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Beckett Grading Services (BGS)



BGS uses a one through 10 point scale, with descending increments of one-half point (for example, 10, 9.5, 9, 8.5, etc.). 10 is the highest score a card can receive, at the time this page was created a card receives a 10 grade 0.07% percent of the time out of all the cards Beckett grades.

Pristine PRISTINE 10

Gem Mint GEM-MT 9.5

Mint MINT 9

NearMint/Mint + NM-MT + 8.5

Near Mint/Mint NM-MT 8

Near Mint+ NM + 7.5

Near Mint NM 7

Excellent Mint + EX-MT + 6.5

Excellent Mint EX-MT 6

Excellent+ EX + 5.5

Excellent EX 5

Very Good/Excellent+ VG-EX + 4.5

Very Good/Excellent VG-EX 4

Very Good + VG + 3.5

Very Good VG 3

Good/Very Good G-VG 2.5

Good GOOD 2

Fair FAIR 1.5



BGS uses sub grades to help determine a cards grade. The overall numerical grade is not a simple average of the four report card grades. Beckett Grading Services uses an algorithm which determines the final grade using the 4 sub grades on the back of the card holder. The lowest overall grade is the first category to observe because it is the most obvious defect, and the lowest grade is the most heavily weighted in determining the overall grade.

Centering = 9.5

Corners = 9.5

Edges = 9

Surface = 8

Final grade = 8.5

Let's have a look at another big card grading company and how it comes up with sports card grades. PSA graded sports cards. PSA has graded over 6 million cards!


On average it costs about $7.50 to grade a card. (Not including shipping)


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