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Baseball Card Career Opportunities
We recommend that most people collect for the fun of it. However, some collectors are passionate enough about the hobby that they make it their profession.


Baseball card manufactures do hire people with the right qualifications for all kinds of positions such as: marketing, design, production, advertising, photography and management. You could even work on some of the high-tech web sites that manufactures are continually developing. Topps alone employed more than 400 people last year. Check their websites for a list of available jobs:

Here's the employment faq page at Upper Deck

Jobs at Topps - You can submit your resume.

Be sure to do a search on the big job sites like for "trading cards". We just did and pulled up many jobs! Here's just one example, Upper Deck is higher a Designer

Maybe you’ve got the right stuff to work for a baseball card publisher! The publishers of the price guides are also good employer candidates for you to consider. Publishers hire people to write stories and sell advertising; they also hire price guide analysts (these are they people that partially determine how much your baseball cards are worth), and web site developers. Beckett also trains and employs people as card graders. Check their websites for a list of available jobs:

Beckett - Publishes Beckett. As of January 2008 they had these jobs available Price Guide Editor and Direct Sales Representative
Krause - Publishes TuffStuff, Sports Collectors Digest and CardTrade magazines - see their jobs here
Trajan -
Largest Publisher of Hobby Periodicals in Canada.

Topps alone employed more than 400 people last year

You could open your own hobby shop! Here's a listing we found for a sports card shop that is for sale. This is no small task and usually requires a solid business plan in order to get a loan from a bank to open the shop. There are many baseball card shop owners out there that love their work, but chances are they work very hard at it in order to be successful. Chances are you will also have to use the Internet effectively if you are going to run a hobby shop. Whichever branch of the hobby you decide to go into, we recommend you do your homework and learn as much about the sports card industry as you can.

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