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The Sports Card Bulletin




For the week of October 8th, 2007
This week's Card of the Week is owned by Kary Haller (aka Phillysports) from Reinholds, Pennsylvania. Here's what Kary has to say about his pick for card of the week.

This is a 1976 Topps card of Reggie Jackson. This was his last card in an A's uniform as he went to the Yankees in 1977. I started collecting baseball cards at the age of 9. We had a general store right across the road where we lived. As kids we would walk along the highway collecting all the glass soda bottles we could find so that we could turn them in for the 5 or 10˘ refund and buy all the packs of cards that we had money for. Although I was a Phillies fan and there was nothing better than pulling a Mike Schmidt or Greg Luzinski card out of a pack, it was just as exciting to pull Reggie Jackson or any of his teammates because the A's had just won 3 consecutive World Series and my neighbors and I knew the entire lineup. How I wish we could go back to the days of buying cheap packs looking for our favorite players because they are the ones we wanted to have. And as long as we got our favorite players, it didn't matter if the card was a little off center or had a dinged corner. Too often today it seems we play the card pack lottery spending $5-$10 on a pack hoping to pull the expensive card which we might not want to keep anyway. Many times we come away without much in return. Whenever I see the 1976 Topps Reggie Jackson card, it reminds me of the good old days of collecting baseball cards simply for the fun of it and it makes me wish I could go back in time for just one day and open a few more 1976 packs hoping for Schmitty,the "Bull" and Reggie.




For the week of September 10th, 2007
This week's Card of the Week is owned by Dan English (aka bupps) from Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Decided to open a box of SPX football. With the 1st four packs I got GU's of Donovan McNabe, Carson Palmer, Drew Bledsoe & Dante Culpepper. You can guess that I was wondering if this was a good decision. After a Tom Brady single, Kenny Irons dual and a H. B. Blades auto I was sure I was going to leave a lot at the local money pit but then out of the 2nd to last pack I got my Rookie Auto Jersey #'d 231/299 of JaMarcus Russell. My thoughts about the box changed a lot.

JaMarcus Russell Rookie Card

For the week of August 20th, 2007
This week's Card of the Week is owned by Debbie Sisson-Barbay (aka julieplaid) from Everett, Washington.

Here's what Debbie has to say about her special baseball card:
This is one of my favorite cards because of the unique story attached to it.  I often go to Mariners games with player cards of the visiting team with the hope of having them signed. Over the years I've had a few signed, but this was the first time I thought to bring a game-used card with me.  It was the only game-used card of a current Oakland A's player I had and I was hoping to get it signed that day. After batting practice, I was amazed to see Rich Harden walking up to the stands only 25 feet from where I was standing.  I was able to go over and ask him to sign my card which he did.  The card is a 2005 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness jersey insert which books $8.00 on Beckett, but to me it will always be a 1/1 with the added autograph obtained in person.

Debbie Sisson-Barbay

Rich Harden baseball card

For the week of August 20th, 2007
This week's Card of the Week is owned by Peter Whitmore (aka peter445) from Murrieta, California

This is obviously a great old card of a memorable player.  However, this card is much more than that to me.  It is a symbol of my close relationship to my dad.  My parents divorced when I was very young and I would see him every other weekend.  He caught on that I was into baseball cards (1986 Topps, at the time) and so he and I would go to local swap meets and search up and down the aisle for that elusive bargain.  I remember getting a 1983 Donruss Factory set for $5, a 1972 Nolan Ryan for $3, 11 Rickey Henderson rookie cards for $35...I could go on and on.  I'd find 'em, he'd shell out the dough for 'em.

This card, however, set the wheels in motion.  Its story occurred before any of the above.  On a Saturday when it wasn't my turn to come down, my dad still attended the swap meet.  He picked up a book that interested him and asked the vendor how much it was.  Dissatisfied with the $5 price, he flipped through the pages to reveal the above 1957 Topps Duke Snyder, along with a 1962 Topps Willie Mays All-Star card.  "I'll pass on the book, but how much for these two cards here?"  Five cents a piece was the reply.

Imagine the size of my smile when my dad handed them to me the following Saturday!  I had the two best cards in the world, but an even better father.

Shoot.  Come to think of it, I think I still owe him that 10 cents...

Duke Snider baseball card

For the week of August 6th, 2007
This week's Card of the Week is owned by Mark Schmidt (aka Gatorade5) from Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

This is a very exciting card I found. This year in school, I found an old Tom Seaver card in my Language Arts Book:) in Near-Mint Condition. The book was made in 1989 and my card was made in 1986. I think I was pretty lucky to get such an old card.

Tom Seaver baseball card


For the week of July 30th, 2007

This week's Card of the Week is owned by Philip Baker (aka flipperphil) from Silver Creek, NY . Here's the story behind his prized Albert Pujols card:

Albert Pujols Rookie Card

I collect only Albert Pujols. I started about a year and a half ago, with a handful of Pujols my nephew gave me. I now have about 1,400 Pujols, 16 RC’s, and around 200 game used. Albert was a rookie in 2001, so I obviously knew I would never pull a rookie card of him, but how wrong I was. We talk often at work about baseball and I happened to mention my new found hobby. A friend at work had been given a Christmas stocking, in 2002 purchased at a local card shop by his mother that was stuffed with all brands of cards from 2001, & 2002. Most likely something they had made up as it had Upper Deck, Fleer, Topps Traded, & Donruss. His mother passed away a few days before Christmas, and he was kind of bummed out about breaking them open. They got stuck in his closet and had been there all this time. He offered them to me, saying “I gave up collecting years ago, and will be happy just to pass them on to someone who can appreciate them.”

He brought them in a few days later, and on our break, we proceeded to open them. Imagine my surprise when I pulled a 2001 Topps Traded #T247 of Albert, it is a fairly low book card as it only books for $80.00, but I felt like a kid again getting that rookie card that I figured was an impossibility. He gave me all the cards, even though I offered to pay him, when I told honestly told him what it was actually worth he said, buy me lunch a few times and we will be square. Nice friend, nice card.
Philip Baker

For the week of July 22nd, 2007
This week's Card of the Week is owned by Michael Molek (aka tribefan) from Amherst, OH . Here's what Michael has told us about this classic card.

Roberto Clemente baseball card

This is my favorite card of all time (thus far and it's going to be hard to beat!). There weren't many game action shots back then and this one is simply a classic!

Now my personal story about this card... It was late summer/early fall 1973 and I was six years old visiting my cousins. Of course, I brought my pride and joy with me... the box of cards I had accumulated all summer. My dad would bring home a pack or two a couple times a week (probably pay day).

Well, my cousin had cards, too and the Clemente card was all I needed from his small stack. Coming from a family of Pirates fans, he didn't want to trade it. BUT, I ended up trading nearly EVERY double I had in order to get this Clemente for my set.

Of course, I was trading because I needed it, not because of who it was. Little did I know.

I have no idea what I gave up, probably a Schmidt RC (!), but it doesn't matter... it's still the greatest trade I ever made!



For the week of June 25th, 2007

This week's Card of the Week is owned by Steve Frey (aka semosports) from Poplar Bluff, Missouri . Here's what Steve has to say about sweet card:

I finally did it! I pulled that elusive Albert Pujols Auto! As a live long St. Louis Cardinals fan I'm always thrilled to pull a nice Cardinals card. But Ive always failed to pull a Pujols auto. But this week a buddy convinced me that if I opened a box of Triple Threads, he would do the same. Well peer pressure got to me and I opened a box. My buddies box was below average with a dan uggla auto being the best card. I opened my box and the first pack contained an Albert Pujols Auto/ Two Piece Jersey and Bat numbered to 18. Everyone in the room flipped out. I finally got the elusive Pujols auto!!

Albert Pujols Triple Threads

For the week of June 18th, 2007

This week's Card of the Week is owned by Javier Aguirre (aka JAVIER) from San Juan Puerto Rico . Here's what Javier has to say about this cool Bowman card.

Bowman 1 of 1 card

This is a 2006 Bowman Heritage Black Brooks Brown I pulled from the first Bowman Heritage box I cracked. The card is numbered 1/1. I read the backs, but I did not see the serial no and did not know what I had until I compared it to other Brown cards I pulled. I do not collect high-end or high value cards so this card is the centerpiece of my collection

For the week of June 11th, 2007

This week's Card of the Week is owned by Brett Markman (aka trader dak). Here's what Brett has to say about his customized football card

This is an autographed card of Mike Kozlowski, when I was growing up he was one of my favorite football players. I had always wanted a card of his, but he played before the card explosion of '91 so there was never a card made of him. I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a card of him myself. I found a nice picture and made this card and sent it to him to sign. I also decided to make cards of all the Dolphins players who never had cards made of them. Eventually I would like to be able to say I have one card of every player that has played for Miami.


For the week of May 28th, 2007

This week's Card of the Week is owned by our longtime member "Mrbaseball" from Georgia.

2001 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Lumber

Here's what "Mrbaseball" has to say about this fine looking card:

"This card of Mickey Mantle is my BEST ever packed pulled card. It is from 2001 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Lumber. I pulled this beautiful bat card of one of the greatest Yankees ever from a $9.99 2001 Upper Deck box I bought at Target in San Diego. Just goes to show you, you can pull awesome cards from inexpensive retail boxes! The card books for $150 in the June 2007 Beckett."

May 14th, 2007
05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Threads Bulls Jersey Card

This weeks card is supplied by Aaron Birnell (member ID abirnell) from Peru, Indiana

Here's what Aaron has to say about this card:
This is a Mint condition Michael Jordan 05-06 Upper Deck Rookie*Debut Threads Bulls Jersey Cards it is by far my favorite card i have ever gotten. I pulled it out of a box for $10. It was awesome to get a $187.50 card in a box worth ten dollars but I was one of the lucky ones. It wouldn't be so much if I didn't care so much for it but ever since it came out of the box, it has been in a glass picture frame as seen on the picture.

Michael Jordan Jersey Card




May 7th, 2007
This weeks sports card of the week is from 1943 Ted Williams card from the WW11 years  This card was selected by our club member Charles Gale (aka tradem)
from Winterport, Maine


Ted Williams 1943 Baseball Card


Here's what Charles has to say about this unique baseball card:

This card comes from one of the few baseball sets issued during WW2, this set of unnumbered cards, measuring 2-5/8" x 2-1/4" was produced in 2 major types and at least 5 different subtypes. The cards feature crude color drawings that little resemblance to the player named. They were originally produced in strips and sold inexpensively in candy stores. The backs contain brief player write-ups. One major type has the players full name, team, position on back. The second type has only the players 1st and last name ,position and no team on the back. M.P& Co. stands for Micheal Pressner and Company ,a New York City Novelty and carnival Supply firm.


April 30th, 2007
This weeks sports card of the week is from 1967 Topps Football. This card was selected by our club member Bob Swick (aka football card fan) from Wallingford, CT


Joe Namath 1967 Topps Football Card


Here's what Bob has to say about this card.

Broadway Joe Namath captivated a young 9 year old football fan like myself in 1967.  Although he was only two years away from pulling one of the most poised upsets in football history by defeating the established Colts in Super Bowl III, Namath was talk of my school and area growing up a mere one hour away from New York City which had an incredible two football teams, the Jets and Giants.  I started buying football packs in 1965 for a nickel a pack and loved opening up both the Topps 65 Tall Boys and 65 Phillys.  In 1967 as winter approached I bought again more Topps and Philadelphia football packs.  This card bring back pleasant memories of a time long ago when real men played football for the love of the game.  This card is a 1967 Topps #98 and is worth $150 in NM condition.  To all the collectors out there-good luck with your collections.
Bob Swick

For the week of April 23, 2007
1970 Thurman Munson Topps Rookie Card #189
Beckett price guides currently lists this baseball cards value at $60-$100
This weeks card is supplied by Joseph Ciulla (member ID kid4rock) from Cary, North Carolina.
Thurman Munson Rookie Card

Here's what Joseph has to say about this card:
This is a 1970 Thurman Munson Topps Rookie Card. Although the Beckett book value is $100, it is worth far more than that to me.

Like a lot of fans, the MLB strikes really reduced my interest in the game, to the point where I stopped watching, and even unloaded all my baseball cards. Like many people, I couldn't stay away. As a lifelong Yankees fan, watching players like Jeter, Bernie and Mariano brought back fond memories and pulled me back into the game.

When I got back to collecting, the Munson R/C was the first card I purchased. Thurman Munson was a great player whose career was cut much too short. Thurman had a .289 lifetime batting average, was ROY, earned 3 gold gloves, and made the all-star team every year he played except his rookie year and one other.

Things I loved about Thurman... He always wore some kind of facial hair despite Steinbrenner's ban against it. He and Carlton Fisk always had something going between them. He had the most interesting pre-swing routine in the game.

Gone too soon, sorely missed.

For the week of April 16th, 2007

05 Absolute Memorabilia Update Burleigh Grimes Tools of the Trade Jumbo Jersey Card.

This weeks card is supplied by Sam Elliott (aka Sportscardkid) Bellingham, Washington

Burleigh Grimes Tools of the Trade

Here's what Sportscardkid had to say about this card:
Ever since I started collecting hall of fame game used cards (I was about 9 years old now I am 14), I would sit down and look at my cards and see teeny little swatches of jersey, its cool and all, but I always was hoping a card company would just make a card that has a HUGE swatch of jersey. Soon enough I saw the sell sheet for 05 Absolute Memorabilia Update and saw that they were featuring HOF JUMBO jersey cards. I was so excited once it came out, I saved up for the Burleigh Grimes, it ran me about $90. It even and has a thick stripe and stitching. This card is  #34/83. These are already drying up and the cash value is already up to $150+. This is easily one of my top three favorite cards of all time. Plus, how often are you going to see a huge jersey card of a guy who was playing from 1916-1934???

Week of April 9th, 2007

1965 Topps baseball card #153 Norm Cash
Beckett price guides currently lists this baseball cards value at $3.00-$6.00
This weeks card is supplied by Roger Pace (aka rogrem) from Shamrock, TX

Norm Cash 1965 Topps baseball card

Here's what rogrem has to say about this fine looking card:

I have several Norm Cash cards as well as pins and Magazine Covers. I was born in 1955 and never knew Norm Cash, although I have a unique story of when I was young, which made me collect cards of his through the year. This card posted is a 1965 Topps #153, immaculate shape and corners, except for being slightly off-center. It only books for about $5.00, but still a great one of my collection.

I grew up in Post, Texas which many people refer to as the home of Norm Cash, although he was actually born in Justiceburg, about 15 SE of Post. Justiceburg was by my memory probably only about a town of 25 population, with only a gas station and Post Office, and the Gas Station boasting it’s world famous ‘Sour Dough Bread’.

My Dad was Little League Commissioner for many years in Post when I was young. I can remember my Mom saying, he just as well move out to the baseball park, as many hours as he put in working on it. Norm had a younger brother, Clyde Cash, who grew to be quite a ball player himself, and was probably about 5-6 years older than I was. It had rained most of the week, and my Dad said he had to go to Justiceburg to let some people know that there would be no Little League ball games that week. (Being the thriving community Justiceburg was, there were no phones, so my Dad relayed the news personally). I went along, and was probably about 5-6 years old. I can still remember to this day going to the Cash farm, barely making it in on the muddy roads. Pulled up to the farm, and sitting out on the front porch in rocking chairs were the parents of Norm & Clyde Cash. Today my memory of them is Ma & Pa Kettle in the kindest way, as Mr. Cash had on his old coveralls and Mrs. Cash was just a farm wife. But what stuck in my mind was when they took us in the old farmhouse for a drink, there were pictures of Norm Cash on the walls, and that was my first sense of who Norm Cash really was, and those pictures are still very plain today in my mind. I can remember in my Jr. High School years there was a book in the library about Norm Cash, which I remember reading over and over.

Although I never knew Norm, I have collected many cards of his through the years. Norm was drafted out of College to play football for the Chicago Bears, but opted for baseball. He had a great career. He died in a boating accident in 1986. The Little League Field that my Dad spent so many years working on was dedicated to Stormin’ Norm  as Norm Cash Field in April 23, 2005, although my family had moved from Post in the late 1970’s.

Week of April 2nd, 2007

1964 Topps baseball card # 566 Ed Kranepool.

Beckett price guides currently lists this baseball cards value at $10.00-$20.00.
This weeks card is supplied by Charles Boyter (aka hotspurcoach) from Willingboro NJ.

1964 Topps Baseball Ed Kranepool

Here's what hotspurcoach has to say about this fine looking card:

In 1964 I started collecting baseball cards. I think I paid 5 cents a pack and I
used to take all the Yankees and clothes pin them to my bike frame so the wheel
spokes made a noise like an engine!  Looking back and thinking about how many
Mantle cards I destroyed almost makes me cry...   and man that gum was hard!

What makes a great card?  A classic design, with a great photograph of a
favorite player from your favorite team coupled with it being a little harder to
find. This baby is imaculate! Somebody loved this 1964 Topps card so I could remember what it was like just to be a kid again. AND.... this was a high number card, which
makes it a short print before short prints were in "fashion" (and overpriced).

Kranepool was 19 yrs old in 1964, and by the time he was 24 they had won their
first World Series.  Ed was born and raised in NYC, and played his first game
Sept 22nd 1962 when he was just 17yrs old for the Mets. Ed retired in 1979 as the only original Met to have played in 2 World Series while winning a World Championship in 1969. When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Eddie Kranepool, Ron Swaboda and Tom Seaver. This is one of my favorite cards in my collection and it sells for around $20 NMT.

Week of March 26th, 2007

Our first Sports Card of the Week is a great looking baseball card, it's owned by our longtime member "Mrbaseball" from Georgia.

Derek Jeter baseball card

Here's what Mrbaseball has to say about this card:
"As you all know by now IM a huge Yankees fan, but most importantly IM a Huge Derek Jeter fan. The card pictured was a Christmas present from my wife a few years ago. The card is a 2002 Fleer Maximum from the Derek Jeter Legacy Collection, card is Autographed with a piece of Game Used Bat AND is serial numbered 83/222.

Book Value on this beauty is $250. What I love about this card is first of all it is one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received. I also like that serial number is on the front of the card, as well as a great looking picture of the Yankees captain as well as an awesome picture of the greatest sports venue on the planet, Yankee Stadium. I hope you all enjoy this card, I sure do!!"

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