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3Gs Vintage Football Trading Company

"Too many cards, too little time."
"If it's nice, put it on ice."

Let me know if you have interest in trading 1970s Topps Football.

I am also looking to purchase early 50's Bowman football lots to use a set starters.


Here is my near term focus for trading needs...

1976 Topps Football cards needed:
65 Paul Krause
477 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1978 Topps Football cards needed:
19 Rocky Bleier
100 Fran Tarkenton

1973 Topps Football cards needed:
1 Rushing Leaders (Larry Brown, O.J. Simpson)
11 Randy Jackson
13 Cid Edwards
63 Steve DeLong
74 Larry Grantham
82 Bob Brown
89 Franco Harris RC
91 Mike Tilleman
108 Jon Morris
115 Jack Ham RC
125 Archie Manning
129 Rich Jackson
138 AFC Championship Game
162 Ron Widby
174 Lionel Aldridge
195 Mike Lucci
237 Malcolm Snider
239 Grady Alderman
246 Mike Wagner
248 Earl McCullouch
262 Woody Peoples
277 Del Williams
278 Julius Adams
291 Tommy Hart RC
303 Josh Ashton
347 Sam Havrilak
357 Ralph Anderson
383 Dan Abramowicz
388 Mike Stratton
406 Jim Marshall
430 Ted Hendricks
467 Charlie Joiner
476 Jan White RC
483 Dennis Partee
486 Ralph Baker
487 Ken Stabler RC
495 Steve Owens
528 Mike Sensibaugh RC
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