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Brettfan's SCF Profile     
Paid Member Expiration Date: Monday, January 1, 2057
Trader Points: 242
First Name: Melissa
Last Name: Beck-Cox
User Name: Brettfan
City: Naperville
State: Illinois
Zip: 60563
Country: United States
Profession: Homemaker
Sportscardfun.com page: Please note that your Sportscardfun.com page will appear automatically in your member profile after you build the page
Types of cards I collect:
Other Hobbies and Interests: Reading and going to movies
More about me and my collection: Hello Fellow Traders, I have been collecting baseball cards since 1979. I took several years off to get through college, marriage and having the one true love of my life, my daughter. Since she is 16 now and pretty independent I am back at it with a vengenence. My collection is pretty diverse. The bulk of my cards range from 1979-1983, 1991-1993 and 1999-2009. George Brett is my absolute favorite player. My favorite card is an autographed/patch/stamp card of his. My most valuable card is a dual Ken Griffey Jr./Mickey Mantle auto card. I really enjoy trading. It is the only way, I believe that a collector can get a fair trade value for his/her cards. I also buy alot of cards on Ebay. With the advent of the internet, trading has become an international activity. Plus it takes virtually no time to hunt down a card that you desperately need. I hope I have an opportunity to trade with each and every one of you. Melissa