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I've been collecting and trading cards since the 1960's. Of course back in those days it wasn't like it is today. We'd return bottles for a couple of packs, open them up and check against our checklist card (yup we ticked the boxes too). We'd carefully sort our cards into order, wrap an elastic band around them and toss them in a drawer. Our duplicates would be clipped to the spokes of our bikes, what a great sound. We'd trade with our friends at school or flip them against each other.
When we lost interest mom would tidy up and toss out those cards that we never look at anymore. I could have retired years ago on the cards mom threw out, I had at least 3 Orr rookies that were tossed out.

Of the thousands of cards I collected as a kid none are left except for my 1970-71 O-Pee-Chee Hockey set that has now graduated from elastic band and drawer to Ultra-Pro pages in a binder. The first page from that set.