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The Sports Card Bulletin





Beckett is main price guide that collectors use. Beckett use to have a separate price guide for each sport, but have just changed their monthly guide to a combined sports format. It's now called Beckett Sports Card Monthly. You can usually pick up a Beckett at your local sports card shop or subscribe to it on the Beckett web site. Beckett publishes a variety of price guides these days, but the most popular guides are the monthly guides and the "Plus" guides.

The "Plus" guides contain more pricing info for a larger number of cards than the regular monthly guide. The regular monthly guide seems to have more articles about the hobby and topics of interest. Beckett also will occasionally publish a specialty guides for things such as sports memorabilia. Beckett publishes annual price guides that you will likely find at any larger book store. They've just published their premiere issue of the Ultimate Rookie Card Encyclopedia. Every sport, every player, every rookie card!

In addition to their printed price guides, Beckett also has an online price guide that you can subscribe to. If you'd like to learn more about any of the products that Beckett has to offer you can do so on the Beckett site.

Tuffstuff Magazine
Tuffstuff Magazine is another monthly sports card magazine and is published by Kruase. TuffStuff is usually available at your local sports card shop or large book store. You can also subscribe to it via the Tuffstuff website. The TuffStuff guide is an all sports in one type of guide, so you may not get the depth of information you would in a sports specific guide. However, an all sports in one guide, is nice when you have an interest in more than one sport! Tuffstuff has good articles that any sports card collector will enjoy.

As with Beckett, Tuffstuff also has an online price guide. You have to be a subscriber to their magazine or at least have a single copy in order to access their full online price guide. They do let you view their archived (the ones not in the magazine) price guide listings for free.

Sports Collectors Digest
Sports Collectors Digest (SCD) has been published for the past 30 years by Krause. The Digest covers all aspects of sports memorabilia collecting including sports cards, equipment, autographs and uniforms.

This magazine is the trade magazine for the sports card industry. This publication is geared towards sports card dealers and professionals and is chalk full of really good information about what's happening in the industry.

If you'd like to learn more about Tuffstuff, Sports Collectors Digest, and CardTrade you can do so at Krause Publications.

Sports Market Report (SMR)
If you're thing is collecting graded sports cards and other sports memorabilia, you'll want to check out SMR. The publication also has some online accessibility as well. Sports Market Report is published by the folks at Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). Learn more about Sports Market Report.

Real world Price Guides
What's your baseball card really worth? How much has someone just spent on that sports card you're wondering about? You may want to take a look at price guide subscription services that are based on Ebay Sales and other major online auction sites and retailers such as Beckett and Naxcom. Many collectors have long thought that it would make sense to have a "real world" price guide; one that bases prices on what cards are actually selling for and not based on what it hypothetically "should" sell for. Some companies are purchasing Ebay market/data licenses and can use that license to obtain this type of information. The final sales price of a particular card is kept up to date, so that only the most recent prices are reflected. The information obtained is based only on auctions that have been completed, not on listing prices or "buy it now" listings. If you'd like to learn more check out and

If your researching prices of football cards, basketball cards, and golf cards from the 1990's to now, you might want to have a look at This new subscription service manually researches completed auctions of selected cards from those sports. offers a sports collectibles and sports cards live price guide. Find prices on any sports card or collectible that's actively being sold. They are offering the ability to find prices on any sports card or collectible that's actively being sold on eBay, Naxcom, Beckett's marketplace, and hundreds of other sites. Free and premium ($4.99 per month) subscriptions are available.



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