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Posted By: Red Sox Prospector
SCF Trader Points: 232
Traders SCF Page: http://www.sportscardfun.com/trader/sox_prospector.asp
Subject: SCF Baseball - For Trade (and Wanted): 2014 Bowman
Date: 7/3/2014 10:22:21 AM
Message: Hi,

I have the following 2014 Bowman cards to trade:

Orange PA-KW Kyle Waldrop (Reds) AUTO #'d /250

Blue 6 Oswaldo Arcia (Twins) #'d /500

BTP-63 Delino DeShields
BM-SM5 Chris Taylor
BM-BO5 Michael Ohlman
BM-SFG3 Edwin Escobar

21, 26, 29, 43, 50, 68, 68, 89, 97, 101, 119, 120, 123, 129, 131, 139, 144, 147, 161, 166, 176, 191, 198, 206, 213

BP20, BP35, BP60, BP63, BP95, BP102

(2) BCP3, (2) BCP8, (3) BCP10, (2) BCP11, (2) BCP12, BCP13, (2) BCP15, (2) BCP19, BCP20, (2) BCP22, (3) BCP23, (2) BCP26, BCP28, (2) BCP29, BCP31, BCP33, (2) BCP35, BCP36, BCP40, (2) BCP43, (3) BCP46, BCP48, (2) BCP49, (2) BCP50, BCP56, (2) BCP57, BCP60, (2) BCP61, BCP62, BCP64, (4) BCP67, BCP69, (2) BCP71, BCP75, BCP77, (3) BCP78, (2) BCP80, (4) BCP82, (2) BCP83, BCP84, (3) BCP87, BCP89, (2) BCP91, (3) BCP92, (2) BCP93, BCP94, (3) BCP97, BCP99, BCP100, (2) BCP103, BCP104, (2) BCP105, (2) BCP106, BCP108

I am looking for these cards from 2014 Bowman:

Mookie Betts AUTO (and variations)

All variations of 84 Xander Bogaerts, but not the base card.

All variations of BP109 and BCP109 Mookie Betts, but not the base or purple BP109.

Base Chrome and refractors: BCP6 Urias, BCP17 Abreu, BCP25 Bryant, BCP37 Franco, BCP109 Betts

Base: 69, 118, 143, 205, 208

All the various Bogaerts and Betts inserts (except "89 Bowman Is Back" XB).

I am also looking to trade for any 2013 Red Sox base card or parallel that I don't have: [url]http://www.thebenchtrading.com/showthread.php/412640-WTTF-Any-2013-(or-2004-or-2007)-Red-Sox-base-or-parallel-I-don-t-have[/url]

I'm also looking for any Xander Bogaerts card I don't have: [url]http://www.thebenchtrading.com/showthread.php/404050-Wanted-(and-For-Trade)-Xander-Bogaerts-Cards[/url]

I also have more than 1000 other Red Sox wants (and thousands of cards for trade) listed on my trade page: [url]http://www.sportscardfun.com/trader/sox_prospector.asp[/url]. I also collect RC/prospect cards of a bunch of different guys from around the league, see list on my trade page.

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