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Collecting baseball cards may at some point provide you with an asset that you or your heirs will be able to sell someday for a lot of money. That being said, the Internet has provided many collectors with the immediate opportunity to make money by selling their sports cards, thanks to sites such as,,,, and The average collector can even sell cards on a small web site of their own. Itís important to keep in mind however, that the people making a decent amount of money are usually the expert full-time collectors/dealers, or the incredibly lucky few collectors that stumble across great- grandpaís vintage baseball card collection stored away in the attic.

Your baseball card budget
Even though it is fun to look up your cards in the price guides and know how much your baseball cards are worth; for most of us, collecting baseball cards is a hobby. If youíre a sports card fan youíll probably have to exercise some self control when you go into your local hobby shop, have a budget and stick to it.

The average price for a pack of baseball cards is $2.99
You can get packs of baseball cards for anywhere from $1 on up to $100! The average price for a pack of baseball cards is $2.99. You can also buy whole boxes of cards with various numbers of packs inside. Buying boxes is a good way to go since youíll normally wind up spending less per pack and since the packs have not been pilfered through by other collectors, you increase your odds of pulling some of the more rare and valuable cards. Hobby shops will often put boxes of cards on sale in order to make room for new inventory, so be sure to watch for those good deals at your local hobby dealer. Sale or not, our advice to you is to set a budget that is within your means and collect for the fun of it.

We have additional information about baseball card collecting. What is the most valuable baseball card? Wondering what the most expensive baseball card is? We're tracking some of the finished auction prices to give you an idea of what really high-end baseball cards are selling for these days.

An excellent way to keep this hobby affordable is to trade baseball cards and other sports cards you donít want for the ones that you do!


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