernie Williams(Yankees)Jersey(grey)
02 Fleer BoxScore Amazing Greats

Billy Williams(Cubs)Dual Jersey Prime(blue)/Jersey(grey)#107/150
05 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade(TT-105)

Dontrelle Willis(Marlins)Jersey(white)
04 UD Reflections Jersey(181)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Jersey(grey)
03 UD Game Face Gear(GG-KW)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Patch(red/white/blue)#65/290
04 Fleer Paltinum Name Plates (NPN/KW)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)
04 Upper Deck Marquee Attractions(MA-KW)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Jersey(grey)#79/175
02 Donruss Fan Club League Leaders(LL-20)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Jersey(white)#345/500
03 Donruss Gamers(G-36)

********Kerry Wood(Cubs)Hat(blue)#48/90
********03 Playoff Piece of the Game(POG-55)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)
03 Playoff Piece of the Game(POG-55)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Jersey(white)
03 Platinum Portraits(PP-KW)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Jersey(grey)#181/775
02 UD Diamond Connection(546)

Robin Yount(Brewers)Jersey(grey)#125/150
04 Leather & Lumber(78)

Robin Yount(Brewers)Jersey(w/stripe)
04 Legendary Cuts Ultimate Swatches

Robin Yount(Brewers)Jersey(grey)
01 Topps Archives Reserve Rookie Reprint Relics(ARR20)

Multi-Player Game Used

Roger Clemens(Yankees)Base/Randy Johnson(DBacks)Base
03 UD MVP Dual Aces(DA-CJ)

Mark Grace(Cubs)Bat/Ryne Sandberg(Cubs)Bat #11/50
03 Leaf Limited Lineups(L-8)

4 - Auto's for Trade:

Bobby Abreu(Phillies)Auto#18/50
02 Studio Private Signings(3)

Luis Atilano(Braves)Auto
03 Upper Deck(P44)

Homer Bailey(Reds)Auto Refractor
04 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick Auto Refractor(BDP170)

Jason Bartlett(Twins)Auto
05 Leaf

Adrian Beltre(Dodgers)Auto
00 Fleer Focus Fresh Ink

Adrian Beltre(Dodgers)Auto
02 Topps Autographs(TA-AB)

Adrian Beltre(Dodgers)Auto
98 Bowmans Best(120)

Chad Bentz(Expos)#113/310 Auto
04 Fleer Platinum Inscribed(I-CBE)

Lance Berkman(Astros)Auto
00 Fleer Autographics(Purple)

Brian Bixler(Pirates)
07 Bowman Signs of the Future

Joe Borchard(WSox)#161/200 Auto
04 Diamond Kings(81)

Ryan Braun(Royals)Auto
07 UD Spectrum(141)

Eude Brito(Phillies)Auto
05 Donruss Signature Series(101)

Chris Burke(Astros)Auto #252/350
05 SPx

********Chris Burke(USA)Auto#181/445
********04 SP Authentic USA Signatures

Sean Burroughs(Padres)Auto
04 Sweet Spot Signatures(SS-SB)

Jose Canseco(A's)Auto/Patch(white/yellow/green)#16/25
05 Prime Patches

Ronny Cedeno(Cubs)Auto#741/766
04 Studio Signatures(202)

Ron Chiavacci(Expos)Auto #118/825
02 SPx

Ryan Church(Indians)Auto
03 Bowman(SOF-RC)

Matt Clement(Padres)Auto
99 SP Signature Edition(MC1)

Erik Cordier(Royals)Auto
05 Topps ser2

Matt Creighton(Cubs)Auto
04 Topps Chrome(229)

Adam Eaton(BollWeevils)Auto
96 Best

Cliff Floyd(Minors)#431/2000 Auto
97 Classic Draft Picks

Jason Frasor(BJays)#432/799 Auto/Jersey(grey)
04 SPx SPXciting Rookies(189)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Auto/Ball
00 Revolution(9)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Auto#22/25
04 Skybox Autographics Gold(A-EG)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Auto #89/100
04 Patchworks Autoworks(AW-EG)

Eric Gagne(Dodgers)Auto #25/350
03 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures

Jerome Gamble(RedSox)#439/750 Auto
04 Elite(176)

Chris Getz(WSox)Auto
07 Bowman Signs of the Future CG

Greg Golson(Phillies)Auto
05 Bowman

Mike Gosling(DBacks)Auto
04 PlayBall RC Portfolio

Jody Gerut(Indians)#35/100 Auto
04 Patchworks Autoworks(AW-JG)

Marcus Giles(Braves)Auto#243/250
02 Studio Private Signings(16)

Mark Grudzielanek(Expos)Auto
96 Leaf Signature Series

Robby Hammock(DBacks)Auto#9/65
04 SP Authentic Chirography

Jason Hart(A's)Auto
01 Bowman(BA-JWH)

Ryan Harvey(Cubs)Auto
03 Bowman Draft Picks Auto(BDP167)

JP Howell(Royals)Auto#89/300
05 Turkey Red

Edwin Jackson(Dodgers)Auto #107/200
04 Platinum Inscribed(I-EJ)

Edwin Jackson(Dodgers)Auto
04 SPx Super Scripts(SU-EJ)

Nic Jackson(Cubs)Auto#36/100
03 Leaf Certified Mirror Red(32)

Nic Jackson(Cubs)Auto#61/100
04 Donruss Classic Significant Signatures(61)

Nic jackson(Cubs)Auto#446/500
03 Donruss Classic Significant Signautres(180)

Nic Jackson(Cubs)Auto
04 Donruss Team Heroes Auto(76)

John Koronka(Rangers)Auto
06 Upper Deck Future Stars 111

Mike Lamb(Rangers)Auto
02 Topps 206 ser3(TA-ML)

Jon Leicester(Cubs)Auto#130/250
03 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia(191)

Mike Lieberthal(Phillies)#24/25 Auto Glove
04 Sweet Spot Sweet Gloves(SS-ML)

Tim Lincecum(Giants)Auto
07 Bowman Chrome(BC238)

Francisco Liriano(Twins)Auto
07 Topps Co-Sig Solo Sigs FL

Bobby Livingston(Mariners)Auto
06 Upper Deck Future Stars 150

Paul LoDuca(Mets)Auto Refractor
07 Turkey Red(TRC-PL)

Ryan Ludwick(Rangers/Indians)Auto
04 Leaf(25)

Mitch Maier(A's)Auto#128/250
07 Bowman(226)

Kevin Melillo(A's)Auto
05 Topps Chrome

Scott Moore(Cubs)Auto
07 Topps Co-Sig Silver Red 113

Peter Moylan(Braves)Auto
06 Upper Deck Future Stars 158

Ramon Nivar(Rangers)Auto #18/250
04 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Red(193)

Ricky Nolasco(Cubs)Auto
04 Bowman Best(BB-RN)

Abraham Nunez(Marlins)#188/250 Auto
02 Studio Private Signings(89)

Laynce Nix(Rangers)Auto
05 Prime Patches

Roy Oswalt(Astros)Auto#42/50
02 Studio Private Signings(37)

Akinori Otsuka(Padres)Auto#239/475
05 SP Authentic

Pablo Ozuna(Marlins)Auto
02 Playoff Absolute Absolutely Ink(AI-44)

Corey Patterson(Lugnuts)
99 Team Best Auto

Corey Patterson(Lugnuts)
99 Just Auto

Corey Patterson(Cubs)Auto #81/300
01 Donruss Rookie Crusade(RC-33)

Corey Patterson(Cubs)Auto #152/199
04 SkyboxLE History of the Draft(HDA-CP)

Corey Patterson(Cubs)Auto #68/250
04 Etchings Etched in Time(ET-CP)

Angel Pena(Dodgers)Auto
99 Skybox Autographics

Tony Pena(DBacks)Auto#3/50
05 Studio Private Signings(18)

Felix Pie(Cubs)Auto
03 Bowman Best Auto(BB-FP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Auto
03 Hot Prospects Red Hot PlayerGraphs Auto #46/100(P-MP)

Mark Prior(Cubs)Auto
02 Absolute Memorabilia Abosolutly Ink Auto(AI-36)

Aramis Ramirez(Pirates)Auto#3/50
02 Studio Private Signings(49)

Mike Rogers(A's)Auto#93/970
05 Finest

Cody Ross(Marlins)Auto
06 Upper Deck Future Stars 87

Dennis Sarfate(Brewers)Auto
07 UD Spectrum(114)

Luke Scott(Astros)Auto on Leather#24/256
05 Leather & Leather Leather Cuts

Chris Seddon(Drays)Auto
07 Bowman Signs of the Future CJS

Brian Stavisky(A's)Auto#24/399
05 Bowmans Best

Brian Stavisky(A's)Auto#221/399
05 Bowmans Best

Charles Thomas(Braves)#277/1000 Auto
04 Playoff World Series(191)

Charles Thomas(Braves)#149/799 Auto/Jersey(white)
04 SPx SPXciting Rookie(172)

Bubba Trammell(Tigers)Auto
96 Best

Carlos Vasquez(Cubs)Auto#87/999
04 SP Authentic Future Watch Auto(93)

Carlos Vasquez(Cubs)Auto
04 SPx Super Scripts(SU-CV)

Jorge Vasquez(Royals)Auto
05 Donruss(3)

Todd Wellemeyer(Cubs)Auto#13/250
03 Playoff Absolute Spectrum(199)

Aron Weston(Cubs)Auto
03 Bowman Best Auto(BB-AW)

Aron Weston(Cubs)Auto
02 Bowman Chrome Xfractor(338)

Jerome Williams(Giants)Auto
03 Sweet Spot Signatures(JW-AU)

Josh Willingham(Marlins)Auto #/999
06 SPx(119)

Preston Wilson(Marlins)#14/200 Dual Auto/Jersey(w/stripe)
02 UD(J-WP)

Kerry Wood(Cubs)Auto#73/191
04 Skybox Autographics Auto(A-KW)

Delmon Young(DRays)Auto#4/10
05 Studio Private Signings

*******Carlos Zambrano(Cubs)Auto#103/250
*******04 Etchings Etched in Time(ET-CZ)

Carlos Zambrano(Cubs)Auto#36/100
05 Studio Private Signings(57)

Dual Autos
Andre Dawson(Cubs)Auto/Jsy(white)/Corey Patterson(Cubs)Auto/Jsy(blue)
#8/10 Dawsons Jersey #8
05 UD Artifacts MLB Dual Signatures(DA-PD)

Jerry Owens(WSox)Auto/Mike Bourn(Phillies)Auto
07 Topps Co-Sig Dual Autos(CS-OB)

5 - Inserts for Trade
Too many to list-
I will find player or teams if interested-

6 - Basketball G/U & Auto's for Trade
Tony Allen(Celtics)
04-05 Topps Pristine Personal Pieces Jersey #28/350

Gilbert Arenas(Warriors)
03-04 UD Sweet Shot Sweet Game Jersey (GA-J)

Primoz Brezec(Bobcats)
04-05 Topps Pristine Personal Pieces Jersey #137/350

Caron Butler(Heat)
03-04 UD Game Jersey

Vince Carter(USA)
01-02 Fleer Exclusive Vinsanity Collection USA Jersey

Tyson Chandler(Bulls)
01-02 UD Flight Team Jersey Jams (TC-J)

Jamal Crawford(Bulls)
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Black #6/25 Jersey(JE-JC)

Drew Gooden(Magic)
02-03 Fleer Platinum Freshman Fabric G/U Jersey(FF-DG)

*******Dwight Howard(Magic)
*******04-05 Fleer Throwbacks 77 JSY RC

Al Jefferson(Celtics)
04-05 SP Authentic Signature Edition Retro RemnantsJersey #167/499

James Jones(Pacers)
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Jersey(w/stripe)(JE-JJ)

Andrei Kirilenko(Jazz)
04-05 Ultra Season Crowns Jersey #109/349

David Lee(Knicks)
04-05 Topps Pristine Uncommon Jersey

Rashad McCants(TWolves)
05-06 Finest Facts Jersey #1064/1629

Mark Madsen(Lakers)
01-02 Topps Heritage Back to the Future Jersey(BF5)

Shawn Marion(Suns)
03-04 Topps Matrix mini Jersey(MR-SM)

Darius Miles(Clippers)
02-03 SP GU Authentic Fabrics Jersey(39)

Darius Miles(Cavs)
03-04 UD Glass Jersey

Jermaine O'Neal(Pacers/USA)
03-04 Advant Jersey #377/400

Shaq O'Neal(Lakers)
03-04 Fleer Genuine Insider Scoring Threats

Stromile Swift(Grizzles)
01-02 SPx Winning Materials Dual Warm-up/Shirt(SS)

Hakim Warrick(Grizzlies)
04-05 Topps Pritine Uncommon Jersey

Combo Player-
Jameer Nelson(Magic)/Delonte West(Celtics)
04/05 Skybox Fresh Ink Game Breakers Dual Jersey

Stephon Marbury(Knicks)/Jamal Crawford(Knicks/Bulls)
04-05 SPx Winning Cobos Dual Jersey

Shareff Abdur-Rahim(Hawks)/Darius Miles(Clippers)
02-03 Fleer Authentix Dual Jersey #20/50 (SA-DM Unripped)

**********************Tony Allen(Celtics)
**********************SP Authenic Signature Edition SP Signs #73/100

Leandro Barbosa(Suns)
03-04 Legends Signs of the Future

Andrew Bogut(Bucks)
05-06 Finest XFractor#14/169 Auto(126)

Lionel Chalmers(Clippers)
04-05 UD Rookie Debut Ink Auto

Travis Diener(Magic)
05-06 UD Rookie Debut Ink

Clyde Drexler(Blazers)
04-05 SP Authentic Signatures

TJ Ford(Bucks/Texas)
03-04 Bowman Rookies and Stars Auto

Reece Gaines(Louisville/Magic)
03-04 Bowman Signs of the Future Autograph(SFA-RG)

Ryan Gomes(Providence)
05 Press Pass Auto

Devin Harris(Wisconsin)
04 Press Pass Power Pick Auto #207/250

Jarvis Hayes(Wizards)
04-05 Ultimate Auto Rookie #69/250

Cory Hightower(?)
00-01 SP Top Prospect First Impression

Al Jefferson(Celtics)
06-07 SPx Flashback Fabrics Jersey(green)/Auto(FFAJ)

Jason Kidd(Nets)
04-05 Sweet Shot Signature Shots Auto(SS-JK)

David Lee(Knicks/Florida)
05-06 Rookie Debut Ink

Shaun Livingston(McDonalds HS All American)
04 Press Pass Autograph Red

Mark Madsen(Lakers)
00-01 SPx Rookie Jersey(purple)/Auto(92)

Jason Maxiell(Cincinati)
05 Sage Auto #248/500

Sean May(North Carolina)
05 Press Pass Auto

04-05 Skybox Premium #31/100

Mickael Pietrus(France)
03-04 UD Top Prospects Signs of Success Autograph (SS-PI)

Pavel Podkolzin(Mavericks)
04-05 SP Authentic Signature Edition Rookie Auto #11/21

Pavel Podkolzin(Mavericks)
04-05 Skybox E-XL Signing of the Times Half Century Auto REDEMPTION

Zach Randolph(Blazers)
04-05 Black Diamonds Gemographs

Zach Randolph(Blazers)
04-05 SP Authentic Signature Edition Auto #18/50

Kareem Rush(Lakers)
02-03 Ultimate Collection Signatures(KR-S)

Romain Sato(Spurs)
04-05 Black Diamond Gemographs

JR Smith(Hornets)
04-05 SPx Auto/Jersey(teal)#26/1999

Robert Swift(Supersonics)
04-05 Fresh Ink Autographs#129/199

Dijon Thompson(Suns/UCLA)
05-06 UD Rookie Debut Ink

Antoine Walker(Celtics)
98-99 Bowmans Best(A5)

********************Luke Walton(Lakers)
********************03-04 Rookie Matrix Auto

Marcus Williams(Nets)
06-07 SPx Dual Jersey/Auto(141)

Maurice Williams(Bucks)
05-06 UD Rookie Debut Ink

Sheldon Williams(Hawks)
06-07 UD Hardcourt Auto(139)

Multi-Player Auto

Morris Peterson(Raptors)/Rafael Araujo(Raptors)
04-05 SP Authentic signature Edition Auto #14/100

JJ Redick(Magic)/Sheldon Williams(Hawks)
06-07 Topps FullCourt Co-Signers(CS34)

7 - Football G/U & Auto's For Trade

**********Ronnie Brown(Dolphins)Jersey(teal)
**********05 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jersey

*Timmy Chang(Shrine)Jersey(blue)
05 Rookie Debut Saturday Swatches

*Ashley Lelie(Broncos)Jersey(blue)#216/435
02 Private Stock Titanium Jersey

**********Dan Orlovsky(Uconn)Jersey(white)
**********05 Rookie Debut Saturday Swatches

*Andrew Walter(Raiders)Jersey(black)
05 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jersey

Multi Player G/U
*Braylon Edwards(Browns)Jsy(white)/Charlie Frye(Browns)Jsy(brown)
05 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems*********TRADE*********

*Nate Burleson(Vikings)Auto
05 Finest Auto Refractor

*Casey Clausen(Chiefs/TENN)Auto
04 UD Foundations Signatures

*Dan Cody(?)Auto Redemption card
05 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects

*Ciatrick Fason(Florida)Auto
05 Rookie Debut Debut Ink

*Alvin Pearman(Jaguars)Auto X-Fractor#214/250
05 Finest

******************Tab Perry(Bengals)Auto
******************05 Finest

The Sosa Collection (1 G/U)
99 Ovation A piece of History(SS)
99 Upper Deck Jersey(SS)
01 Evolution Game Jersey(grey)(J-SS)
01 eVolve Game Jersey(w/stripe)#276/300(eJ-SS)
01 Donruss Classics Benchmarks Stadium Seat(BM-10)
01 Fleer Legacy MLB Game Issue Base
01 Gold Glove Official Issue G/U Ball W/Rondell White(OI-SW)
01 Gold Glove Slugger’s Choice-Batting Glove(SC-SS)
01 MVP Souvenirs-Batting Glove(black)(G-SS)
01 MVP Souvenirs-Batting Glove(white)(G-SS)
01 Ovation A Piece of History Bat(SS)
01 Playoff Ab. Mem. Home Openers Souvenirs Base #78/400(OD-14)
01 Pros & Prospects Specialty Jersey(grey)(S-SS)
01 SP Authentic UD Exclusives Jersey(w/stripe)(UD-SS)
01 SP Game Bat Edition Piece of the Game Bat(SS)
01 SP Game Bat Piece of the Action Bound for the Hall Bat(B-SS)
01 SP Game Bat Piece of the Action Milestone Bat(M-SS)
01 SP Game Used Jersey(blue)(SS-R)
01 SP Game Used Jersey(grey)(SS-R)
01 SP Game Used Jersey(w/stripe)(SS-H)
01 SPX Winning Materials Dual Bat/Jersey(grey)(SS)
01 Stadium Club Dirt Relic Play at the Plate(PP-2)
01 Sweet Spot Bat(B-SS)
01 Topps Gold Label MLB Award Ceremony MVP Jersey(white)(GLR-SS2)
01 Topps Stars Game Gear Jersey(blue)(TSR-SS)
01 Ultimate Collection Game Jersey(w/stripe)#119/150(U-SS)
01 Upper Deck All-Star Heroes Jersey(blue)#1150/2000(ASH-SS)
01 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Lumber Bat(L-SS)
02 40 Man Super Swatch Jersey(blue)#89/250(S-SS)
02 BallPark Idols Uniform Sluggers Jersey(white)
02 BestofDonruss FanClub LeagueLeaders Jersey(w/stripe)#27/150(LL32)
02 BestofDonruss FanClub PurePower Bat#65/150(PP-01)
02 Diamond Connection Big League Heroes-Bat #150/200(445)
02 Diamond Connection Diamond Collection Jersey(w/stripe)#139/775(215)
02 Diamond Connection Diamond Collection Bat #94/775(383)
02 Diamond Connection History Makers Jersey(grey)#145/150(342)
02 Ex Hit & Run G/U Base
02 Honor Roll Stitch of Nine Jersey(grey)(S9-SS1)
02 Honor Roll Stitch of Nine Jersey(w/stripe)(S9-SS2)
02 Honor Roll Stitch of Nine Jersey(grey)(S9-SS3)
02 Honor Roll Stitch of Nine Jersey(w/stripe)(S9-SS4)
02 Honor Roll Time Capsule Jersey(white)(TC-SS2)
02 Honor Roll Jersey(white)(J-SS3)
02 Honor Roll Batting Glove(blue w/black)#47/250(G-SS)
02 Piece of History The MVP Club Jersey(grey)(M-SS)
02 Playoff Piece of the Game-Base(POG-76)
02 Rookie Debut Solid Contact Bat(SC-SS)
02 Showcase Baseball’s Best-Base
02 SP Authentics SP Game Jersey(w/stripe)(J-SS)
02 SPX Superstars Swatches Gold Jersey(w/stripe)#98/150)(177)
02 SPX Superstars Swatches Silver Jersey(w/stripe)#38/400)(177)
02 SPX Superstars Swatches Jersey(w/stripe)#594/800(177)
02 Sweet Spot Swatches Jersey(blue)(S-SS)
02 Triple Crown Season Crowns Base
02 UD Authentics Star of 89 Jersey(white)(SL-SS)
02 UD Authentics Retro Star Jersey(grey)(SR-SS)
02 UD Authentics Retro Star Gold Jersey(grey)#88/275(SR-SS)
02 UD Authentics Reverse Negative Jersey(white)(R-SS)
02 UD Authentics Reverse Negative Jersey(grey)#40/350(R-SS)
02 UD Authentics Reverse Negative Gold Jersey(grey)#109/275(R-SS)
02 Ultimate Collection Jersey(w/stripe)#189/199(JP-SS)
02 Upper Deck All-Star HomeRun Derby Jersey(red)(AS-SS1)
02 Upper Deck All-Star HomeRun Derby Jersey(w/stripe)(AS-SS2)
02 Upper Deck Collectors Club Bat(SS-B)
02 Upper Deck Game Jersey Jersey(grey)#149/350(SS)
02 Upper Deck Game Used Base(B-SS)
02 Upper Deck Rookie Update Star Tributes Jersey(w/stripe)(ST-SS)
03 Authentix Ripped Bat(BA-SS)
03 Bowman Heritage Red Diamond Cuts Relics Bat #17/56(DC-SS1)
03 EX Diamond Essentials Jersey(grey)#127/345(DEGU-SS)
03 Game Face Game Face Gear Jersey(white)(GG-SS)
03 Genuine Tools of the Game Bat(TG-SS)
03 Genuine Genuine Article Jersey(grey)
03 Patchworks Patch Present Future 3color Patch #172/200(SS2-PPF1)
03 Donruss Champions Statistical Champs Jersey(white)#99/250(SC-29)
03 Donruss Gamers Jersey Numbers Jersey(w/stripe)#12/100(G-6)
03 Donruss Gamers Jersey(w/stripe)#481/500(G-6)
03 Finest Jersey(blue)(FRJ-SS)
03 Honor Roll Star Quality Jersey(w/stripe)#155/250(SQ-SS)
03 Honor Roll Dean's List Jersey(blue)(DL-SS)
03 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Jersey(w/stripe)#15/250(29)
03 Platinum Heart of the Order Jersey(grey)#40/400
03 PlayBall black back-Jersey(grey)(PB-SS1)
03 Playoff Portraits Jersey(w/stripe)#15/50(40)
03 Playoff Piece of the Game Bat(POG-87)
03 Playoff Prestige 2003 Player Collection Jersey(w/stripe)#87/325
03 Pritine Bomb Squad Jersey(blue)(PBS-SS2)
03 Pristine Pristine Borders Jersey(blue)(PB-SS)
03 Showcase Baseball's Best Jersey(white)(BB-SS)
03 Showcase Sweet Stiches Jersey(w/2 stripes)#679/899(SS-SS)
03 Splendid Splinters Bat Chips Bat #196/425(102)
03 Splendid Splinters Knothole Gang Jersey(w/stripe)(SS-KG)
03 SPx Winning Materials Jersey(w/stripe)#218/375(WM-SS1)
03 Studio FanFest Masterstrokes-Base(4)
03 Studio Leather & Lumber Bat #56/300(LL-38)
03 Studio Players Collection Jersey(white)#253/300
03 Topps All-Star Base(GU3)
03 Topps Chrome Record Breakers Bat(CRBR-SS)
03 Topps Tribute Contemporary Perennial All-Star Bat(PA-SS)
03 Topps Tribute Milestone Materials Jersey(blue)(MIM-SS2)
03 Tradition Milestones Jersey(white)(MS-SS)
03 UD Classic Portraits Stitches Jersey(white)#37/299(GJ-SS)
03 Ultimate Collection Game Jersey(white)#16/75(J-SS2)
03 Ultra Back 2 Back Base #159/500
03 Upper Deck Piece of the Action Game Ball(PA-SS)
03 Upper Deck Superstar Slam Jersey(grey)(SS-SS)
03 Upper Deck Mid-Summer Swatches Jersey(blue)(MS-SS)
03 Upper Deck Game Swatches Jersey(blue)(HJ-SS)
03 Vintage Vintage Special Collection Jersey(w/stripe)(S-SS)
04 Authentix Jersey Authentix Jersey(grey)(JA-SS)
04 Bowman Heritage Threads of Greatness Jersey(blue)(TG-SS)
04 Cracker Jack Take Me Out to the Ball Game Bat(TB-SS)
04 Diamond Kings Materials Fr Bnze Bat/Jersey(w/stripe)#52/100(144)
04 Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection Jersey(w/stripe)#42/100(DC-36)
04 Donruss Classic Single Bat #23/50(CC-27)
04 Donruss Jersey Kings Jersey(w/stripe)#174/250(JK2)
04 Donruss Timber & Threads Jersey(w/stripe)(TT-18)
04 Donruss Timber & Threads Bat(TT-38)
04 Elite Back To The Future Bat #60/200(BF-5)
04 Elite Back To Back Jacks Bat #88/125(BB13)
04 Elite Career Best Jersey(grey)#4/200(CB-34)
04 Finite First Class Jersey(w/stripe)(FC-SS)
04 Flair Diamond Cuts Bronze Jersey(grey)#37/75(DC-SS)
04 Flair Diamond Cuts Red Jersey(w/stripe)#157/175(DC-SS)
04 Flair Power Tools Blue Bat #132/250(PT-SS)
04 Genuine Insider Tools of the Game Dual Bat/Jersey(white)#70/125(TGD-SS)
04 Leaf Shirt Off My Back Jersey(white)(SOMB-18)
04 Leaf Picture Perfect Bat(PP-14)
04 Leaf Home Jersey(w/stripe)(H-2)
04 Leaf Away Jersey(grey)(A-2)
04 Leather & Lumber Jersey(blue)#163/250(34)
04 Legacy Hit Kings Bronze Jersey(grey)(HK/SS)
04 Legacy Hit Kings 3clr Patch(grey/white/red)#28/50(HK/SS)
04 National Pastime History in the Making Jersey(white)(HM-SS)
04 Patchworks National Patchtime Jersey(grey)#264/350(NP/SS)
04 Platinum Name Plates 4color Patch #293/490(NPN/SS)
04 Platinum Portraits Jersey(white)(PP/SS)
04 Platinum Portraits Patch(blue)#55/100(PPP/SS)
04 Platinum Clubhouse Memorabilia Jersey(w/stripe)(CLU-SS)
04 Platinum Clubhouse Memorabilia Dual 3clr Patch(white/red/blue)/Jersey(white)#8/50(CLUB-SS)
04 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Prime Jersey 2clr Patch #48/50(MLB10)
04 Playoff Prestige Player Collection Jersey(yellow)(PC-83)
04 Playoff Prestige Player Collection Jersey(grey)(PC-84)
04 Playoff Prestige Player Collection Jersey(white)(PC-85)
04 Playoff Prestige Changing Stripes Dual Jersey SOX(grey)/CUBS(w/stripe)#52/150(CS-25)
04 Showcase Baseball's Best Jersey(white)#117/150(BB-SS)
04 Showcase Baseball's Best Jersey(white)(BB-SS)
04 Studio Spirit of the Game Jersey(white)#24/200(SOG-1)
04 Throwback Threads Blast from the Past Bat#84/250(BP-22)
04 Timelines Jersey(grey)(43)
04 Timelines #55/125 Dual Jersey(grey)/Bat(43)
04 Topps Chrome Fashionably Great Jersey(white)(FRG-SS)
04 Topps Chrome Town Heroes Jersey(w/stripe)(CHR-SS)
04 Tradition This Day in History Bat(TDH-SS)
04 UD Diamond Collection Deans List Jersey(w/stripe)(DL-SS)
04 Ultra Diamond Producers Jersey(white)#302/1000(DP/SS)
04 Vintage Stellar Stat Men Jersey(grey)(SSM-10)
05 Diamond Kings Combo Bat/Jersey(w/stripe)#119/200(56)
05 Fleer Stand Outs Jersey(w/stripe)(SO-SS)
05 Pack Wars Bat(PWR-SS)
05 Topps Chrome the Game Jersey(grey)(CGR-SS)
05 Ultra Follow the Leader Jersey(grey)#116/250
05 Ultra Season Crowns Bronze Bat #134/399(98)
05 Upper Deck Orioles Game Jersey(white)(GJ-SS)

Combo Sosa’s
00 SPX Winning Materials
Sosa Ball/McGwire Ball(MM-SS)

01 MVP Souvenirs
Sosa Bat/Thomas Bat(G-TS)

01 SPX Winning Materials
Sosa Jersey(w/stripe)/ Ernie Banks Pants(grey)(SS-EB)

02 SPx Winning Materials
Sosa Jersey(w/stripe)/Corey Patterson Jersey(blue)(WM-SP)

02 Diamond Connection Bat Around
Sosa Bat/Griffey Jr. Bat/McGriff Bat/Palmiero Bat (BA-SGPM)

03 Authentix Game of the Week
Sosa Jersey(grey)/Piazza Jersey(black)(MP-SS)

04 Playoff Prestige Connections #224/250
Sosa Bat/Prior Bat(C-8)

05 Authentix Jersey Authentix Game of the Week #138/160
Sosa Jersey(grey)/Maggilo Ordonez Jersey(w/stripe)(JAGW/OS

Sosa the Auto's
01 SP Game Bat Edition Auto/Bat
02 Rookie Debut Elite Auto #2/25
03 SP Authentic Chirography Triple Sosa/Ichiro/Giambi #/75
04 Leaf Limited Monikers Auto/Jersey #21/25

The Choi Collection
02 Bowman DraftPicks&Prospects Fabric of the Future Jersey(yellow)
03 Bowman Futures Game Jersey(yellow)(FG-HC)
03 Fleer Hot Prospects Hot Material #275/499 Jersey(grey)(HM-HC)
03 Fleer Hot Prospects Hot Tandems #9/100 Dual Choi Jersey(grey)/
Overbay Jersey(purple)(HC-LO)
03 Fleer Hot Prospects Future Swatch #53/1200 Jersey(grey)(85)
03 Fleer Patchworks #126/300 3clr Patch(PW-HC2)
03 Fleer Patchworks #47/100 3clr Patch(PW-HC2)
03 UD Classic Portraits Stiches #285/299 Jersey(white)(GJ-HC)
03 UD Finite Elements(FE-HC)
04 Donruss Classics Dress Code #81/100 Jersey(grey)(DC-43)
04 Donruss Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection #34/50
Combo Bat/Jersey(w/stripe)(DC-27)
04 Donruss Diamond Kings Silver #7/50
Combo Bat/Jersey(w/stripe)(66)
04 Donruss Diamond Kings Bronze #37/100
Combo Bat/Jersey(white)(66)
04 Elite Back to the Future Jersey(grey) #179/200(BF-6)
04 Elite Back to the Future Bat #20/200(BF-6)
04 Finest Jersey(w/stripe)(102)
04 Fleer Authentix Jersey(w/stripe)(JA-HC)
04 Fleer Tradition StandOuts Jersey(grey)(SO-HC)
04 Playoff Prestige Players Collection Jersey(w/stripe)(PC-33)
04 Playoff Honors Players Collection Jersey(white)#84/250(PC-33)
04 Playoff Honors Players Collection Jersey(w/stripe)#47/50(PC-33)

***Da Cubs***
Ernie Banks 02 Topps Archives Reserve Reprint Relic Jersey(w/stripe)(TRR-EB)
Ernie Banks 93 Nabisco All-Star Autograph

*****Lakers NFT*****

Kobe Bryant Ball(w/stripe)
99 Edge Authentic Gameball(GG1)

Magic Johnson Auto
02-03 UD Generations Signature Classics(MG-S)

Shaquille O'Neal Auto
03-04 Topps Chrome Chromographs(CA-SO)

Shaquille O'Neal Patch(purple/yellow/white)#21/45
03-04 Skybox Auto Classics(AC-SO)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(white)
02-03 Topps Shaq Attack(SA1)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(purple)
02-03 Topps Shaq Attack(SA2)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
02-03 Topps Shaq Attack(SA3)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
02-03 Topps Shaq Attack(SA4)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
02-03 Topps Shaq Attack(SA5)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(purple)
02-03 Topps Chrome Shaq Attack(SAC1)

Shaquille O'NealJersey(purple)
02-03 Topps Chrome Shaq Attack(SAC2)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(purple)
02-03 Topps Chrome Shaq Attack(SAC3)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
02-03 Topps Chrome Shaq Attack(SAC4)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
02-03 Topps Chrome Shaq Attack(SAC5)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(black)
01-02 Topps Chrome Jersey Edition Team Topps(TT-SO)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
03-04 UD Rookie Exclusives(J35)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
03-04 Topps Chrome Bonus Coverage(BCR-SO)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
03-04 Fleer Genuine Scoring Threats(ST-SO)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)#307/399
03-04 Skybox LE Jersey Proof(44)

Shaquille O'Neal Jersey(yellow)
03-04 Topps Bazooka Blasts(BB-SO)

Kurt Rambis Auto
03-04 UD Legends Legendary Signatures(LS-KR)

Kareem Rush Auto
02-03 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures(KR-S)

Ernie Banks(Cubs)Auto$15
93 Nabisco All*Star Autograph

Ernie Banks(Cubs)Jersey(w/stripe)$25
02 Topps Archives Reserve(TRR-EB)

Yogi Berra(Yankees)Auto$80
03 UD Yankee Signature Series Pride of New York(PN-YB)

Barry Bonds(Giants)Auto$175
02 Topps Ten

***************Ken Boyer(Cards)Jersey Prime(blue/red/white)#72/141$40
***************05 Donruss Champions Impressions(250)

Roberto Clemente(Pirates)Bat$40
05 Donruss Signatures Series(HOF-35)

Joe DiMaggio(Yankees)Pants(greyish)$100
02 UD Rookie Update Star Tributes(ST-JD)

Ken Griffey Jr(Reds)Auto Exchange$120
03 UD Game Face(A-KG)

Ken Griffey Jr(Reds)Auto$100
01 UD MVP Authentic Griffey(AG-S)

Derek Jeter(Yankees)Auto/Bat$175
01 Showcase Sweet Sigs

Chipper Jones(Braves)Auto$60
00 SP Authentic SP Chirography(CJ)

Joe Mauer(Twins)Auto$80
02 Topps 206(TA-JM)

Joe Mauer(Twins)Auto$80
02 Bowmans Best(110)

*************Stan Musial(Cards)Jersey(greyish)$40
*************03 Donruss Champions Team Colors(TC-10)

Manny Ramirez(Indians)Auto/Jersey(white)$80
00 Upper Deck Game Jersey Autograph(H-MR)

Alex Rodriguez(Rangers)Auto$120
01 Bowman Heritage(BHA-AR)

Nolan Ryan(Angels)Auto$120
04 Fleer Greats of the Game(GBA-NR)

Sammy Sosa(Cubs)Auto#2/25$NA Scarcity
02 UD Rookie Debut

Sammy Sosa(Cubs)Auto/Bat$100
01 SP Piece of History(S-SS)

Ted Williams(ResSox)Jersey(gresyish)$60
04 Fleer Greats of the Game Forever Jersey(F-TW)

Ichiro/Sosa/Giambi Triple Auto#11/75$500
03 SP Authentic(ISG)

************************MY PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION****************
************************EVERYTHING BELOW IS OLD STUFF****************

2002 UD SP Authentic - 12

2003 Studio – 180

2001 UD MVP – 4

2002 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome (BDP) – 17, 97, 118

2002 Topps 206 ser1 – 112

2002 Topps 206 ser3 –
308 ARod - Blue Jersey
353 Manny Ramirez
376 Kaz Ishii
419 Jake Blalock
420 Micah Schilling
423 Wes Bankston - Blue Background
429 Joey Votto
435 Yogi Berra

04 Sweet Spot - 7,10,11,13,14,15,17,20,

04 SP Legendary Cuts - 5,7,10,16,22,25,26,28,36,

04 SPx - 3,5,10,17,24,30,31,45,52,58,59,68,73,80,86,87

Basketball set wants:

02-03 Topps 3 iverson, 44 divac, 88 christie

14 shaq
15 jermaine o'neal

Coast to Coast
3 bibby
4 davis
5 francis
7 kobe
8 jordan
9 pierce
14 nash
19 tinsley
20 parker

Top Tandems
1 walker/pierce