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Barry Bonds Rookie Cards!
Barry Bonds Rookie Card
1986 Topps Tiffany Barry Bonds Rookie Card PSA 10 book value$1,500-$2,200 sold for $2,100 on ebay
(A PSA Mint 9 also sold of this same card for $421.00. The 9 books for $400-$550
Barry Bonds Rookie Card

A Barry Bonds Rookie Card PSA Gem Mint 10
Book Value $500-700 sold on ebay for $563.53
(A PSA Mint 9 also sold of this same Barry Bonds Rookie Card for $80 - what a difference 1 point makes!)


As you can see by these examples above, obtaining the highest grade possible on a sports card can help that card maintain it's value.

Derek Jeter Rookie Card

1993 Bowman Derek Jeter Rookie Card SGC 92 NM/MT+ book value $10-20 sold on ebay for $10. The non-graded book value of this card is $8-20. A non-graded version of this card sold on ebay for $9.50. By this example we can see that a good players non-graded card can still bring a pretty good price...perhaps because someone wants a shot at grading it themselves and getting that elusive highest score possible? Or perhaps because they simply like to collect!


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