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scogiants's SCF Profile     
Paid Member Expiration Date: Friday, January 1, 2100
Trader Points: 105
First Name: scott
Last Name: owens
User Name: scogiants
City: monrovia
State: california
Zip: 91016-4947
Country: USA
Profession: program/project manager/scheduler
Sportscardfun.com page: Please note that your Sportscardfun.com page will appear automatically in your member profile after you build the page
Types of cards I collect:
Other Hobbies and Interests: Ultimate Frisbee, running, riding bikes, hiking
More about me and my collection: I started collecting baseball cards in 1964, got frustrated with the last series of cards never making it to the left Coast. Completed my first Topps set in 1968. Got more interested in girls for a few years then went to college to play baseball finishing in 1981. Always picked up a box of cards each year for the joy of opening the packs. I collect Topps mainly but also enjoy autographs from my favorite players. Currently working on my 1962 Topps baseball set.