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bigtimecollector's SCF Profile     
Paid Member Expiration Date: Friday, January 1, 2100
Trader Points: 145
First Name: Neil (Nick)
Last Name: Castellano
User Name: bigtimecollector
City: Allentown
State: New Jersey
Zip: 08501
Country: USA
Profession: Commodity Trader
Sportscardfun.com page: Please note that your Sportscardfun.com page will appear automatically in your member profile after you build the page
Types of cards I collect:
Other Hobbies and Interests: Everything baseball
More about me and my collection: I can be found on the following: Ebay on both bbbuyselltrade and conoversportscards1 website at www.buyselltradebaseballcardsandmemorabilia.com or just email me at bigtimecollector@aol.com I collect everything baseball related ... cards, autographs, unopened material, postcards, pocket schedules, figures, programs, pre 1985 wax wrappers, display boxes, dealer sheets, lithos, posters, vintage, ticket stubs, etc .....I am open.