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Sports Card Fun Testimonials!

Keep up the great job you are doing with the best baseball card trading site on the planet!!
Robert Berhnardt
San Diego, California

Thanks to Sportscardfun I have a reliable place to send customers who like to trade!  
Jack Terry
Grama's Sportscards  (owner)
Bellingham, WA USA is a great Trading Site...Great communication, extremely courteous, outstanding co-operation, positive attitude stressed in correspondence, open to suggestions, very informative. Not enough space to add all of the superlatives for Darcy, his staff, the site, and the members.
Mark LaMountain

Massachusetts, U S A

Thanks for providing us such a great forum for all of us to get together in fellowship of a common hobby. Although I've made many, many trades here, it's more the relationships I've made that makes this "fraternity" of sportscard collectors so special.
Larry Luginsky
Marshfield, Missouri USA

Great people to trade with! I recommend to all.
Gerry Ledoux
Ontario, Canada is the best online trading group available. I have made some great trades and met some great people too.
Daniel Fallen
Virginia, USA

I have been a member of since Nov 99 ... I have made over 1200 successful trades...this site is the only place I go to trade!
Doug Nickerson
Nova Scotia, Canada  

" has developed one of the finest products that I have ever seen in the hobby, and I've been at it for almost 40 years. "
Ray Ancypowic
Pennsylvania USA

I have been a member since June 2001 and have found this group to be extraordinary.
Donna Marker
Pennsylvania, USA is the best trading site on the net.
Mike Deeter
California, USA is the best trading card site I have ever seen in just a few months I added over a 1000 Albert Belle cards to my collection.
Chris Lemay
New Hampshire, USA

SCF is the best trading site around. Thanks for the great site.
Jeff Levitsky
Connecticut, USA, has put the FUN back into trading for me, I have completed over 100 trades without a problem in less then 10 months.  It's the best trading tool I have found on the Internet.    
Mike Driver

Virginia, USA

I chewed a lot of gum and finished 2 complete sets when I was a kid. Now at 47 years young, and with the help of the fine traders at SCF I can finish 3 sets a week.
Gary Beckham
Alabama, USA

I have completed more sets in the past 6 months than I have in 30 years of collecting. has saved me hours of searching.
Michael Molek

Ohio, USA

Darcy Elliott and put the Fun into Fungo, Trade into Trading
Cards, Ball into Having A Ball!  I've completed over 150 trades in the last two
years resulting in completion of many sets I thought I'd never ever complete.
Jeff Shaw
Washington, USA

I have been trading baseball  cards through for almost 2 years now.   I have found this to be the best place to trade for cards for my collection.  I have found many friendly fellow traders on and also have made many lasting friendships.  There is no place like home and is the next best thing.
Larry Streeter
California, USA

I have found this service to be invaluable to me for completing sets and obtaining cards that would otherwise be next to impossible.  The service is excellent because of the providers and quality of traders who utilize it.
Justin Parks
Missouri, USA

I've been a member of for roughly nine months and it has been a great pleasure trading and communicating with the other members. There is no better way, in my mind, to complete sets or just trade for your favorite players. Thanks to all and happy trading !!!
Jim Casey
Pennsylvania, USA

Before I joined, my card collection was limited to what cards I pulled out of boxes or bought at shows.  Now I can complete sets with ease and I've built up my Rookie card collection higher than I ever thought I would!  And it's still going!
Dan Aliperto

Minnesota, USA

This club is the best. No wanna be sellers, only trading like it should be. It's easy. it's fun.....I guarantee you'll love it.
Natalie Short
Missouri, USA

The best trade group I have been associated with. Finally an outlet to trade and expand my collection!
Stephen Twemlow
Kansas, USA

Darcy and are the best combination for honest traders, trust me, I've been with them for 2 years!
Jonas Pearson
New Mexico, USA

I have been a member for three months and have conducted over 200 trades all to my satisfaction and the satisfaction of the people I traded with.  You truly have the best trade site on the Internet and I can't thank you enough.
Ellwood "woodyie" Snyder
Pennsylvania, USA

Collecting cards is a wonderful hobby, but trading on has turned this hobby into a whole new experience. Aside from getting lots of needed cards, I have met so many new friends, all with one thing in common, who I now correspond with on a regular basis!
Linda Keller
Maryland, USA is the safest place to trade on the Internet. I have tried a lot of them, but they don't compare.
Pat Courville
Louisiana, USA has been great.  I've made a lot of new trading partners. Big thanks.
Mark A. Hedrick
Oklahoma, USA

Just started and in 2 weeks shrunk my wantlist by two thirds. It is the best place to trade cards.
Wayne McMurphy
Ontario, Canada

Because of the moderators sight monitoring and the good trader point system, is the best place to connect with honest and dependable sports card traders.
William Blanford
Kentucky, USA

Hi since joining Iíve made a lot of trades and all the deals have been successful. Met a lot of good traders
Kevin Crofts
Ontario, Canada

The club is a long needed venue for collectors to obtain and update their collections.  It is very hard in today's market place to obtain specific cards, but by having an international audience the sky's the limit.
Perry Thompson
Pennsylvania, USA

I've been a member of for over a year now and could not be happier with this group! I have found the members to be honest and fair and have completed over 50 trades-ALL of which have been very smooth. Today, I would rather trade and get fair trade $ for my cards than sell for a fraction of their value on eBay. I recommend this group without reservation!
Jim Ashe
Alberta, Canada is a fabulous and convenient tool for swapping cards on
the net and helps collectors establish reliable trading relationships around
the world.  It's THE place to be for all your trading needs!
Tricia "Goalielover" Gorman
Ontario, Canada is an excellent trading website - the best one to my knowledge and I have traded on several sites.  I have completed many baseball sets and amassed large amounts of my favorite stars, and found cards I could not otherwise get my hands on.  In addition, the group members are very reliable and honest.  Trading on is fun and I have accomplished all of my trading goals.
Paul Wise
New York, USA is the #1 trading page in the world--Join in the Fun!!!
Dennis Tate
Maine, USA

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