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PhillyFire's SCF Profile     
Paid Member Expiration Date: Monday, January 1, 2057
Trader Points: 316
First Name: Christopher
Last Name: Mitchell
User Name: PhillyFire
City: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 19116
Country: United States
Profession: Fire Lieutenant
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Types of cards I collect:
Baseball   Vintage   Non   
Other Hobbies and Interests:
More about me and my collection: I try to put together the Topps Heritage Set every year in addition to the Phils. My main set collecting focus is on the year 1998. My son was born that year and I thought it would be nice for him as he gets older to see who played then. As for team affiliation....the Phillies are foremost in my collection needs; specifically Mike Schmidt & Steve Carlton. I am also a collector of Hall of Fame players game used but then again....who isn't nowadays.